Phicklephilly – Here We Go Again

It’s the eyes that do it, those almond shape brown eyes. Those windows to her soul are a world in themselves, a world that goes deep, deep, deep. Jeez, if she keeps looking at me the way she does she’s gonna get me into a lot of trouble. I just know it.

It’s not just the way she looks at me. Sure, it’s cute the way she always smiles – but she’s got a great shape to her. Perfect actually; great tits, great ass, good legs – as far as I can tell anyway.

But the way she touched my arm just now – does she know how hot that was? She must right? But she doesn’t act like it.

She’s a cute kid … ha, kid, who am I kidding? She’s 21, dresses cute, sporty, white sneakers, white shorts, bare legs, always so polite, carries herself kind of fawn-like in the way only young people can. But those eyes … she’s got a look in them. I could drown in those eyes.

Anyway, who am I kidding? I thirty years older than her.

I can’t get her out of my head. Even last weekend when I was making love with my girlfriend Cherie, I was thinking about her. Sounds terrible I know. But hey, shit happens. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriend. Truly I do. I guess it’s just an obsession.

I’ll get over it.

So I know what you’re thinking. Who is this sleaze-ball? But I’m just a regular kind of obsessed guy. There’s just something about those eyes that really gets me and well, it was kind-a sexy thinking about someone else while I was doing it with Cherie, like a naughty little secret or something.

And you know what? I’m not the only one.

But this is my girlfriend I’m talking about here. So don’t get me wrong. What we got going on in the bedroom is our business … but I just wanna illustrate my point, ok?

So, let me tell you …

I’m in bed with Cherie. We’re making love, and she’s saying stuff – kind-a garbled, half whispered … but I’m too far gone, really, to notice … at first … just kind-a lost in what we’re doing.  I mean some guys they don’t care, a girl’s just a hole for them to use. But me – no way; if she isn’t  getting off then I not getting off. That’s how it works for me.

And you know what? Between you and me it really turns me on when she does that thing, starts rolling her head from side to side and pulls her knees back. Just gets me going. ‘Cause I know she’s ready to rev it up a bit.

But like I said already, it’s my girlfriend we’re talking about here so let’s get it straight. What I’m saying – I’m saying it with respect.

I’m on top, holding on to the bedstead to get better leverage, y’know … to get some hard action going and she’s humping back at me all wet and horny and she says it again ‘ahhh … uughh … fu … ahhk …Chaz … ‘ Just quiet at first but then her moans get louder and her legs wrap around my back and her eyes are gone man, I mean real gone, and she says it again but louder you know like ‘fuuUUCK me … FUCK ME …Chaz, FUCK ME … ‘ and she’s really getting shouty now, got one hand squeezing her own tit. Man I love her tits, love seeing then rolling around when we screw hard like that and she’s starting to cum.

But who the heck is Chaz?

Well whoever he is, the way she starts kissing me is so damn hot I don’t care. It’s like first time all over again.

So, I let go the bedstead to reach under her and grab her ass and hump her all the way to heaven, her all sweaty under me, legs wrapped round my back, squealing and squirming around whispering in my ear how much she loves it, wants it … and then she says it again – but this time all soft and sensual ‘Oooh Charles … keep fucking me Charles … ‘ and for a moment I wonder how the hell she’d react if I threw another chick’s name into the ring. And that’s when thoughts of the cute Asian girl Kita filled my head.

Who knows right? It’s not like the first time she’s said some guys name out loud in the sack. Sometimes women do that.

Maybe she’s got a little fantasy going on, like a bit of role play maybe … anyway I kind-a liked it, liked the way it made it all hot and sweaty between us, her saying those slutty things like she don’t normally say. After two years we still get to screw like this? Jeez, I don’t care whose name she calls out!

And I got my own little fantasy going on right? Yep, I’m thinking about that cute Asian kid, Kita as I raise myself up on my hands and push my cock in as deep as possible, balls deep so Cherie’s eyes pop open wide for a moment before rolling to somewhere in the top of her head as she arches her back and her legs splay wide and she digs her nails in my ass cheeks.

I’m thinking about that Kita all the way when Cherie’s tits swell and she cries out and yelps like she does and I’m thinking about Kita when I sit up on my knees and grip Cherie’s waist and pull her onto me hard so she’s on her back with her arms reaching back to the headboard, grinding her sopping pussy onto my cock as she cums hard.

I love it when she cums like that, her body open, the way she wants it rough, the way her body spasms on the come-down.

So why the obsession if my girlfriend’s so hot?


Who knows. I mean it’s not like I’m leading her on. She’s a cutie, that’s all. A cutie who so happens to like to eat salmon. That’s what she told me earlier when she came in to tan the other day. Kind of threw it in the conversation, real clever. Maybe she didn’t even mean anything at all by that. Some people don’t mean anything by anything … say any stuff to pass the time – small talk.

Told her I did too, She just looked cuter than ever with her hair like that, kind of flicked over like a feather-cut, or however you call it, something like that. Almond eyes and blonde feather-cut hair Asian girls have the best of looks. And she damn well touched my arm again as she left.

I was daydreaming when she waved at me from across the salon just now. A small wave, a roll of the fingers, the kind nobody else would notice, the kind only meant for one person. What a lovely chick. That new hair cut makes her look less innocent, more grown up.

I watch her while she’s walking, watch the way her body moves. I don’t remember what I was daydreaming about before but I know what I’m day dreaming about now; I’m daydreaming about being in the sack with her. I’m daydreaming about fucking her brains out. I’m daydreaming about making love to her. I’m daydreaming about both.

I’m daydreaming about my cock stuffed in her tight wet pussy, reaming her from behind with the glorious sight of that cute little ass pushing back at me, her shiny black hair falling over her shoulders and down her back when she turns her head to look at me, asking me to fuck her harder and faster. Her mouth falls open when I do, a nice mouth, smallish but with thick pouty lips. She gasps loud telling me she’s gonna cum, I look at my cock buried to the hilt in her succulent hole while she spasms around it. “Oh Charles, oh Chaz …” she cries out …

I’m hard. Jeez, I’m sooo hard, as hard as a steel rod. I gotta calm down or I’m gonna blow right here and now.

Slow it down; roll her over, put her legs over my shoulders. Take it nice ‘n’ easy, with long slow strokes until she’s ready for more of the harder stuff. Look into her eyes that shine the promise of heaven into mine. Look at her breasts that quiver when I run my hands over them. Feel her slim flat torso, kiss her mouth deep and sexy, just the way she likes it….

And then she walks into the salon and says, hi. I look at her with a glazed look and ask her if she’s ever been to Gran Caffe L’ Aquilla, a great Italian eatery I know a couple of blocks from here. She looks at me, all youthful and innocent again. “Oh Charles” she says  surprised then says she’d like to go sometime. She’s free Wednesday night and walks away with a broader sway than I’ve noticed before. (Didn’t happen. But now that I’m becoming obsessed with Kita, I know I will HAVE to make it happen now. I can’t stop the train once it gets going)

I watch her disappear out of view.

Yep, it’s the eyes that do it, those dark almond eyes. Jeez, those eyes are gonna get me in trouble. I just know it.


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