Another Life – Chapter 16

I took Sam to dinner. The place wasn’t especially fancy, but the food was pretty good, and it was quiet. That was the main reason I picked it. We had to talk. That is … I had to talk.

Sam was pleased to be out with me, but she could also tell that I had something on my mind. That made her nervous. She started to giggle.

– “I’m not angry with you.” I told her. “I promise.”

“I don’t understand why you phone the apartment when you know I’m not there – but I’m not angry about that, either.”

– “What are you angry about?” she asked.

– “I’m not angry at all. I wanted to explain something to you, though. It’s my … philosophy of girls. Women. You see, Sam … as far as I’m concerned, there are three types of girls.”

“First: girls I’d like to … get to know better.”

Sam smiled. She was still nervous, though – right on the edge of a giggle. I could also feel the ghost of Eli looking over my shoulder, disapproving.

– “I mean girls that I’d like to go out with. Have sex with.”

Sam nodded, and smiled again. She looked a little more relaxed.

“The second group are girls that I’m not interested in. It could be their looks, their personality, their beliefs … I don’t know – age difference? Whatever the reason, I have no desire whatever to go out with these girls, or to sleep with them.”

“Your sister, for example.”

– “Tanya?”

– “Right. There are some things I like about her, but she was 16. No way. Not happening.”

– “She turns 18 in four months.” said Sam.

That didn’t help at all. “I’m talking about when I first met you and your sisters.”

– “I understand.” she said.

– Okay – now here’s the difficult part. Group three. These are girls who might be in Group 1, except that they’re … spoken for. Dating someone else, or married. Or somebody I know is actively pursuing them. Or even just seriously crushing on them.”

“Like … your sister Caroline.”

– “Really?” said Sam. “You’d like Caroline, if Marty hadn’t been after her?”

– “Bad example.” I admitted. “Caroline is a 2 and a 3.”

She seemed to like that answer.

“Laurie is a better example of a 3.” I said. “She’d be a 1, except that she’s dating my cousin. I knew that she was off-limits even before I met her.”

– “And … what number am I? A one?” asked Sam, shyly.

– “You, my dear, are all 3.”

Her smile faded. That wasn’t the answer she’d expected.

“You’re a 1, Sam. I’ve told you often how pretty you are. And you know how much I enjoy sleeping with you.”

“But you were a 3, when I first met you. I didn’t want to mess up Marty’s plans, so I didn’t make a move right away.”

“Do you want to hear why you’re also a 2?”

Sam shook her head. She wouldn’t meet my eyes.

“We can’t go to your house, and we can’t be around your sisters.” I said. Harsh, but true. Eli would have been proud of me. I wasn’t.

“It’s also … difficult when we go out with my friends.”

Sam didn’t cry, though she appeared to be close to tears. “I know.” she said.

When I think back to that night, I wish that I could have invented the term ‘friends with benefits’. Instead, I tried to let her down gently.

– “Sam, if I had to pick someone to be stranded on a desert island with … it would be you.”

I took her home on the bus. We held hands all the way. A block from her house, Sam stopped suddenly, and turned to face me. Her eyes were bright with tears.

– “You’re still the nicest person I’ve ever met.” she met. She kissed me, and then let me walk her the rest of the way home.

I didn’t feel all that nice.


Personal Assistant – Chapter 16 – Sisters

The girls came home from the shopping mall with plan to go out to dinner. Sadie and Sophie went upstairs to get changed but Samantha went out back to enjoy the warm evening. Still dressed in her cute summer dress she went to the mall in, she was an absolute vision relaxing on the patio. Grabbing a couple of beers from the refrigerator, I went out to join her. With a big smile and a sparkle in her eyes she accepted the beer and shifted towards me in her seat to talk.

“Sadie speaks very highly of you” she begins with.

My first thought was wondering just how much do these sisters share? This is their big sister, by a couple of years, and I had to fight off the compulsion to explain myself. Starting with Sadie, I found silence often said the things that didn’t come out of my mouth on their own. With a thoughtful look on my face I simply said, “I think very highly of Sadie as well.”

“You seem to have expanded her worldview, from the definitive small town girl to feeling pretty successful in her life. I thought only college could offer us that,” she continued.

Not clear if she was talking about our work life or our sex life, I kept quiet and nodded. Samantha also was practiced in the art of silence and waited, looking at me with those beautiful eyes and the expectation of a comment. As always, trying to dodge the bullet and not screw up what I have going, I chose my words carefully but a bit daring at the same time, “I think your parents did a fine job in preparing her to work with me” hinting at their strictness to see where it would go.

“Indeed” she said as she was distracted by Sadie and Sophie coming out the back door all dressed for dinner.

“Okay Sam, last chance. Do want to go with us?” Sadie asked.

“No, I’m enjoying the evening right here” she said as looked my way again and added, “I just love your quiet, secluded yard. It’s so peaceful.”

I nodded my agreement as this is one of my favorite things about the house as well. Samantha got up to give the girls a hug as she walked them back through the house as she asked if I was ready for another beer. That sounded like just what the doctor ordered. I sat for the few minutes in quiet except for the girls making their way through the house and out the front. Wondering the whole time how much Sadie and Sophie had shared with Samantha. Was Sam as close to them as they obviously were with each other? I figured our evening on the patio may tell.

Samantha finally showed back up with the beers, but she was also carrying the switch from on top of the refrigerator. She sat down across from me at the patio table running the switch through her hands. “I’ve heard about this. I haven’t heard of anyone using a switch since I left home. Interesting how you have one . . . on top of the refrigerator.”

Now here was what I felt was a perfect place for me to keep my mouth closed. If I was good at this whole Dom thing I should have tried to take control of the situation right there, but I waited. Samantha didn’t come off as the submissive type and the thought of her being able to pack up my Sadie and take her away from me seemed like a real threat. So here I was, over ten years Samantha’s senior and I felt like an insecure child.

Samantha took a sip from her beer and continued to study mine and Sadie’s switch. Finally, she laid it out on the table in front of her and reached into one of the pockets of her dress. She pulled out our leather cuffs. My immediate thought was, “Oh crap, busted.”

They weren’t connected together so she had one in each hand inspecting them. I was waiting for the bomb to drop when she look up at me and began to put one of them around small, feminine wrist. Watching me watch her, she then continued to the other. Oh, be still my heart! Once they were both on, she just folded her hands in front of her. My dick responded first and then my brain screamed, “Your move you idiot!”

So as cool as I could, I stood up and walked around the table and stood behind her. She continued to look forward with her hands folded. I reached down placing my hands on the sides of her shoulders and pulled her up into a standing position. She complied. I moved her chair out from in between us and stepped up close behind her. I pressed into her back and ran my hands down to hers. I don’t know if she could feel my dick pressing up against her, but I could. I took one of my arms and slid it inside her elbows so I could hold them tight behind her back. With my other arm, I reached out to her front and started undoing her top buttons of her dress. Working my down, I took full advantage of pressing into her breasts on the way. With her completely open down the front, I released her arms and gently took the dress from her shoulders and laid it across the back of a chair.

Pulling her arms behind her back again, she stood there in her bra and panties. I hadn’t notice she was barefoot before now, but good, one less thing. I managed to undo her bra with my one free hand and let it drop. As her breasts came free she gasped, showing a turn from controlling the situation to being controlled by it. Like her sisters, her tits were perfect. More like Sadie’s than Sophie’s, which are more to my liking. Her nipples hardened right before my eyes. I turned her towards the wicker reclining lounge chair there on the patio.

This recliner was a solid piece of furniture, not one of those folding beach things. It has a thick cushion matching all the other furniture on the patio. I moved her with purpose to her knees on the recliner and hooked the two cuffs together. Then I stretched out her arms and attached them to the top of the lounge chair’s upright back. This effectively put her arms a little higher than her head as she lowered her forehead into the crux of her elbows. Her back was slinking down in a perfect downward curve to her absolutely perfect ass. Samantha was sticking her butt up real nice showing off two cute little dimples right above her ass cheeks. There were no bindings on her legs so there was nothing keeping on her knees. She could get up off the chair if she chose, but she didn’t.

I ran my hand down from her neck to her butt and back a couple of times. Samantha’s body was slender but not skinny, and just like Sadie, incredibly famine, almost feline. I step away from her and retrieved the switch we had left on the table. Over the last couple of months with Sadie, I was learning the sexual release and pleasure the pain of the switch brought her. This would be Samantha’s first switching since she had left home for college and I think I understood her need. I was also learning the pleasure the switch brought me, this new pleasure of inflicting the pain of my switch upon the girls. I took my time getting the switch which was only a few feet away but I wanted her to be attentive, to anticipate.

She obediently waited until I came back to her side and touched her with the switch. Even though it was just a touch, she flinched. I ran the business end of the switch up her thighs and over her perfect and flawless ass. I hooked her panties by placing the end of the switch inside them at the crack of her butt and used it to pull them down to her knees. Once down I pressed my free hand on her lower back, I raised the switch and came down across her butt, eliciting a grunt from Samantha. I struck her again, several times and she started to take shallow breaths in between yelps. Figuring this was long overdue for her, I decided I would be more forceful. I reached up and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back to face upward and laid a sharp strike across the back of her thighs.

This was the hardest strike so far and I could see her face grimacing in response. Just like Sadie, it seemed impossible that she could be more attractive with her face contorted in pain, but she was. Several red stripes were showing up across her backside as I added a couple more to her thighs. Her ass would clinch every time she heard the swish of the switch, even before it found its target. I lightly ran the switch up the inside of her thigh, touching her sweet little pussy and the down the other thigh. Her panties were still bunched up at her knees so I slid my hand between her legs and cupped her sex. She gasped as I lifted her weight off her knees by the crotch and pulled her panties off her legs. My hand was wet with her flowing fluids. I made her wait a few minutes for the next touch of the switch, the timing made her whimper softly.

Before I left her backside I laid the switch across the bottom of her foot since it was lying exposed and too hard to resist. One more shot to the other foot then back up her body. With her elbows stretched out in front of her, her tits hung nicely, gently swaying with each strike of the switch. I decided to take care of her beautiful breasts from behind. I slid my switch between her legs touching her cunt lips as I went. The switch moved up her belly to her breasts. By the time it was within striking distance of her titties, my forearm was tightly pressed against her pussy.

Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 17

On the way there, I ran into Leo. He drew me aside.

– “You the Falcon?” he asked. “Or the Scar?’

– “No. Neither. You?”

– “No and no. My letter is ‘E’. What’s yours?”

– “I have ‘C’.” I told him. Amazing, isn’t it, how much information you can pass on, and how quickly, when you trust the other person. Even if Leo and I were on opposite sides, we would find some way to cooperate.

– “Who was your first date?” he asked me.

I was surprised. Date? And then it struck me. Teresa could be playing matchmaker. She had told me to play around. Maybe she was trying to help.

– “Sheila.” I said. “You?”

– “Lena.” he said, with a sigh. “Caught me staring at her tits at least three times. I’m not sure that I heard a word she said. What could I do? They were at eye level.”

He went off on his way, and I stepped out onto the deck. My ‘date’ was already there, leaning out over the railing. It was Lena.

God damn, but she was tall! I know, I keep saying it. But standing anywhere near her was physically intimidating. And she was showing so much skin, even if it was covered by thin layers of sheer fabric. Best to look at her face, I decided.

She seemed happy to see me. She had a lovely, lovely smile, and an angelic face. I asked her how she was enjoying the game.

– “I am not sure.” she said. “I not always know what to do. Find the murder, I understand. Find the treasure, yes. But how to do this?”

– “Well, you have to trade information.” I suggested. “Tell the other person something you know, and in return, they should tell you something.”

She looked doubtful. “What if they do not?”

– “They will. Here: let me start. Did you know that there was a plot to rescue Redbeard? Some of his former crew are on ‘our’ ship.”

– “Please. What is ‘plot’?” she asked.

And that was how our conversation went. I spoke slowly, and as clearly as I could. She asked for explanations when she did not know a word, which was rather frequently. I began to wonder how this girl had ever been picked for an overseas exchange when her English was so weak. But she was sweet, and remarkably innocent.

I traded her my information, some of which was news to her, like the pirate recognition signal. You have to be pretty suspicious to play this game, but I couldn’t believe that she was faking. She wasn’t part of Redbeard’s crew, which meant that she was neither the Falcon nor the Scar. In fact, she was worried about the Scar. Afraid?

Lena was more than willing to trade letters.

– “I know the letter ‘O’.” she told me.

When we had covered the murder mystery, I started to ask her about her home in Slovenia, her family, and her studies. It was hard work, for both of us. She had to find the right words, and so did I. But we were both surprised when we heard the bell. Six bells, to be exact.

I thanked Lena, and wished her good luck. I headed outside, and grabbed another beer from the cooler. I was feeling no pain, but I wasn’t all that drunk.

My next station was outside. I went out to the dock, to look out over the water. The wind was beginning to pick up, and there were clouds rolling in. Dark clouds. Then I heard footsteps on the other end of the dock. It was my next ‘date’.


Phicklephilly – Here We Go Again

It’s the eyes that do it, those almond shape brown eyes. Those windows to her soul are a world in themselves, a world that goes deep, deep, deep. Jeez, if she keeps looking at me the way she does she’s gonna get me into a lot of trouble. I just know it.

It’s not just the way she looks at me. Sure, it’s cute the way she always smiles – but she’s got a great shape to her. Perfect actually; great tits, great ass, good legs – as far as I can tell anyway.

But the way she touched my arm just now – does she know how hot that was? She must right? But she doesn’t act like it.

She’s a cute kid … ha, kid, who am I kidding? She’s 21, dresses cute, sporty, white sneakers, white shorts, bare legs, always so polite, carries herself kind of fawn-like in the way only young people can. But those eyes … she’s got a look in them. I could drown in those eyes.

Anyway, who am I kidding? I thirty years older than her.

I can’t get her out of my head. Even last weekend when I was making love with my girlfriend Cherie, I was thinking about her. Sounds terrible I know. But hey, shit happens. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend. Truly I do. I guess it’s just an obsession.

I’ll get over it.

So I know what you’re thinking. Who is this sleaze-ball? But I’m just a regular kind of obsessed guy. There’s just something about those eyes that really gets me and well, it was kind-a sexy thinking about someone else while I was doing it with Cherie, like a naughty little secret or something.

And you know what? I’m not the only one.

But this is my girlfriend I’m talking about here. So don’t get me wrong. What we got going on in the bedroom is our business … but I just wanna illustrate my point, ok?

So, let me tell you …

I’m in bed with Cherie. We’re making love, and she’s saying stuff – kind-a garbled, half whispered … but I’m too far gone, really, to notice … at first … just kind-a lost in what we’re doing.  I mean some guys they don’t care, a girl’s just a hole for them to use. But me – no way; if she isn’t  getting off then I not getting off. That’s how it works for me.

And you know what? Between you and me it really turns me on when she does that thing, starts rolling her head from side to side and pulls her knees back. Just gets me going. ‘Cause I know she’s ready to rev it up a bit.

But like I said already, it’s my girlfriend we’re talking about here so let’s get it straight. What I’m saying – I’m saying it with respect.

I’m on top, holding on to the bedstead to get better leverage, y’know … to get some hard action going and she’s humping back at me all wet and horny and she says it again ‘ahhh … uughh … fu … ahhk …Chaz … ‘ Just quiet at first but then her moans get louder and her legs wrap around my back and her eyes are gone man, I mean real gone, and she says it again but louder you know like ‘fuuUUCK me … FUCK ME …Chaz, FUCK ME … ‘ and she’s really getting shouty now, got one hand squeezing her own tit. Man I love her tits, love seeing then rolling around when we screw hard like that and she’s starting to cum.

But who the heck is Chaz?

Well whoever he is, the way she starts kissing me is so damn hot I don’t care. It’s like first time all over again.

So, I let go the bedstead to reach under her and grab her ass and hump her all the way to heaven, her all sweaty under me, legs wrapped round my back, squealing and squirming around whispering in my ear how much she loves it, wants it … and then she says it again – but this time all soft and sensual ‘Oooh Charles … keep fucking me Charles … ‘ and for a moment I wonder how the hell she’d react if I threw another chick’s name into the ring. And that’s when thoughts of the cute Asian girl Kita filled my head.

Who knows right? It’s not like the first time she’s said some guys name out loud in the sack. Sometimes women do that.

Maybe she’s got a little fantasy going on, like a bit of role play maybe … anyway I kind-a liked it, liked the way it made it all hot and sweaty between us, her saying those slutty things like she don’t normally say. After two years we still get to screw like this? Jeez, I don’t care whose name she calls out!

And I got my own little fantasy going on right? Yep, I’m thinking about that cute Asian kid, Kita as I raise myself up on my hands and push my cock in as deep as possible, balls deep so Cherie’s eyes pop open wide for a moment before rolling to somewhere in the top of her head as she arches her back and her legs splay wide and she digs her nails in my ass cheeks.

I’m thinking about that Kita all the way when Cherie’s tits swell and she cries out and yelps like she does and I’m thinking about Kita when I sit up on my knees and grip Cherie’s waist and pull her onto me hard so she’s on her back with her arms reaching back to the headboard, grinding her sopping pussy onto my cock as she cums hard.

I love it when she cums like that, her body open, the way she wants it rough, the way her body spasms on the come-down.

So why the obsession if my girlfriend’s so hot?


Who knows. I mean it’s not like I’m leading her on. She’s a cutie, that’s all. A cutie who so happens to like to eat salmon. That’s what she told me earlier when she came in to tan the other day. Kind of threw it in the conversation, real clever. Maybe she didn’t even mean anything at all by that. Some people don’t mean anything by anything … say any stuff to pass the time – small talk.

Told her I did too, She just looked cuter than ever with her hair like that, kind of flicked over like a feather-cut, or however you call it, something like that. Almond eyes and blonde feather-cut hair Asian girls have the best of looks. And she damn well touched my arm again as she left.

I was daydreaming when she waved at me from across the salon just now. A small wave, a roll of the fingers, the kind nobody else would notice, the kind only meant for one person. What a lovely chick. That new hair cut makes her look less innocent, more grown up.

I watch her while she’s walking, watch the way her body moves. I don’t remember what I was daydreaming about before but I know what I’m day dreaming about now; I’m daydreaming about being in the sack with her. I’m daydreaming about fucking her brains out. I’m daydreaming about making love to her. I’m daydreaming about both.

I’m daydreaming about my cock stuffed in her tight wet pussy, reaming her from behind with the glorious sight of that cute little ass pushing back at me, her shiny black hair falling over her shoulders and down her back when she turns her head to look at me, asking me to fuck her harder and faster. Her mouth falls open when I do, a nice mouth, smallish but with thick pouty lips. She gasps loud telling me she’s gonna cum, I look at my cock buried to the hilt in her succulent hole while she spasms around it. “Oh Charles, oh Chaz …” she cries out …

I’m hard. Jeez, I’m sooo hard, as hard as a steel rod. I gotta calm down or I’m gonna blow right here and now.

Slow it down; roll her over, put her legs over my shoulders. Take it nice ‘n’ easy, with long slow strokes until she’s ready for more of the harder stuff. Look into her eyes that shine the promise of heaven into mine. Look at her breasts that quiver when I run my hands over them. Feel her slim flat torso, kiss her mouth deep and sexy, just the way she likes it….

And then she walks into the salon and says, hi. I look at her with a glazed look and ask her if she’s ever been to Gran Caffe L’ Aquilla, a great Italian eatery I know a couple of blocks from here. She looks at me, all youthful and innocent again. “Oh Charles” she says  surprised then says she’d like to go sometime. She’s free Wednesday night and walks away with a broader sway than I’ve noticed before. (Didn’t happen. But now that I’m becoming obsessed with Kita, I know I will HAVE to make it happen now. I can’t stop the train once it gets going)

I watch her disappear out of view.

Yep, it’s the eyes that do it, those dark almond eyes. Jeez, those eyes are gonna get me in trouble. I just know it.


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 15

“Holy fuck,” he muttered.

“You can fuck me any way you want,” Abby purred. Jack debated the idea but had a better idea. Abby had sent him home wearing a butt plug but unable to remove it or masturbate all night and he wanted to get even. He grabbed his camera and took a couple of pictures of Abby.

“Later, first follow me we are going for a walk,” Jack grinned. He got up and walked to the door with Abby tottering behind. They walked down the street to the local park and took a walk through it. Everyone’s eyes were on Abby as she minced the park. Jack noticed her hips had a very exaggerated sway to them she didn’t usually have.

“Oh my god look at that cute dog,” she squealed as someone walked past with a puppy on a leash.

“Want to go stroke it?” Jack asked. He knew if the real Abby was ever caught in public like this she would be mortified.

“I’d rather stroke something else,” she whispered, not so subtly running her hand over his crotch. Jack moved away and walked over to the dog, crouching down and scratching its head. It wagged it’s tail at him happily before running towards Abby as she approached. She crouched down, her hot pants barely covering her ass as she balanced precariously on her heels. He pulled up his camera and took a few more shots of her. The dogs owner tugged the leash and the puppy ran after him.

They continued walking through the park with Jack occasionally snapping photographs of Abby as they went. She happily posed for him, some being rather questionable to do in public. They made their way around the park before heading back home. They made their way back inside and as soon as the door shut Jack turned to face Abby.

“On your knees,” he ordered.

“Like, finally,” Abby grinned as she sank to her knees. She freed his cock and instantly took it into her mouth. She sucked on it eagerly and gave him a sloppy but enjoyable blowjob.

“Deepthroat it,” he commanded as he felt his orgasm approaching. Without a seconds hesitation she engulfed his cock, pressing it deep into her throat until her nose pressed against his stomach. She didn’t flinch or gag as she moved back before going forward again. Jack just had enough wits left about him to notice she couldn’t do that last night but today it wasn’t a problem. He was to busy to give it much thought as he grabbed her head and began to roughly fuck her throat. She stayed still, tears rolling down her cheeks as he ravaged her throat until he was just about to cum. He pulled out and stroked himself fast as Abby grinned and stuck out her tongue. His cock throbbed and emptied it’s load onto her face, thick ropes covered her skin and tongue.

“That was so hot, your cum tastes amazing,” she giggled as she swallowed it down. She scooped it off her face and licked her hands clean as Jack took yet more photographs. She grinned at the camera, a line of his seed still on her cheek before she cleaned that up too. Jack checked the clock, he had three more hours until the collar came off and now he knew she was single again, all bets were off.

“Let’s take some more pictures, you can show off all you want now we are home,” Jack told her. He had had to reign her in in the park with some of her more revealing poses.

“Yay, I’m gonna be a model,” Abby squealed raging into the living room. Jack followed behind carrying his camera. They started with some normal poses, the kind you’d see on magazine covers but they quickly got more raunchy. Abby began to strip off her clothes and Jack didn’t complain one bit. They took more pictures until she was just down to her G-string. She grinned at Jack before turning around. With her legs together she bent at the hip and let him take photos as she slowly pulled her underwear down. The final photograph had her panties around her knees giving the camera a perfect shot of her ass and pussy.

“Stay there,” Jack commanded as he stripped off his clothes. He moved up behind her but paused as he saw a small loop of plastic hanging from her pussy. He gently tugged on it and she moaned lightly as a round plastic object stretch her open before popping out. Jack caught it and it buzzed in his hand.

“Either put it back in or fuck me,” Abby complained with her hand stroking her clit.

“Have you been wearing this since you changed?” Jack asked. Abby nodded in confirmation.

“The control thingy is in my pocket,” she said pointing to her hot pants that lay on the floor. Jack went and retrieved it before getting an idea. He moved up behind her again and stroked his cock along her slick entrance.

“Stop teasing and fuck me,” Abby pleaded in a whiny voice. Jack planned to do just that as he pushed the vibrating egg back into her tunnel. She groaned which rose in pitch and he turned the device up. He dropped the remote and grabbed her ass as he pressed his tip against her right asshole. She didn’t resist as he began to sink into her. He watched the head of his cock stretch her asshole until it slipped inside, well lubricated by her own juices he had coated his cock with. He paused with just the tip inside her.

“Beg me for it,” he commanded.

“Please, fuck me. Fuck my slutty ass with your hard cock. Use me like the whore I am,” she pleaded. Jack didn’t need to hear more as he sharply pushed into her. She yelped in surprise as his cock filled her ass before moaning in pleasure at how full she felt.

Kim – 5 Tests – Chapter 15


We followed the wobbly girl into the bedroom and watched her rummage through drawers until she found some socks. Tying them together with expertise or perhaps natural talent, Mary fashioned a blindfold and makeshift handcuffs. Kim looked down on the ground as she B-lined from the doorway to the nightstand and threw her real pair of metal handcuffs onto the bed.

“Oh, wow. I guess I should’ve figured.”

“Shut up.” Kim went back to the doorway.

“Nate, darling. On the bed laying on your back, please.”

“Yes ma’am.” The testing materials were applied to me with the precision of somebody who had done so plenty of times.

Ten minutes blindfolded and handcuffed on a bed without making a sound? Anybody else in their right mind would put together that something fishy was going on. I was still cocky from before and the thought hadn’t even occurred to me. That arrogance would soon prove to be stupidity in disguise.

“Your time starts now,” Mary announced.

Shutting down any stray impulse to speak, I could hear my surroundings amazingly well: the slow, calm breathing of three people; footsteps that got fainter and some activity in what was either the bathroom or the kitchen. A door closed, but not the front door–far too quiet for that. “What is she doing?” I wondered. I was turning out to be a lackluster daredevil.

The footsteps returned at a quick, happy pace and I heard Kim gasp a little.

“That’s cruel, Mary!” Kim accused. Though I wondered if I’d heard a stifled laugh as well.

“That’s Test 3. If he doesn’t like it he can quit anytime.” You could feel the smarmy satisfaction coming off of Mary, no super-hearing required.

It had been at least 40 seconds and my silence was unwavering. The room felt a bit cold now that all the heat from the other room had been left behind for a softer surface I could lay on.

Wish I had more clothes, was the last thought that went through my mind before shockingly cold ice touched my right thigh. I jolted, trying to squirm away. The ice was suddenly removed.

“Oh, Nate! The same rules apply! Unsurprisingly, somebody has already passed this test by running away from me the entire time.”

Like something out of a nightmare, I resigned myself to a terrible fate. The ice went back on my right thigh and travelled straight into my underwear. The cube was shuffled around and then tucked just below the waistband. It took everything I had not to start swearing there and then.

My mind searched to remember how much ice the tray in Kim’s freezer could hold and if it was filled recently. My frantic train of thought was no match for ice cube number two, which was now caressing my left nipple and travelling up and down my stomach.

Every hair on my body was standing up at full attention and I realized I had to come up with something to stop her or else there was no way I’d make it to ten minutes.

“You’re at three minutes. Keep it up!” Kim said, her voice a blend of amusement and concern.

The satisfying thought of when I’d inevitably do this to Kim was interrupted by two more ice cubes now being held with the last one. They slid all over my body as if to coat me in a damp layer of cold spite.

Why was this even a test!? Why was I doing somebody else’s tests? I only wanted Kim; who cares if Mary thinks I’m boyfriend material? But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Kim wanted me to do this. Encouraged it, in fact. But why? To show up her sister? No. That’s shallow and unlike her. So what is going on?

Ice slid excruciatingly slowly down my neck as the moisture in my underwear only added to my discomfort. I was no stranger to discomfort, but this was record-setting for me, considering I’m usually one to stick to what I know I can handle.

“Five minutes to go, honey! I believe in you!”

To accompany my shivering and the warm tongue that was now caressing my ear, an epiphany washed over me.

Test 4. Oh my god.

Kim never said I passed nor did she ever tell me what she was looking for. The thought hadn’t occurred to me due to all that had happened since we got to her parents’ house. What was she looking for? I was a gentleman, suitable for sex and very patient, so what would the fourth quality need to be?

Well what kind of boyfriend would I be if I wasn’t willing to take risks for her? Kim knows that to a self-improving, big, strong dude standing up to an ex or not taking advantage of a drunk girl isn’t necessarily brave; it’s just basic chivalry. In contrast, doing her sisters’ unknown tests with no clear reward, or going through a completely blind dinner with her family is just ludicrous for an anxious guy like me.

Terror would visibly grip me if someone were just telling me about what I’ve been through. Anybody who knows me as well as Kim does would know there isn’t a damn thing on this Earth to make me go into such an awkward situation unprepared. But only I knew that it never crossed my mind not to do it for her.

The world around me faded away and the cold and the damp and the laughter and the discomfort and the pain didn’t really matter anymore. My entire being was enveloped in a thought that materialized instantaneously, but felt like it had resided in me for a long time. I was absolutely, madly in love with Kim, and I would put up with absolutely anything to be with her. Holy shit.

I got up and ice slid down my body with a loud clack! as it made contact with the floor and slid away. My hands were still securely trapped behind my back and all senses but sight guided me. I moved to where I thought Kim might be, and after hitting a wall I heard her sweet voice.

“Oh! Come here you poor thing” her warm words were laced with genuine affection and some pity. She held me tight and I kissed her deeply, enjoying both her warmth and the sensation I could experience only when our lips met.

Mary was right behind me now and an ice cube was forcefully wedged between our lips. What she didn’t realize is that she was playing right into my hands.

I took the ice into my mouth and let it jut out, my teeth holding onto it and keeping it steady. Using my bulk I made Mary back up toward the bed, and then collapsed myself on top of her carefully enough to make sure the ice remain stationary. Then I sought my blind, frozen revenge.

My head roamed around her body tracing lines of chilly mayhem along her smooth skin. Screams filled the room.

“Fuck me! That’s so fucking cold — Nate you bastard — shit! Get off me!” yelled Mary, unable to free herself from the leg lock I managed to create.

The cacophony of her screams and struggling, and Kim coming to the verge of tears with laughter heralded the end of the test.

“That’stimeohmygodIcan’tbreatheNatestopit’stoofunny!” spilled from Kim’s mouth as she fought to compose herself. I freed Maria and emerged as a being of pure bliss and delight.

I sang “We Are the Champions” and wandered to the bathroom once my handicaps were removed. The hot shower was heaven. When I returned, I looked at the girl I loved, and she was all smiles as well. Mary looked dower and totally defeated. I wrapped a fresh towel around her.

“Attacking me with the ice? Where does he even come up with this shit?”

“Well, sis, Nate is a creative, quick-learner who is sexy as hell,” Kim replied, kissing me on the cheek.

“I also go by Test Destroyer–maybe you’ve heard of me by that name?” I added.

Mary sighed. “You know I didn’t even get to the best part thanks to your assault.”

“Come on! The only really sensitive spot you didn’t get to ice was my…oh.”

Mary stomped away, and my butthole puckered in fear.