Sun Stories: Aishah – The Wages of Fear – Chapter 5

“Alright. You ready to begin?”

“Yes. (Smiles) Thank you. What room?

“Room 6”

She pads back to the room like a super model and goes inside and closes the doors.

Holy shit! Is what I think going to happen maybe going to happen? Could I get in trouble for this if it does? This has to be against some sort of tanning policy, or better business practices, right? It wasn’t my idea though. It was brought up by the client. Well, I guess I’ll just see how this plays out. But why is my heart pounding and my hands trembling?

I run around the salon and clean the beds that the other clients have already come out of before I locked the door. Once that’s complete I head back to my towel folding routine.

I hear the bed ignite. My pulse quickens. (Just breathe, Aishah.) I need to just breathe too! This has never happened before. It almost seems illicit in nature.

Maybe she’ll be fine. Maybe she’ll stay in the room and nothing weird will happen. But I can handle anything. I’ve seen much in my two years of working at this salon.

I’m folding the towels when I hear the hood of the bed in Room 6 squeak open. Ultra violet light shines up toward the ceiling from the room.

The bed has been opened.

Still quiet. So far so good.

Another two minutes pass. I hear the doors being unlocked and swing open. I hear movement in Room 6.

Aishah calls my name. My heart is pounding and I’m shaking. This feels so wrong. I walk around the counter and head down the hallway to #6. I approach the doorway but stop short.

“You okay, Aishah?”

“Y,yes. I’m okay… Where are you?”

I’m squinting and can’t see you. You’re not on the bench.

Where are you?” (Panicked now)

Bright light pours from the doorway like something out of the film Poltergeist. I slowly sit down on the bench just four feet from the doorway of Room 6. It’s not good to look into UV light. That’s why they make goggles to protect the eyes. But I grabbed a pair of polarized sunglasses that we wear to work on the beds. I put them on and my eyes are protected and I can see as clear as day.

But what I see before me is an ethereal vision of beauty beyond my imagination. I’ve never seen a woman lying in one of our sunbeds nude. I’ve never seen one of our clients ever in one of our sunbeds. But here is Aishah lying serenely on the Cadillac completely exposed. Her dark hair pulled into a ponytail over her head. Her face, calm and elegant. She glows in the green and blue light. Her long slender arms at her sides. The exotic nails on her fingers curl and twitch. Her breasts full and firm. Her dark brown nipples pointing upward. Pouting in protest of the invasion of the draft from the doors being ajar by her own volition. Her belly, flat and lean. The cleft between her legs clearly visible because of her shorn vulva. Ultra violet light brings out every detail in a person’s skin. I can see the razor bumps around and on top of her pubis. She has a long slender prepuce that flares into tiny labia minora nestled between her plump outer labia. Her legs are spectacular. Shapely and perfect. She’s model pretty.

How is this happening?

“Are you there?”

“I am, Aishah. You okay?”

“Better now. I feel more calm. Safe.”

I am having trouble processing this moment. I am blushing. My heart is pounding and I’m shaking.

“Okay good. I’ll stay here with you. But if you need me to go I will.”

“It’s okay. Stay”

I can see through the blinding lights her smiling. She can’t see me but apparently as long as she can hear my voice, she’s okay. It’s like I’ve been given a glorious Christmas gift that I would have never asked for and it has been placed before me. It’s as if the ghost of Cleopatra has appeared before me and the Cadillac tanning bed is her sarcophagus. It has been opened to me and I alone have had the honor to look upon her vulnerable beauty.

When I took this job I did it to make some extra scratch and stay busy. I love to work and stay busy. I love meeting different people and it’s a fun job. I NEVER could have imagined that this would ever happen.

My life is beautiful and filled with adventure. The blog writes itself now. I really believe that. I can’t make this shit up.

I just talk to her and she really seems calm now. We talk about the holidays and what we’re going to be doing with our families. It’s insane but this is one of my jobs. Aishah is getting tan for her holiday and she’s not afraid. I’m doing my job. I’m great at this job. Even if my duty calls upon me to get a terrified 18-year-old girl through her claustrophobic nightmare. I will sit here and talk her through her session while I admire and absolutely gorgeous woman’s magnificent naked body.

I hate my job. (Lol, I always say that!)

The lights go out on the bed. Her session is finished.

“I did it!” she squeals!

“Congrats! Do you need me to go?”

“No. Stay.”

Now I can see her. This is different that before. Aishiah curls her right leg up and grips her knee with her hands to raise herself to a sitting position. The fans are still roaring to cool down the bed. (and me!)

I’m flushed with madness. I’ve seen it all and here I am sitting in this salon in an entirely unique situation. I could never have created this fantasy even if I tried.

Aishah gently eases herself out of the bed. Her legs spread wide and her vagina blooms like a flower as her left leg touches the floor. (Wow!) Her firm breasts jiggle slightly as she gets to her feet. She stands in front of me. She pulls the tie from her hair and her raven locks tumble about her shoulders. Standing she looks right at me. She shakes out her mane and her pert breasts jiggle again but still point upward. I can clearly see her sex between her legs. Her labia are pursed and protecting her inner softness. It’s a neat and pretty place. It’s now at eye level. She doesn’t even care that I can clearly see every inch of her body.

I love her, but I must remain in character. I’m shocked that she just got out of the bed and starts to dress in front of me. Shameless of her nakedness. I remind myself of her modeling and try to remain calm. It’s impossible. The only thing I have to go on is age and experience. I chat with her like the professional salon dude I have become. But lets face it here people, Aishah has a disorder and I’m helping her get through it and it’s working. (Wink!)

Hanging by a thread.

God… she’s exquisite.

I know from social media she’s in a relationship with some guy. If he ever found out about this I’d surely be killed. But I assure myself that this is our secret. She trusts me. I’m just an older professional guy that’s a dad and helping her with her phobia. I have experience with women. Normally the guy they’re with is a fail when it comes to the serious emotional stuff.

I’m great at that.

That’s why I have so many women friends. They feel safe with me. I love being that man.

But, my God. Aishah has no problem pulling her white cotton panties up over her mons venus right in front of me. Working her bra into place.

“I like having you here while I get dressed.”

“I’m just glad you’re okay, Aishah.” She tugs her jean into place.

“I finally made it!” (she said pulling her boots on)

“You did it. You’re going to be fine.” (Me trying to be the a professional)

“Thank you so much!” (Leaps at me with a hug, now fully dressed. Her hair smells like fresh jasmine, sex, and secrets)

“Well we do what we can here. This is a five-star salon. I’m happy I could help you, Aishah.”

“You’re amazing! I’m going to give you a five-star Yelp review!”

“That would be fantastic. But you don’t have to go into too much detail about the level of service you got today, dear.”

“Oh my God! I know!” (smiling sweetly)

(Huge sigh of relief.) Can you imagine that review? Man sat and watched me tan naked after hours to overcome my claustrophobia! Holy fuck I’d be out of here in a New York minute!

I go back to folding towels just to give my hands something to do and regain my composure.

“Thank you so much! Are you working Thursday?”

“I am, Aishah.”

“Cool I’ll be in! Probably around closing. Is that okay?

“Well we’ve found a solution, so that’s perfect. I’ll see you then, dear.”

“Yay! Thank you so much. You fixed me! Maybe you can sit in the room with me the next time I come in.”




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2 thoughts on “Sun Stories: Aishah – The Wages of Fear – Chapter 5”

  1. The ultimate test of detachment, this reminds me of Gandhi lying between two lovely teen girls, to prove he was chaste. That was hardly your intent, I know, but you took care of the girl. If I were her father, I’d probably hear you out. If I were her boyfriend, maybe not.


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