A Unique Gift – Chapter 11

Jack had a satisfied grin on his face which soon went as she commanded him to get in the bed on all fours and not speak. He wasn’t sure what she was doing but was happy to comply with her request. She rummaged around in the two bags from the sex shop before she found what she was looking for.

“Now I’m going to put this plug in your ass and you’re going to love it. Even after the collar comes off you’re going to love the feeling of it filling you, you’ll be constantly turned on but you won’t be allowed to take it out or orgasm until I see you tomorrow morning and you won’t complain about it at all,” Abby commanded as she removed the butt plug from its box. It was medium sized and she covered it with plenty of lube. She knew Jack wouldn’t enjoy this normally.

It wasn’t that he would hate it, he had admitted to her before once while drunk, that he had once gone home with a girl who had insisted he wear one so rather than turn down getting laid he had worn it. Apparently it had only been small anyway. He had told Abby that while it didn’t bother him that much wearing it, it had done nothing to excite him. So she had decided, if he was still wearing it and enjoying it when she saw him tomorrow, then commands could stay in effect even after the collar came off.

“Relax,” Abby ordered as she pressed the toy against his clenched asshole. She instantly saw it relax and began to push the toy in. Jack gasped as it began to stretch his back door. He felt the tip slide on and shivered in delight. As more and more of the toy filled him his cock got harder until it was fully erect. He moaned slightly as the last of the toy slipped into him and his ass shrank around the base, holding it firmly in place. Abby chuckled, she had debated other methods of testing her theory but after knowing what he did to Miss Jameson, she felt this was a fitting taste of his own medicine.

“Get dressed and sit here,” Abby commanded. Jack got off the bed and got dressed before sitting beside her. She watched the clock, the collar would be coming off any moment now. They sat and waited until suddenly the collar vanished from around his neck.

“Wow my legs hurt,” Jack complained as soon as he was free. Abby was surprised that he hadn’t complained about the toy in his ass.

“And how does the toy feel?” Abby pressed.

“Really good,” Jack blushed. Without he collar he suddenly felt shy wearing such a thing in front of Abby but he couldn’t deny how good it felt having his ass filled by the plastic toy or how hard his cock was right now.

“Well you should get going, it’s getting late. I’ll be at yours tomorrow,” Abby smiled. Jack got up and made his way out. He walked back to his house and was breathless by the time he got home, each step had caused the toy to move inside him and built up a well of pleasure but he knew he wasn’t allowed to remove it or orgasm until he saw Abby again. He didn’t even question that or consider it going her commands and masturbating anyway, he simply got undressed and climbed into bed.


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Author: phicklephilly

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