Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 19

When we stopped talking for a moment, we both heard the rattle of raindrops on the boathouse roof. Claire went to the door, which had a window. “It’s really starting to come down.” she said. I stood behind her, to look over her shoulder.

– “It would be a shame to get that lovely costume wet.” I told her.

– “I guess we have to stay here, then.” she decided. “What should we do?” She looked over her shoulder at me.

Instinct took over. I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were soft, and wet. Her tongue met mine halfway. My arms went around her, pulling her close. My coat was a little too bulky for Claire to get her arms around. Instead, she put them inside, against my loose shirt.

Our tongues swirled together. Claire clutched at my shirt, and moaned into my mouth. I pulled her tighter, but she resisted. I pulled back.

– “Your belt buckle.” she whispered.

– “Sorry.” I hadn’t realized that by pulling her close, I was stabbing her in the belly with my belt.

– “It’s OK.” Claire smiled. “Here. Let me.” She reached for the buckle, and began undoing it. This was progressing rather rapidly, but all I could hear in my head was ‘Love is the Drug’.

– “You are so hot.” I told her.

– “My costume? Or me?”

– “You. Always you. The costume just increases the temperature.” I said.

– “Good answer.” Claire pulled the belt away, and tossed it on the floor. I pulled her close again. This time, when my tongue entered her mouth, she sucked on it. That gave me a sensation that I felt all the way down to my cock.

My hands wandered down her hips, then around to take hold of her magnificent ass cheeks. Clair was not shy: she pressed herself against me, rubbing her crotch against mine. I trailed kisses down her neck, onto her bare shoulder.

The little bustier she was wearing offered such excellent support that I didn’t realize she wasn’t wearing a bra until my hand crept up and cupped her breast. She moaned again, and undid my pants. Then she reached in with both hands and took hold of my cock. She stroked it from root to tip with one hand, while the other dug in deeper, and gently cradled my balls.

I retaliated by pulling her shirt down, exposing her tits. I ran my tongue down the slopes of her perfect breast, and took a nipple into my mouth. I flicked it, gently, against my teeth, then began to suck on it softly.

Claire arched her back for a moment, and released her hold on my cock. She wrapped her arms around me, and began to lick my earlobe. She chewed on it for a moment, while I transferred my attention to her other nipple. Then Claire whispered in my ear. “Do you have a condom?”

I lifted my head, to look her in the eye. I nodded, slowly. “I do.” But as badly as I wanted her at that moment, Claire was a friend. I didn’t want her to regret it afterwards. “Are you sure you want to?” I asked her.

– “I’ve wanted to for years.” she answered. She steered me away from the door, to the middle of the boathouse. There was a low workbench on one side. Claire looked at it for a moment. It was probably not the cleanest spot for a tryst. I quickly removed my coat, and spread it across the bench.

She hopped up onto it, and reached under her skirt. She began to pull her panties off. I gave her a hand, sliding them down her legs and over her shoes. The opportunity was too good to resist: I dropped to one knee and slid my hands under her skirt. I caressed her thighs, and gently spread her legs. I slid one hand under her ass, and with the other started to explore the junction of her thighs.

Claire’s bush was neatly trimmed. I ran my fingers through her pubic hair, then lower until I was tracing the outline of her vaginal lips. I teased her for a little while. She rocked her hips forward, indicating that she wanted more. I slid my finger between her lips, and into her pussy. She was wet, and very, very hot.

I stood up, and sought her mouth for a kiss. Our tongues resumed their swirling match as I continued to finger her. I fit a second finger inside her, and began running my thumb in circles around her clit. But I wanted her wetter.

Back to one knee, then, and I spread her legs with my hands. Then I kissed the inside of her thigh, and worked my way north. Just before reaching her pussy, I pulled back, and started on the other thigh. Claire was having none of that: she grabbed my head, and pulled me closer. When I first kissed her pussy, as if it was a mouth, she let out a deep sigh.

I stopped teasing her, and began to eat her pussy in earnest. She was a little salty, but tasty nonetheless. She ran her fingers through my hair as I licked and sucked on her lower lips. When I finally reached her clit, she groaned.

It wasn’t part of my plan to bring her off orally. It was awkward, half-crouching and half-kneeling. Besides, I was horny as hell, and couldn’t wait any longer. Claire showed that she was eager as well, pulling me up with her hands.

Author: phicklephilly

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