Another Life – Chapter 34

Her sense of smell must have gone AWOL, because she didn’t react to being led through the alley. I had one arm around her waist, with my finger through the belt loop of her jeans.

– “Joe’s takin’ me home.” said Laurie.

– “Yes, he is.”

– “Good ol’ Joe. Ronnie’s cousin.” she muttered. “But he’s my fren. My fren Joe. Fren zone Joe.”

She had that right. I smiled, wondering how much of this she’d remember tomorrow.

“Why you fren zone, Joe? Why you never make a move?” she said, a little louder.

– “Because we’re good friends, Laurie.” I said. “And because you told me not to.”

Laurie tried to wave one arm. “Why you listen to me?” she complained. “Maybe I want what .. that other girl had.”

– “No you don’t. We’re good friends.”

– “Yeah, we are.” she agreed. She seemed to snap out of it, a bit. The next time she spoke, it wasn’t so slurred.

“But you’d do me, wouldn’t you? I mean, I’m not ugly, right? And I’ve got nice …” Laurie tried to get both hands under her breasts, to lift them – which was rather difficult, because she had one arm around my neck at the time.

– “You are far from ugly.” I told her. ‘You have a pretty face, and a spectacular body. Best of all, though, you’re intelligent, and generous, and fun to be around.”

– “Thass sweet …” she mumbled.

With one arm supporting Laurie, I managed to get my key in the door. The stairs looked a little daunting, so I took the simplest, most straightforward solution: I put Laurie over my shoulder and carried her up the stairs. She didn’t protest.

Once I had her in the kitchen, I got her a glass of water, and made her drink it. She was going to feel like shit tomorrow.

– “Do you need to use the bathroom?” I asked her.

– “Okay …”

I got her close to the toilet, and then closed the door behind her. I re-filled her water glass. I turned on the light in her room, and turned down the sheets. Just in case, I put her wastepaper basket next to the bed, in case she felt the need to throw up later on.

Then I went back to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

– “How are you doing, Princess?”

– “Hee hee. Princess.” I heard her saying.

– “You okay?”

– “Just bwushin’ my teef.”

I made her drink some more water, flushed the toilet, and then steered her towards her room. Her jeans were undone, but I tried not to notice that. She sat down heavily on the bed.

– “Time for bed.” I said. I knelt at her feet, to pull off her shoes. “There you go.”

When I looked up, Laurie had raised her arms – as if she expected me to help her take her shirt off. That was not a good idea. I’m only human.

She saw my hesitation.

– “Joe.” she whispered. “We can be more than friends – if you want.”

I’m no angel. But that night I came as close to sainthood as I was ever going to get.

– “I think you really need sleep, more than anything else, right now.” I said. “If you want … more than that … we can talk about it tomorrow. Okay?”

– “Okay …” she mumbled, as I tilted to the side, so that her head came to rest on the pillow.

Then I made my escape.


Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 35

She just wanted to fuck. Sheila took hold of my cock, and wedged the head between her nether lips. Then she slid her hips backward, trying to impale herself. It was a tight fit, at first. I had to work my cock into her a little bit at a time, withdrawing almost all the way each time. Luckily I had the trifecta going for me: I had a condom on, plenty of liquor on board, and I had already come twice (inside Barbara) just a few hours ago. Otherwise, I would have been spraying another load of semen right about then.

Finally, I got my entire length inside her. Sheila let out a contented sigh.

– “That feels so good.” she said. “It’s all the way in, isn’t it? I can feel your balls against my leg.”

She started gently rocking her hips, so that I slid out a few inches, and then back in. I began rocking, too, but not especially hard. There was no hurry. There also wasn’t much space, atop that air mattress. I played with her nipples some more, and circled her ear with my tongue.

It was a long, slow, friendly fuck. Sheila’s pussy was hot, and tight, but I didn’t feel that I was building to an orgasm. It was one of those occasions when I had the feeling that I could go all night. Sheila pulled my hand from her nipple, and directed it downwards. I took the hint, and started playing with her clit.

Her breathing grew more ragged, and Sheila began to moan. We both began rocking a little faster, a little harder. Then she gasped and her whole body went rigid. She groaned and the tension seemed to flow from her like tide.

We stayed still for a while, with my cock still inside her.

– “Whoa.” she said. “That was nice.”

– “Very.” I agreed.

She shifted her hips, and rocked back and forth a few times. “You’re still hard. You didn’t come?”

– “No.” I said. “It’s OK, though. I don’t need to.”

– “Of course you do.” she said. “I want you to come.” Sheila started rocking her hips again.

I tried to explain that I had had a lot to drink, and that I might not be able to come for a while. Of course, I wasn’t about to mention that I had already had two orgasms with Barbara. Sheila kept trying. I guess her pride was involved.

– “Do you want me to go down on you?” she asked. “Would that help?”

– “No.” I answered. “Maybe a change of position, though.”

I pulled out, and flipped Sheila onto her stomach. I straddled her, and lifted her up by the hips – but only a few inches. Her hand came back between her legs, found my cock, and steered the head back into her pussy. I lunged into her, all the way.

She couldn’t move very much, with me on top of her. I pinned her to the air mattress, and fucked her from behind. She was extremely tight in that position, but I could feel her trying to thrust back at me, to bring me off. Somehow, it worked. I could feel my balls tightening as I slammed into her, until I came with a groan, shooting my third load of the evening inside the condom.

We resumed our spoon position, and Sheila snuggled up against me, apparently quite content. I held her for a while, until her breathing became more regular. I realized then that I had slept with two different women on the same day. Three, actually, within a span of 24 hours. This was uncharted territory for me. I had never had sexual adventures like these before.

And the weekend wasn’t over.

Kita – Chapter 33 – Off to NYC for Thanksgiving

I get to the salon. Kita is already there. Always good. She looks beautiful as always. But Achilles is there and she’s asking about fitness and diet. Achilles is the king of that. I stand down and let him go but he knows I want her as my girl. I like that he knows that. As he talks about heath and fitness he make more eye contact with me than her. It lets me know he’s not the predatory male here. That’s a real thing here at the salon. He always says to me, “Did you hit that yet?” Of course I tell him the truth, that I have not and probably never will simply based on the gap in our ages. But that is the end goal.

She seemed surprised to see me.

I asked her to Dave and Busters a week ago. Is she avoiding me? I feel this. Kita is so self-absorbed and fucked up so I’m going to let it go. But only slightly.

Why did she come in before my shift? I think of this kind of nonsense. Kita is oblivious and has nothing to do with it but I think about it. I’m always thinking about her. Sadly, I think about her more than my true love Cherie.

Kita, is simply a dessert in the myriad of my life. Just a sweet krimpet I can bite and spin my wheels with on romantic counseling.

Why are we always kissing? I don’t know. I love kissing Kita. To drink from the sweet lips of a 21-year-old girl. I am truly honored.

To feel the occasional swirl of her busy tongue in my mouth drives me crazy. But I digress as usual.

“I miss JR and I’m sad.” she says.

But she’s kissing me the whole time and I think she’s missing her daddy.

And that’s where our hero steps in and relives Kita of her stress.

I’m going to do that as much as possible.

Achilles leaves and I take over the shift. Kita hangs out and chats with me. We talk about the upcoming holiday and what we’re doing. She’s taking a Greyhound for New York to have Thanksgiving with her family.

“Do you have any snacks?”

I whip these out.


Look at her sweet little hand. So dainty with her white nail polish. A client gave me that bag of snacks. I thought It’d be perfect for Kita. (and besides, I always see her after school which makes it all a little more lurid)

“Aww! Awesome! Thank you. Where’d you get these? I’ve never heard of them before.”

“A friend of mine knows a rep from the company and he gave them to me.” (Bold faced lie)

“I think this’ll be an awesome snack! I can eat some and then seal up the bag and have some for later.”

“Yea, I’ll see if my friend has any more samples. I’m not yet sure where you can buy these snacks.”

Kita grabs her special lotion and heads into her favorite sun bed in room 2. I go about my usual duties. Cleaning, checking that all the rooms have towels and making sure the bathroom is in good order.

When Kita is finished she walks into the waiting area. I’m chilling in one of the chairs looking at my phone.

“Sure is quiet in here tonight.”

“Yea, well the holidays are upon us, so a lot of people have already left the city to be with their families.”

“Is anybody else in the salon?”

“Nope. Just you and me.” (I say this not looking up from my phone, just to see what she’ll do)

Kita leaps on my lap straddling me. I’m thrilled and feel my heart beat quicken and suck in a surprised breath. I run my fingers past her ear and through her luxurious golden locks. I pull her to me and kiss her deeply. A passionate, hungry kiss. It appears Kita has quite an appetite that needs more than snacks to satisfy.

I move to her hot, slender neck and lightly attack her with kisses. She exhales sharply and throws her head back offering more, and she presses her crotch firmly against mine.

We kiss more and I’m holding this petite girl in my arms. I love the way she feels and smells. In the heat of this moment I want to fuck her back to Asia. She grabs my hand from her waist and presses it on her breast. My fingers sink into its firm softness like a caramel muffin.

She’s so beautiful to me…

I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and I know this little rendezvous is about to come to an abrupt end.


Kita eases away from the obvious bulge in my pants and gives me on last little lick on my lips and then a wet, smacking kiss. (Strong finishing move!)

She slowly backs away from me, grinning and glancing intermittently from my eyes to my crotch. I can feel my face is flushed with desire. I reach for a magazine and hold it in front of my pants as I limp over to the counter and stand behind it.

Something is happening here. Kita is somehow getting my constant advice on her boy problems. But she is literally straddling two different relationships with me. It feels good when she goes into sexy Kita mode, but most of the time she’s just a regular young chick that’s trying to navigate her way through life. There seems to be this strange duality to Kita.

One minute she’s the innocent, confused girl who’s texting boys and getting ignored and the next she’s jumping into my arms. You don’t think she’s got some sort of disorder, right?

She’s giggling and starts walking back towards the bathroom as the customers enter the salon.

What am I going to do with this chick? This little mynx is driving me crazy!

I send the clients to their respective rooms and Kita returns. She smiles. God, she’s beautiful. I love this caramel colored doll.

“I have to go.”

“Okay… Have a nice Thanksgiving. Be safe on the bus.  I’ll miss you, Kita.”

“I’ll miss you too, Charles!”

She hugged me in a way that was friendly and not the vixen she was five minutes ago.

But I understand.

I think Kita lacks a dad. She only talks about her mom. He’s basically invisible because he’s so busy with work.

Kita and her sister went to a private boarding school. (Girls only!) Their whole lives because they could, but never gained all of the real world we all got navigating our way through the shit that is public school.

Their parents protected their sweet adopted daughters. They rescued those Chinese babies. But once they had them, they never taught them how to navigate the real world of dating, courtship and relationships.

Oh my god. Kita has no tools. She’s trapped in eccentric thinking… that everyone thinks like her. She’s ill equipped to move forward to find a mate in this world.

I want her. But she’s going to go without realizing how I feel about her yet.

Am I okay with that?


Because she’s 21 and beautiful and I’m a fickle asshole that’s a beauty addict. I adore this girl. I can’t help it.

“I have to go to New York…”

“I know. I’ll miss you honey.”

“‘I’ll miss you too, Charles.

(Blows me a kiss)

And baby’s gone.

I want her so much. I must have her. But how will that happen? She sees me as a mentor. She gives me kisses but it’s in these short controlled (or out of control) bursts and its killing me.

How do I make Kita love me?

There must me a catalyst.

What’s that going to be?


If you choose to listen to the song I’ve included in this post, listen to the final line John Waite sings. That’s how I feel about Kita!



Another Life – Chapter 33

I was still the go-to guy. Changing light bulbs, killing spiders, carrying the heavy box up the stairs, unclogging the toilet or the sink … I was on call for my roommates.

They also brought me less practical concerns – like those annoying little questions that no one can remember the answer to. What team originally drafted Johnny Unitas? Who did the original version of Pinball Wizard? What was Ringo Starr’s real name? Who wrote ‘All the Young Dudes’ for Mott the Hoople?

Yeah – nowadays, you have the answer in 5 seconds. Back in our day, though, people bet on the answers. Or they consulted ‘experts’ – like me. I had enough useless knowledge crammed into my head to win on Jeopardy – as long as the categories were music, football, music, auto repair, sexual preferences of the K. sisters, and music.

In case you didn’t look them up, the answers were the Pittsburgh Steelers (in the 9th round), The Who, Richard Starkey, and David Bowie.

That’s why I wasn’t surprised when Rina burst into my bedroom (thankfully, I wasn’t doing anything private), and yelled: “Joe – who did ‘I’m the Man’?”

I didn’t even have to turn my head.

– “Joe Jackson.” I said.

Rina turned on her heel, and ran back into the living room.

– “Joe Jackson!” she screamed.

– “No, you dummy!” shouted Laurie. “Not ‘I’m the Man’. ‘I’m a Man’.” To make it crystal clear, she started singing:

I’m a man Yes I am And I can’t help but love you so”

I could hear her clearly. Rina came sprinting back into my room.

– “Spencer Davis Group.” I said, before she could get a word out.

She grinned, and bounced back to the living room.

– “Spencer Davis sang it!” she shouted.

I couldn’t let that go. I had to get up, and go follow her.

– “Spencer Davis was the group.” I said. “Steve Winwood was the singer.”

Laurie just smiled. “Thank you, O Great Oracle. Remind me never to play Trivial Pursuits against you. Not for money, anyway.”

Rose smiled at me, too. When I grinned back at her, she looked down.


A few days later, Rina phoned me from the Lion. There was a payphone outside the ladies’ washroom.

– “Joe – can you help us out?” she said.

– “What’s up?”

– “Umm … Laurie’s had a few too many. She needs to go home.” said Rina. “I’d walk her back, but … things are going good for me right now, with Mike.”

I thought Rina’s boyfriend was named Paul – but what did I know?

“Also,” said Rina, “Laurie told me to call you. She said you’d take her home.”

That sounded odd, too. But the Lion was a five minute walk from our apartment, and I was studying only half-heartedly.

– “On my way.” I said.

I’d never seen Laurie as drunk as she was that night. Her balance was shot to hell, and she had a goofy grin plastered to her face.

– “It’s Joe!” she said, trying to standing up straight. “Hey, Joe!” I caught her before she fell over.

I looked at Rina, my eyebrows raised. Rina just shrugged.

– “I don’t know why. She was just really putting them away.”

– “Okay.” I said. “I’ll get her home.”

– “Thanks, Joe.” said Rina. “I owe you one.”

– “You have a nice night, Rina.”

– “Yeah – have a rice night.” said Laurie. She was slurring her words. “Joe’ll see me home. Maybe Joe’ll see more than that …”

– “Come on, Princess.” I said. I helped (half carried) Laurie up the stairs from the washrooms. Then I took her out the back way, behind the pub. There was a narrow alley to the main street. It reeked of old piss, but I figured that taking Laurie through the pub, in her condition, would have been worse.

Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 34

Then I did something potentially stupid. I lowered my hand to her hips, and pulled her ass back, against my rock-hard erection.

– “How about that? Kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?” I released her. “Face it, Sheila: you’re an attractive woman, and you should be quite confident of the effect that you have on men.”

She was silent for a moment, digesting that.

– “Thank you.” she said.

– “You’re welcome.” I answered. “But you really shouldn’t doubt yourself.”

– “Colin?”

– “Yes?”

– “Do you think it would hurt our friendship if we fucked right now?”

That was not a question I had much practice answering.

– “Ummm …”

She reached behind her, and her hand found my dick, straining against my pirate pants. She gave it a squeeze. “This guy seems ready.”

– “I don’t know, Sheila.” I said. My protest didn’t sound very convincing, even to me.

– “I’ll admit it.” she said. “I’m curious. I know that you still want Teresa. I can see how you look at her. It’s like the way you used to look at me. I’ve always wondered what it would have been, between us. And our friendship is safe.”

Sheila rolled over to face me. “I just want to fuck you this one time. Can we?”

It sounded like a reasonable request to me. I bent my head to kiss her. I tried to be gentle with her. From what she had said earlier, Sheila needed re-assurance. She needed to feel wanted, desired.

But she was also very horny, and quite aggressive. She unbuttoned my pants, and slid her hand inside, to seize hold of my hard cock. She started stroking it. Then she pushed my pants down past my knees.

I pulled her shirt out of her skirts, and slid my hand underneath. She had goose-bumps everywhere. I stroked her belly, and caressed her sides. She didn’t have tits, but I didn’t want to ignore her chest entirely. I found her nipple, and gave it a gentle teasing. Apparently, they were quite sensitive, because Sheila started panting, and trying to jam her tongue into my mouth.

Then she rolled over again. With her back to me, she unzipped her skirt, and slid it down her legs, petticoat, panties and all. She kicked them all off. Then she ground her naked ass against me, and turned her head so that I could lean over and continue to kiss her.

Sheila was showing signs of urgency. She had reached behind her again to grab my cock, but I slowed the pace. I continued to toy with her nipples, and then kissed her ear and her neck. Gradually, slowly, I began to work my hand lower. Over her belly, then down into her trimmed pubic hair. It was too dark to see, but I wouldn’t have been surprised to discover that she dyed it too.

I bit her earlobe, and whispered “What colour is it?”

Sheila knew exactly what I meant. “Green.”

I chuckled, and slid my hand past her pussy, without touching it. Instead, I found her knee, and slowly began to work up her thigh. Closer, closer … and then I switched to her other knee, and started the slow climb again.

– “Fuuck.” she groaned. Sheila lifted her top leg, and reached between to locate my cock. She pulled it between her legs, and then clamped down, trapping my engorged penis right under her pussy. She then started sliding her ass back and forth, masturbating us both.

I switched my attention to her ass for a while, then finally reached around and touched her pussy. Sheila spread her legs, to give me better access. She was very wet, but also very tight, as I discovered when I tried to slide a finger inside her. Sheila groaned, and clenched her pussy around my invading digit.

My coat was just out of reach. I had to pull my cock from between her legs, and climb off the air mattress to retrieve the condom in my pocket. Sheila protested when I left, but then moaned as I lifted her leg and slid my cock across her pussy. I rubbed my erection up and down, tickling her clit with the head, and parting her plump labia.


Kita – Chapter 32 – Locked and Loaded

She comes into the salon and as always I’m delighted to see my little China doll.

I’m so fickle. I love so many women. Cherie’s my girlfriend, but I hardly see her due to our schedules. I want to stay with her and I like this arrangement. I’m sure she’s not happy about it, but I like the idea of having a girlfriend that isn’t around much. It just works great for me. Just ‘greatest hits’ and gone. Then back again for more a month later. It’s always glorious to be with Cherie, but I love my freedom to work and be with my friends and my alone time.

I have another gift for Kita. But she starts the conversation first.

“I texted JR.”

I look away and grimace.

“No wait. Let me tell you what happened, Charles.”

“I’m listening.”

“I just asked him how he was doing and he got combative right away. I was like, how are you? and he said, ‘can’t you see on Instagram?’ I don’t follow him on any social media.”

“That’s good. You shouldn’t. Don’t look at that stuff, it’ll make you crazy.”

“So my friend who didn’t know we were broken up asked me why JR is posting all these pictures with some girl that’s not me. I told her we had split and she said the girl isn’t so hot, and it’s his loss.”

“Obviously. You’re beautiful, kind and sweet, Kita. He’s a manipulative idiot that squandered the best person in his life.”

“Thank you, Charles. So he said he moved on because I took up with Steve and that forced him to move on. It really made me mad because I only started talking to Steve because JR was doing what he did for all of last year.” (See her record in my previous post about Kita)

“Exactly. He’s trying to turn it around like you left him and took up with someone from his crappy neighborhood, and he’s butt hurt about it now that he can no longer control you. He abandoned you, Kita. He’s an asshole.”

“Yea, I was just trying to do the adult thing and be civil to him and maybe get some closure, and he started in on me trying to make me feel guilty when that simply isn’t the case. He’s a punk and I’m done with him. Steve was my rebound and I’m done with him too, but I’m not going to talk to JR anymore. The way he behaved on the phone shows me who he really is and even though I’m sad about the loss of the nostalgic love I had with him, we’ve obviously grown apart.”

“You’re correct in your thinking, Kita. You’ve grown out of his juvenile controlling, insecure behavior. He’s a child. You said yourself, you hate boys. I know they suck, but it gets better. TIME takes care of everything. I promise. I’ve been through a lot. Pain and heartbreak is a natural process we all have to go through at some point and it’s how we learn to cope with loss.”

“You’re right. Thank you. Do you have any snacks?”

I go and get my stash. and hand her the box full of cereal bars.

“Mmm… Oatmeal raisin!” She says as she happily bites into the bar.

I love feeding her and taking care of her.

“I have something for you.”

Her lovely eyes light up. “Ooh… what is it?”

I hand her this:

“Ohhh! Awesome! Thank you! My mom is going to be so happy when I tell her you gave me this!”

As she’s reading the instruction on the back of the package, I smile and my mind drifts to an imaginary conversation with her father.

“Kita, I don’t know how comfortable I am with my 21 year old daughter hanging around with some middle aged man from a tanning salon. You’re going out to dinner with him and spending an exorbitant amount of time with this man.”

“He’s a dad with a daughter my age who has lived him since she was 18. He gave me this last week. (Shows dad the pepper spray) That’s the first thing he gave his daughter when she came to live in Philly.”

“Approved. Spend all the time you want with him. He sounds like my kinda guy.”

My active and creative mind also cruises into another fantasy sequence…

“Kita. I love you and have strong feelings for you. You know that. The more time you spend with me the more my feelings will grow for you. I know you’re a young woman of great virtue and want to retain your maidenhood. But one day you’ll be skipping through the woods bringing a picnic basket full of goodies to your grandma. I’ll emerge from the darkness and reveal to you the wolf I truly am. (I hand Kita the pepper spray)

This… is for that day.”

Funny, right? I’m the one Kita needs to worry about. But all kidding aside. I never operate like that. If she comes to me… When she comes to me, she will do so willingly and yield to me. That’s how it always is in my life. I never take. It’s always handed over to me in mutual celebration.

I dream of that day. I think of her asleep in my arms. I smell her hair as I’m nestled behind her like a spoon. My mind recalling the night before of passionate, searing lovemaking the like she’s never felt.

Back to reality…

“Here let me show you how it works, dear.”

I show her how to hook the unit to her key chain. I hold her dainty hand in mine and guide it to the quick release button to separate the pepper spray unit from the key chain. I then show her how to hold it and how to simply slide the safety to the right to engage the unit.

She’s holding it.

“It’s now armed, Kita. Press down on the trigger and fire it in a horizontal, back and forth motion across the assailants eyes. It will immobilize your attacker and give you time to get away quickly and call 911.”

She presses down on the trigger and the unit shoots a tight stream of the police grade pepper spray 10 feet away at the wall.

“Ooohh! Wow! That really works! Thank you, Charles! I got it. I’m ready!”

“Keep that with you at all times, Kita. You’re only five feet tall. You’re small and someone may think they can take you. You hit them across the eyes with that, and they’ll be temporarily blinded with searing pain in their eyes and it’ll give you time to get away. I care about you and don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“You’re so amazing, Charles. I’m so glad I met you.”

She grabs me and hugs me. Kissing my face and lips.

I love this. And hope she never has to use it on me…

Kidding! It’ll be the last thing on her mind if…. WHEN she comes to me.)

We’re making progress…



Another Life – Chapter 32

Laurie and I went to the Lion the next night. I asked her I could invite Eli as well – he was dying to have a chance to talk to her alone. But Laurie surprised me.

– “How about if it’s just you n’ me, tonight.” she said. “Nothing against your friend. I’m just .. in a weird mood, you know?.”

– “Whatever you like.” I said.

Laurie and I had a pint, talked about nothing in particular, and then ordered a second round.

– “Sex can mess up a perfectly good friendship.” she said. “It can make things really awkward … afterwards, y’know?”

I was a bit nonplussed, because we’d been talking about my Uncle Ray and his girlfriend before the waiter arrived.

– “Is that so?” I said. “Has .. that happened to you?”

– “Twice.”

– “Oh. I’m sorry.”

– “Not your fault.” said Laurie. Then she went silent, for a moment.

– “You know,” I said, “two times is hardly a large enough sample.”

– “Listen to you – Mr. Market Research, or something.” said Laurie. “Is that what they teach you, in college? Or are you taking a poll?”

“Twice is two times too often. Trust me.”

– “Was Ronnie one of those times?” I asked.

– “Yes – but that’s not the point.” she said. “This is about us.”

Now she had me completely confused.

– “Us?”

– “Yeah. I have to tell you right up front, Joe: I’m not going to sleep with you. I like you a lot. Hell, I love you like a brother. Better than my own brother, most of the time. But I think it would be a really bad idea to have sex. I don’t want to screw up our friendship.”

– “Is this because -”

– “Because I saw you naked, after hearing you have incredible, mind-blowing sex with that girl? Yes – partly.”

“But I’m serious, Joe. I don’t want to lose what we have.”

– Okay, Laurie. I appreciate you telling me.” I said.

– “What are friends for?” she said.

Rose was still a bit uncomfortable around me. We still had breakfast, and then walked to the bus stop together. It’s just that I was doing most of the talking – and Rose seemed to be avoiding direct eye contact.

It was understandable, I guess. Rina and Laurie were free spirits, much more uninhibited when it came to talking about nudity or sex. Rose was more … conservative.

And it was a more than a little weird that we had seen each other naked – however briefly. And of course there was Tanya’s ecstatic screaming …

I wish we could have just talked about it, and then moved on, but we seemed to be stuck with this barrier between us that we couldn’t discuss.

In the meantime, Rose dieted and walked with me, and exercised with Rina and Laurie. More than once I saw her on the living room rug, doing sit-ups while Rina sat on her feet, or doing yoga with Laurie, with a Kate Bush record playing in the background.

I’m not sure that ‘The Man With the Child In His Eyes’ is particularly suited to yoga, but … to each her own. Some of the poses were downright lewd.

When Laurie lay on her back, and then raised her hips, it looked like two kittens were struggling to escape from the top of her shirt. But the Downward Dog was just ridiculous. Rose’s boobs were brushing the floor, or close to her chin, depending on the angle she took.

I didn’t hear Rina come up behind me.

– “Gonna join us, Joe?” she asked. “Or just gonna stand there and perv?”

I made myself scarce.


Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 33

I didn’t know what to say. See, I had had a crush on Sheila for most of our freshman year. Nothing came of it, romantically, but a healthy, durable friendship did develop. We remained friends afterwards, while I fell in love with Teresa, and finally started seeing her. Sheila and I, I thought, were firmly ensconced in the mutual friend zone.

– “You should have picked me as a partner.” she said. “We would have won the ping pong tournament. Easily.”

– “I was trying to ffff-” I couldn’t finish my sentence because Sheila turned her head, and half of her wig ended up in my mouth.”

– “Oops. Sorry.” she said. “Here – let me get rid of this.” Sheila pulled off the wig and scarf, and put them aside. She rubbed her hand over her short, spiky hair. “What were you going to say?”

– “I was trying to balance the teams. I’ve seen you play before. You’re really good.”

– “Why did we never end up together, Colin?” she asked. “You were interested in me, once upon a time, weren’t you?” Sheila sounded a bit maudlin. She was also changing subjects so quickly, I was having trouble keeping up.

– “It wasn’t for lack of trying on my part, Sheila. I asked you out three times – and you said no each time.”

– “I was busy. I think.”

– “Three times?” I said. “You could have offered another day or time …”

Sheila was silent for a while. Then she said something I couldn’t hear.

– “Pardon?”

– “I was afraid.” she said.

– “You? Afraid of what?”

– “Of you, Colin. Of everything. That it would screw up our friendship. Or that if I went to bed to bed with you, you wouldn’t want me again.”

– “What?” I genuinely didn’t understand. “What are you talking about?”

– “Look at me.” she said. Sheila pulled my hand up to her chest. “Flat as a board. Or, pirate treasure: sunken chest.” Then she ground her ass into my groin. “No ass to speak of. Built like a teenage boy.”

I had never heard Sheila say anything like this before. I wrapped both my arms around her, and squeezed her tight. “Listen to me, dumbass: you are a beautiful woman. I was so attracted to you, that I kept asking you out even when you shot me down in flames.”

I wasn’t about to lie to her, and suggest that small tits were nice; Sheila was literally flat-chested. And I couldn’t disagree with her description of her ass, either.

“Tits and ass are nice, but they aren’t everything. Sexual attraction is in all of the senses. You have a great mind, and a great sense of humour. I used to stare at your face, and your profile. And your voice – Jesus, Sheila, you and Lauren Bacall -”

She elbowed me in the ribs. “Alright, I get it.” she said.

– “I was just getting started.” I protested.

– “Easy to say.” she countered.


Kita – Chapter 31 – The Realization and Clarity of My Advice

I recently told Kita to write down her feelings in regard to her ex boyfriend, JR. She’s still reeling from the pain of the breakup and I know that writing this blog has helped me work out all of my thoughts and feelings. You can think about these things. You can talk to other people about what happened. But when you write it down it sort of gets it out of you and lays all of your thoughts onto the paper in front of you. You can see the whole event in a single snapshot.

Kita took my advice and did just that. I’m really proud of her. Below is what she wrote.

Pretty clear picture, right? This guy obviously sucks and is an immature moron.

But here’s the thing. What if she’s the problem and not JR? I’ve known Kita a few months now, and I’ve learned quite a bit about her. Let’s review.

  1. Has no idea how to navigate love and loss
  2. Has been taking anti-depression medication since she was 16 years old
  3. Texts way too much
  4. Overthinks things constantly
  5. Clingy
  6. She’s 5’0″ and thinks her ideal weight should be 96 lbs. (She recently went to the doctor to renew her prescription and he weighed her and she is 106 lbs. and she’s freaking out about it.
  7. Always saying how she’s so pale. (She is one of the darkest tanned people that come to this salon!)
  8. Works out every day. (Too much)
  9. Doesn’t eat enough and eats the wrong things.
  10. Self Absorbed. (If it’s not about her, it’s not discussed)

I can see how between all of that and can’t even go out and have a drink. So to me overall she’s pretty boring.

But I adore her anyway.

I know.  She’s beautiful. I’m fickle, and I’m falling for her.




Another Life – Chapter 31

A few nights later – I don’t remember why – I went to bed early. Maybe I was a bit tired. Or maybe the crap I’d been studying was just boring enough to knock me out. Whatever the reason, the end result was that I woke up an hour early. I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock.

There wasn’t much point in going back to sleep. Then it occurred to me that I might be able to get into the bathroom early, before Rose woke up. I always let her go first, and then had to hurry a bit to shower and shave before breakfast. A leisurely shower sounded good.

I pulled on a pair of track pants, and stepped across the hall. The bathroom door was ajar, so I pushed it open and stepped in.

Rose gasped, and scrambled for a towel.

She’d been standing there, naked, with one leg up on the edge of the bathtub. She had a pair of scissors in her hand … and she’d been trimming …

– “Oh! Shit! I’m sorry – I was …” I backed up, and tried to turn. All I managed to do was smack the side of my head on the edge of the bathroom door.

– “Aaak!” was all Rose said. She dropped the scissors, and snatched up a bath towel. It wasn’t really big enough to cover … everything.

Two things – well, three – stuck in my mind.

Rose had pinned back her hair. But even without her long hair framing her face, Rose was surprisingly pretty.

Second, I’d been entirely correct about her arms and legs. She was a big girl, but not fat.

And Rose had impressive tits. Her nipple were like light brown raspberries, and her areolae were crinkly. But even when she draped the towel in front of her, covering her from the nipples to just above the knee … it left an awful lot of upper breast exposed.

– “Joe!” she said.

– “Sorry – sorry!” I finally managed to back out of the room.

An hour later, at breakfast, I apologized profusely.

Rose didn’t want to talk about it. She apologized to me, for leaving the door open.

– “It was my fault.” she said.

We walked to the bus stop, as always, but Rose didn’t look me in the eye.

It was a quiet Friday night, at home with my three roommates. For some reason, nobody was in the mood to go out. Rose volunteered to cook, while I ran out and got us some beer. We ate like kings and queens, and then settled down in the living room.

– “Didn’t you have a date tonight?’ Rose said to Rina.

– “I cancelled. Paul just wanted to go to the Lion. And then he’d want to come back here.” She didn’t sound too happy.

– “Taking you for granted?” said Laurie.

– “Yeah.” said Rina. “And he’s unpleasant when he drinks, too. I’m tired of it.”

– “Unpleasant?”

– “He gets nasty. Critical of everybody. He almost got into a fight, last time we went out. He’s just a nasty drunk.”

– “A lot of men are like that.” said Rose.

– “Not Joe.” said Laurie. “Joe’s a happy drunk.”

– “I’m a what now?”

– “I’ve seen you hammered, Joe.” she said. “You just smile, and talk a bit more than usual. ”

– “That’s true.” said Rose.

– “What’s he like when he’s high?” asked Rina.

– “I don’t smoke very often.” I said. “It doesn’t do much for me.”

– “He mushes out.” said Laurie. “He just gets mellow.”

– “I wish.” said Rina. “I get totally paranoid, and then I have trouble concentrating.”

– “I just get stupid.” said Laurie. Then she laughed. “That’s how I ended up with Ronnie.”

– “Ha! I know what you mean.” said Rina. “I can’t win: grass makes me weird, and booze makes me horny. Just like Rose – right, Rosie?”

Rose looked mortified. “Rina!” she said, through clenched teeth.

– “What? We’re all friends here, aren’t we? After all, we’ve all seen Joe naked -”

– “Rina!”

– “Oh, Rose – it’s no big deal. Sorry, Joe. I didn’t mean that it wasn’t big – I just meant that it’s -”

Laurie fell onto her back, laughing. But Rose was blushing.

– “Oh, get over it, Rose.” said Rina. “Geez, just because you saw his dick? Get over it, girl. Show him your tits, or something – then you’ll be even.”

I leapt to my feet. “Hey – who needs a refill?”

– “Beer me.” said Laurie.

I went to the kitchen, and stayed there for a while. When I came back, they were talking about something completely different.