Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 20

I retrieved a condom from my coat pocket, and skinned it on. Claire spread her legs as wide as she could, and I stood between them. I entered her slowly, in one smooth movement. She was quite wet, but it wasn’t until the third stroke that I got inside her all the way. She threw her arms around me, and drew me into a passionate kiss.

I got my hands under that succulent ass, and began to slide into her. Each long, slow stroke felt marvelous. But Claire was more impatient, as she pumped her hips forward, almost falling off the bench in her attempts to get me deeper. We started picking up speed, bodies coming together with a slap. Thank goodness for all the alcohol I had consumed that day; otherwise, I would have been spraying the inside of that condom right about now.

Claire lifted her knees up, and I got my arms under them. Finally she hooked her legs over my shoulders. Now there was nothing between us, and I began to drive into her hard and fast. We were both panting, slamming together on each lunge. I reached between and found her clit.

She gasped, and came hard, her whole body shuddering. A moment later I grunted and exploded inside her. I stopped thrusting, to savour each and every spurt of semen from my twitching cock.

It took a few more moments before we resumed normal breathing.

– “You’re amazing.” I said.

She kissed me. “As good as you hoped?” she asked.

– “You knew?”

– “That you wanted me? Ever since that night we necked on the couch.” she said.

– “It was your dancing that did it to me.” I confessed.

– “That’s why I did it. I’ve had a crush on you since we first met.” Claire climbed down off the bench. She walked around a bit, to restore circulation in her legs. She looked out the window. “Still raining. A bit harder.”

– “We’re trapped.” I said.

– “Oh, no.” she said, with a grin. “Whatever shall we do?”

I took her in my arms, and kissed her. “That was fantastic, Claire. Thank you.”

– “Who said we were finished.” she said. “Since we’re stuck here …”

She steered me back to the workbench, and pushed me onto it. Then she pulled my pants back down. She had to pull one boot off to get my pants off one leg. By the time she took hold of my knob again, I was three-quarters hard. It was partly anticipation. But if you could have seen her, this woman out of a fantasy, with her scarf and those huge earrings, that bustier and the wonderful shirt that accentuated, but did little to hide her wonderful breasts, and that incredible skirt that revealed so much delicious leg … well, you’d have been hard, too.

Claire lowered her head to my groin and took me in her mouth. I soon discovered that she wasn’t particularly good at sucking cock. I would have given her an ‘A-‘ for effort, but there was lots of room for improvement. I wasn’t about to complain, being a Charter member of the ‘Any blowjob is a good blowjob’ Fraternity. But I wasn’t about to come this way. And I did want to fuck her again.

I told her so. She just grinned and said “How do you want me?”

I turned her around, and let her rest her hands on the workbench. With a second condom on, I got into position behind her. I lifted that lovely skirt, to reveal her luscious ass. I took a cheek in each hand, and spread them apart. She reached back between her legs, and took hold of my cock, guiding me. She inserted the tip between her lips, got me a firm lodgment, and I drove it the rest of the way home.

We started off easy, with me gliding in and out of her while I squeezed and caressed her ass. But Claire began dancing a bit, wiggling her hips. She wanted more, and she wanted it fast. I took hold of her, and lunged all the way, balls deep. She spread her feet wider, giving me even better access. I started pumping my cock into her, slapping her ass cheeks with my groin.

Claire was grunting with each thrust. I was afraid that I might be hurting her, so I stopped.

– “You OK?” I asked her.

– “Yeah. Don’t stop.”

I fucked her from behind, counting the slaps, watching her ass cheeks begin to turn red. I reached around with one hand, to cup one of her breasts. She grabbed my hand with one of hers, and squeezed. I found her nipple, and pinched it, eliciting a squeal from her.

My orgasm was fast approaching. I should have lasted longer, between the booze and already having come once tonight. But her ass was too exciting, or maybe it was the fantasy aspect. I groaned, and seized her by the hips again. Then I slammed my cock into her, hard, as fast as I could, until I came, shooting a second load inside her.

As soon as I could see straight, I took Claire into my arms, and held her close. Eventually, we got dressed again.

The rain had stopped. We took advantage of the lull to return to the cottage. Most everybody else was still on the main deck, drinking and laughing. Barbara was loudly leading a rather drunken game of Jenga with Ben and Leo. Sheila was talking to Eliza and Lena, while Eric and Craig watched the game. I didn’t see Teresa.

I gave Claire’s hand a squeeze, then released it – it wouldn’t have been wise to kiss her in front of her brother, or to hold her hand. I wasn’t even sure if she would want me to.

– “Where were you guys?” said Eliza. “We were getting worried.”

– “The rain.” said Claire. “We didn’t want to get wet, so we went into the boathouse.”

– “The rain stopped ten minutes ago.” said Eliza.

– “We lost track of time.” I said. “Besides – we had a lot to talk to about. Claire told me who the murderer is. And where the treasure is.”

– “I did not!” neighed Claire, as she punched me on the arm.

We got another drink, and joined the others. I listened to the chatter with one ear. Meanwhile, I was thinking. Hearing Claire’s neighing laugh had reminded me. I wasn’t in love with her. I didn’t want to date her, or have her as my girlfriend. She was a beautiful, sexy woman, and the boathouse would be fixed in my memory, indelibly, forever. I had lived out a fantasy.

But we didn’t make love in the boathouse. We fucked. It was passionate, physically stimulating, and one of the sexiest experiences of my life. But I felt no urge to repeat it. And I knew that I would feel the same in the morning.

How was Claire going to feel?

It was pretty late before everyone went to bed.

Author: phicklephilly

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