Ambria – Chapter 16 – Atlantic City – Part 4

It’s a lovely day for a stroll on the boardwalk in AC. The sights and smells are overwhelming. Like I said, AC is a bit seedy. But it’s all good adult fun. We walk north for a bit just taking in all of the sites. But after awhile we both need to get something to eat. We walked pretty far up the boardwalk and decide we should head back to where the restaurants and bars are. We check a few places but nothing is really inspiring us to eat. Finally we settle on Chickie and Pete’s and sit at the bar.

There’s nothing like an ice cold beer on a hot summer day. My mother who wasn’t even a drinker even said that to me. We order some food, and some of their famous crab fries. It’s just French fries with old bay seasoning, but they’re damn good. As usual here in America the portions when you go out to eat, are always too big. We only can eat about half of everything we order.

But sitting here with lovely Ambria and getting some food into me and a couple of beers has been a welcome repose. I notice I haven’t had a cigarette in two days. Nor have I wanted one. (Oh, a new oral fixation?) If I’m with a woman who doesn’t smoke, I usually won’t do it around them. I’m not so addicted to anything where I need it ever anymore. I’ll probably be giving up the cigs soon. I just don’t enjoy them anymore. I’m with her and I’ll just chew gum and be minty. You never know when I may be getting a kiss and I need to be ready.

When we finish we walk back out onto the boardwalk. She says she’d like to stop at the Rite Aid a few blocks away and pick up some supplies. I think last night, this morning and all of the afternoon’s sun exposure has worn her out. We get all the stuff she needs for her condo at the store and head back to her place.

I’m happy to be back relaxing on the couch with the air conditioning on and the nice view of the Atlantic Ocean out the window. Ambria tells me she’s cranky and tired and needs to lie down and rest. She gets in her bed to take a nap. I fix myself a cocktail, and just relax on the sofa. This has been a nice trip. I like this little break where I get to be alone.

I’m grateful that Ambria cares enough for me to invite me to her shore house. I know it was sort of a ruse to move the relationship forward sexually. But how bad is my life?

About an hour later she wakes up from her nap and asks me to fix her a drink. I ask her how she likes it and she tells me just to fill it with the flavored vodka she brought and just do a splash of the orange juice for color.

She comes over and starts drinking with me. Then there’s some kissing. Then she pushes the coffee table away from the sofa and into her kitchenette.

“Where am I supposed to set down my drink?”

“You’re going to hold your drink and drink your drink while I do something else.”

Folks, this is a dating blog. For nearly three years I’ve kept it classy on here, but I have to tell you the truth.

Ambria proceeded to give me possibly the greatest blowjob I’ve ever received. Now all men want to say that, but they really don’t want to say that. Because every guy loves a good sloppy blowjob, but you don’t really want your new girlfriend to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had, because that would mean she’s had lots and lots of practice sucking dick. You don’t want to think about that, especially during the greatest blowjob you’ve ever had.

When Cherie gives me head you can tell by the way she does it she absolutely loves me. You know when a woman loves you. She knows how much I love pleasing her. That’s like my favorite thing. And as someone once said to me, “You’re always good at things you like to do.”

But this chick? It was like she was a porn star auditioning for the lead in Deep Throat: The Remake. I swear, it was fantastic and had all the extra stuff in it that men love. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

And I’ll go on after this. At one point she took a sip from her cocktail, and then put her lips around me, and I didn’t see her do it, but could feel the vodka burning my urethra. That’s never been done to me. That my friend only hurts for a second, but you know what’s up when it happens. Nobody wants a sex act to feel like a urinary infection! We laughed it off and she just kept on going with the greatest blow… well you get the picture.

Her nickname should be Dumbledore, because she’s the “Head Master.”

She pulls me over to the bed and hops on top of me. I’m on my back she she’s my cowgirl. This is all great to me and she’s riding hard. She keeps telling me she on the train but she can’t get it to the station. (climax) She assures me that it’s not me, it all in her mind. I tell her not to worry about it and enjoy the ride.

This is pretty common with women. Some can’t climax with a man. Some can only do it while masturbating. But I will tell you this. The biggest sex organ in the body is the mind. If you can’t get off, then many times it’s in your head.

In a bit I’m on top of Ambria, pretending to be a missionary. I’m going hard and I can’t hold back any more. This will be my 4th orgasm of the holiday and I am pleased. I may have mentioned this before. Ambria has always had some tube issues. She literally cannot get pregnant. Ever. So I just fire a way, all guns blazing into that tunnel of love.

And I did.



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