A Unique Gift – Chapter 19

“Now, I think you agreed to wear this,” Jack said holding up the collar.

“Really? You actually want me to put that on?” Amanda asked with a look of disgust.

“Yes, unless you want to go out and tell everyone you were to chicken to go through with it,” Jack teased. Before he got the collar he would never have had the confidence to speak to the most popular girl in college let alone taunt her.

“Ugh,” Amanda groaned grabbing the collar and snapping it around her neck. Abby audibly whimpered as Amanda fastened the clasp. Her eyes glowed and her tone changed.

“Is this right master?” She asked Jack.

“Perfect,” Jack replied. By this point Abby was fighting the urge to masturbate there and then. Jack saw her fidgeting and grinned.

“Now, I think you owe my friend and apology,” Jack started before leaning close to Amanda so Abby couldn’t hear. “She’s extremely horny so make it up to her by relieving some of that tension.”

Amanda nodded and turned to Abby who was looking curiously. She was surprised when Amanda grabbed her and pulled her into a passionate kiss. She was to shocked to resist as Amanda pushed her back onto the bed and landed on top of her. The intensity of the kiss broke down her last bit of remaining willpower and her hand fumbled with the button of her jeans. Amanda stopped her and undid it for her, pulling her jeans and panties down and off.

She kissed down Abby’s stomach before moving between her legs. Jacks cock was rock hard watching Amanda go down on his best friend. Abby moaned as Amandas tongue made contact with her clit and grabbed her platinum blonde hair roughly, pushing her face into her sex. Amanda dutifully began to lick with vigor, her tongue delving deep into Abby’s slit as she writhed in pleasure.

Jack couldn’t resist, he freed his cock and knelt down behind Amanda. Not only was he incredibly turned on but he couldn’t turn down the chance to fuck the most popular girl in college. He grabbed the bottom of her dress and pulled it up, revealing her black thong. He pulled the material covering her slit to one side and pressed his cock against her entrance. Amanda didn’t even slow down her attentions on Abby as Jack slid himself into her. Abby looked down and watched as Jack impaled himself into Amanda. It pushed her over the bed and she moaned loudly as she reached orgasm, one hand gripped the bed sheets while the other pulled Amandas hair and her thighs clamped down on the girls head. If the music hadn’t been so loud everyone in the next room would have heard her moans.

Jack began to pump into Amanda who continued to lick Abby, pushing her from one orgasm to the next. He reached forward and pulled at the straps of her dress, pulling them down her arms and freeing her tits. He grabbed and massaged them roughly, causing Amanda to groan. She was pinned in place, Abby holding her head between her legs as Jack plowed her from behind. Abby had pulled her own top up and was massaging her breasts as she had another powerful orgasm.

Jack relished the feeling of being inside Amanda. Her tunnel was like silk running along his cock as he slid into her over and over. It didn’t take long before he felt his own orgasm approaching. He pulled out of Amanda and ordered her to turn around. Abby released her head and laid back on the bed, panting hard as she recovered from multiple orgasms. Amanda turned as Jack stood up, stroking his cock quickly. She didn’t even need telling as she stuck out her tongue, waiting for his load. He came quickly, spraying strands of fluid over Amandas face and tits. She caught what she could with her tongue and once she was done, swallowed it down.

“Now, I want you to clean yourself up and act like yourself, only like we’re suddenly your best friends,” Jack told Amanda as he looked down at her. He wished he had brought his camera so her could get a picture of her covered in his cum.

“Sure, whatever you say,” Amanda said happily, her tone returning to her usual rather than the submissive girl she had been moments before. She grabbed a sheet and wiped herself clean as Jack and Abby redressed. Abby had a happy grin on her face as they made their way out of the room. They rejoined the party with a few odd looks from people but most had forgotten all about their bet. They went back to the table and got the drinks they never retrieved before as Jack looked over the crowd. He had Amanda under his control for another eleven hours and debated what to do with her.

He was considering just taking her home and fucking her brains out when he spotted Alex. Alex was one of the nerds on campus. Jack knew him in passing but wasn’t really friends with him. He didn’t know a lot about him but one thing he did know was that he was more of an outcast than Jack was and got bullied a lot. He also knew he was hopeless with women and hadn’t had a girlfriend, he wondered if he was still a virgin.

“Amanda, I want you to go home with Alex over there and fuck him as much as you can before the collar comes off. Do whatever he wants without complaint, just thinking about him makes you incredibly horny and will still do even when the collar comes off. For the rest of your time at college, the only way you’ll be able to achieve orgasm is if Alex’s cock is inside you,” Jack commanded. Amanda just smiled and nodded at him before making her way over to Alex. Jack watched in amusement as Alex looked shocked that the most beautiful girl he could think of approached him. Jack swore he almost passed out as Amanda began chatting with him.

Author: phicklephilly

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