A Unique Gift – Chapter 10

“Except for you tomorrow I haven’t chosen anyone else to use it on. That’s why I invited you over, I’ve got a lot of possibilities but need your help deciding who and how,” Jack answered. Abby smiled, she found the fact Jack wanted her help and trusted her enough to tell her very sweet.

“Let me guess, most of your ideas involve fucking?” Abby asked. Jack nodded and grinned in confirmation. “You’re such a guy! You have the power to make anyone do anything and you can only think about sex.”

“And you wouldn’t do the same if you were single?” Jack asked.

“I would at least use it to try to improve my life. How did Miss Jameson react to everything once the collar came off, wasn’t she super angry?” Abby asked.

“No, it seems like as long as they put it on willingly anything they do while wearing the collar they just accept as part of that choice and are ok with it,” Jack answered.

“What happens if I command you to do something once the collar is off while you’re still wearing it?” Abby asked.

“Honestly I don’t know,” Jack answered.

“I guess we will find out. For now though I have,” Abby began, looking at her watch, “ten more hours of you as my slave. So as such we are going shopping and you are going to enjoy every minute of it and carry everything for me.”

They went to the local mall and Abby dragged Jack around a few shops. She found it strange but actually more enjoyable than usual. Jack still acted like himself for the most part but instead of his usual complaining about how long they had been there he seemed excited every time she mentioned a new shop for them to go to. Not to mention the fact he happily carried all her bags.

They spent six hours walking around shops. Jacks legs ached but he didn’t mind. He had never enjoyed shopping before and he knew it was because of the collar but didn’t mind, he was having a lot of fun. Abby took him to one end of the mall to a sex shop and ordered him to wait outside. She was in there for almost half an hour before she came out carrying a couple of bags which she gave to Jack and commanded him to not look inside. They finally left and went to Abby’s.

She had her own house, bought and paid for outright in her name by her parents. They were a very wealthy family which was how Abby afforded such extravagant shopping trips so often. She ordered Jack to put away her new outfits and tidy her room. She left the two bags from the sex shop though. Jack knew he should be curious about what was inside but found he didn’t care, she didn’t want him to see and because of that he didn’t want to see. By the time he was done there was only just over half an hour left before his collar was due to come off.

“You know, since you’ve been such a good slave I think you deserve a reward,” Abby grinned. She knew Jack had always had a crush and her and she had always had one on him but had been waiting for him to make the first move. When it never seemed like he would she had finally relented to going on a date with Eric, her current boyfriend. Right now though she didn’t care. After seeing Miss Jameson naked earlier and having Jack under her completely control all day she was extremely turned on. Not to mention she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Jacks cock since she saw it.

She knew Eric wouldn’t be home for a few days. They had just got back from holiday and his niece had been born while they were away so he had gone to visit his sister for a few days while Abby had to stay and go to classes. So Abby knew they would be undisturbed as she made her way over to Jack.

“Stand there quietly,” Abby ordered as she knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants. She pulled them down along with his boxers and his cock sprang free. It was soft and quite small compared to Eric’s but Abby didn’t mind. She gently teased and stroked it as she felt it begin to swell in her hand. She could see the look of confusion on Jacks face but he was being good and doing as he was told and keeping quiet. Abby was surprised, his cock was only half way erect and had already grown substantially. She guessed it was true after all and not some lie guys made up, some really were growers and not showers.

She took his half erect cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck the tip, quickly bringing it full hardness. It was now larger than Eric’s was when he was fully erect and Abby was surprised Jack was so well endowed. His head filled her mouth and strained her jaw slightly to keep it open wide enough. She began to bob up and down, running her lips back and forth over the tip as her tongue lapped at his slit and tasted his pre cum. She used her hand to stroke the base of his shaft and looked up at him. He was looking down, enjoyment on his face and he was breathing hard. She doubled her efforts. She had one more plan after this that she wanted to test before the collar came off.

She took him as deep as she could and gagged as his large head hit the back of her throat. She had practiced deepthroating on small toys and could just manage it but his cock was far to large. She worked her mouth over as much of his length as she could. She wondered how much time she had left and eyed the clock. Twenty minutes. Hopefully enough time.

“I want you to count to ten in your head and when you reach ten I want you to blow your load into my mouth and have the best orgasm you’ve ever had from a blowjob,” Abby ordered wondering if that would work. She counted to ten in her head along with him and as she hit ten she felt his cock twitch before his seed flooded her mouth. She swallowed fast but there was a lot and some escaped down her chin. He emptied rope after rope of his sticky seed into her mouth as his legs trembled. Finally the torrent stopped and she licked his cock clean before cleaning her face.


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