Personal Assistant – Chapter 1 – Sadie

I have a pretty sweet deal. I’m a professional writer and work from my home office writing grant proposals for nonprofits, schools and businesses. Every so often I get hired on to manage grants or run a capital campaign. I get to set my own schedule and work as hard as I care to. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard for a living, it’s just that I get to do it in my underwear if I choose to.

Lately I’ve had a lot of work and started looking for an assistant, somebody to do research and fact checking. Previously, when I had extra work my wife would support me, but she’s long gone now and I have to hire outside help. I placed an ad in our local paper and got about a dozen calls. There turned out to be some really qualified people available including an out-of-work paralegal and a gal who had spent the last twenty years as a corporate administrative assistant. There were also some recent college grads that just hadn’t found work yet. I could have justified hiring any one of them but nothing really clicked, nobody I was interested in spending my whole day with. Then came Sadie.

During our interview, Sadie said that she took some college classes after she graduated from high school but nothing that had grabbed her interest. She told me she was smart, could write well and was computer literate. I really hoped I nodded at all the right spots during the interview but the truth was I couldn’t take my eyes off her physical beauty. Sadie had eyes that sparkled, light freckles across a nose that scrunched when she smiled with the most perfect small nose and mouth, all framed a little off-center by her one cute dimple. She was small, sleek and slender but not skinny.

She came to her interview in a casually professional pantsuit that accentuated her small hips and tight butt. Her slacks weren’t sexy on their own but draped over her bottom just enough to suggest two small cheeks and the front screamed flat tummy and slender thighs. She could’ve been mistaken for a young teen except for her perfectly firm “c” cup breasts under her blouse that declared her womanhood. She didn’t have near the employment experience of others but the thought of just spending my days in her presence was very alluring. I told her that there were other candidates better suited for the position and gave her the opportunity to convince me. Sadie admitted she had not worked that much but she was a very fast learner. That she would work very hard, was trustworthy, would be committed to the job, and obedient.

“Obedient? Did she say obedient? How odd,” I thought. The more we talked, the more infatuated I became. Being a thirty-something divorcee and Sadie being a young adult, barely, I knew nothing could ever come of it. She must turn the head of every young man that she encounters and probably has her pick. Even though we would always have an employee/employer relationship, it would be so much more enjoyable of a day for me hanging out with Sadie than with any of the other applicants. Maybe less work would get done but definitely more enjoyable, worth every penny I decided. I’m sure my moral compass was skewed but heck! I’m the boss; I can hire and work with anybody I want to!

When I told her, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance,” she lit up like a light bulb. I don’t think I had ever seen a prettier sight. I knew that I had made the right choice, at least for as long as I could afford it. So I took the proverbial boss role and gave her a run-through of my expectations. “I work hard here, people count on me for the funding of some very important programs, blah, blah, blah . . .”

She listened carefully as I told her that I am very particular and want things done a certain way. She responded with, “Yes sir, I will do whatever you want me to do, however you want me to do it.”

“Oh my naïve young thing, you don’t know how I wished that were true” I thought to myself but I loved her enthusiasm.
Sadie started work early the next day. It had been hot and she wore a pretty summer smock with a belt at her slim waist. It was a simple floral print but on her it took my breath away. I figured out on that first day that it wasn’t going to be how much work she could get done but rather I much I could get could done. Our desks butt up against each other’s, face to face, because that’s how the office has always been set up. There is a nice adjacent conference room to complete my home office. That first day I hoped she hadn’t notice but I could hardly keep my eyes off of her.

As time went on, she turned into quite an asset. Her proofing and fact checking were great and when we met with clients in the conference room, Sadie turned out to be an artist. She was courteous, welcoming and could make everybody feel at ease while charming their socks off, she was a natural.

Conversation seems to come easily between us. We talked comfortably as we worked, even though when I told her she didn’t need to address me so formally and to call me by my first name, she answered with, “Yes sir.”

I learned she had two sisters, one older and one younger, and she even though she grew up in a pretty strict household, she loved her family very much. When it came to work she was true to her word; she worked hard and was very committed. I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to starting work each day, I was enjoying her immensely.
Every day I would look forward to see what she would wear. Sadie always wore appropriate clothing but she’s just so damned good-looking. She could even make her oversized sweater look sexy, its bulky-ness only showed off her dainty-ness. Today it was a sheer top with spaghetti straps, leaving her shoulders mostly bare. Her skin is flawless and her narrow shoulders transition to a beautifully long neck. There seems to be some new element of perfection to discover about her each day.


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Author: phicklephilly

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