Kita – Chapter 52 – Will I Ever See Her Again?

I’m standing here in the salon looking in the mirror of the little vanity near the back. Kita did her spray tan and has left in an awkward drunken silence.

I’m still trying to get my head around what just happened. I met this girl a year ago. A confused young girl. (See: Kita – Double Dip)

I liked spending time with her and helped and counseled her with all of her social and boy issues.

I guided her as best I could with my wisdom and knowledge. She would stick around the salon for hours asking my advice on everything relating to her dating life. She had no clue about dating or navigating romantic relationships.

She’s a bit of a mess. Fit, young, beautiful and very confused. It seems that due to her absent father and her parents in general she didn’t have the tools in place to make her way into adulthood.

She found a friend in me and trusted me. She rarely took my advice as do many of the people I’ve tried to help in this world.

You can’t know the exact thing a person should do in a situation based on your experience. You can share this precious information with them, and 99% of the time they’ll not take it and then do what they think is right.

It’s always wrong.

This has happened over and over with people in my life. It seems that when people need help they just need someone to talk to. Someone to listen to their problems. But ultimately everybody’s going to do what they think is right and most of the time it’s absolutely wrong.

This has been the case with Kita.

But something else happened along the way.

I was instantly attracted to her because she was so cute, and those legs! But that’s just my shallow desire rearing its hungry head.

She in turn began to have feelings for me as well. Probably looking for something she never got from her on father.

But it went further.

The special little dates she agreed to. The little presents I bought her. The flirting, the stolen kisses and bits of intimate play that happened between us on occasion.

But then other things happened. The oral sex incident in the gym that day, and worst of all… the mad after hours sexual encounter on the very sink I’m leaning on right now.

I stare into the mirror.

I search my own eyes for how this could have happened.

But who am I kidding?

I met her, charmed her, courted her and dated her. She’s 22! She has no clue about anything. She grew up in a sheltered rich family. I’m a good sales guy. I liked her and loved spending time with this little cutie as much as a clueless frustrating project as she has been for me.

Things happened between us in this very salon. She shows up at closing drunk and upset. What do I do?

I strike.

I would never take advantage of an impaired woman but she gave me every sign that she wanted to play.

I’ve had mad desire for Kita for a long time. I’ve wanted her and so many of the other girls that come in here for a long time.

But most disappear, or move away, or on with their lives. But if a young lithe gazelle lies down right in front of the lion, I will take down my quarry.

I think based on our conversation before any of this sexual activity happened she started to realize my value.

I think for a very long time Kita didn’t get it.

She probably still doesn’t. You can’t learn your life lessons in a couple of weeks. It can take years.

But I saw opportunity and I took it. Things have been complicated with Cherie and me for a while now and maybe I was just acting out, because I really wanted that positive energy with Cherie.

Who am I kidding? I’m bored with Cherie, her absence and problems. Kita is a hot little baby and I wanted her so bad before this happened.

Which brings us to tonight.

I broke Rule #3 at the salon. (A rule I created 2 years ago.) “You’re available, but not available.” Which means, you can be single but you can’t date the clients. If it goes badly we lose a client because of my dalliances. I get it. It’s a good rule. Never dip your pen in the company’s ink. I learned that back in the 80’s early on my banking career.

But it happened.

I loved all of it.

I’m bad.

Did I screw up a young girl’s mind after all of the trust I had built over the last year?

Why did I do this?

I wanted her so bad. Even though Kita’s a foolish young girl, I had great desire for her sexually. Even from the start. All of the food, gifts, treats, and dates. It was all me just courting her. I thought I was trying to show her how these loser boys should be treating her. That she had value and how she should be treated. But that was only half of who I am. That part was true. I love romance. I’m sooo good at it. Better than most men. But that may make me worse than other men. I’m more cunning than most men. I write a dating and relationship blog. I’m really good at this.

Did I use my cunning to fuck Kita?

Unlike most men, I’m complex and patient. We all want the same thing but only the rare few can play it so that we get what we want by being the one thing that most men lack.


I’m the snake whose tail looks like it’s head. The prey is watching the tail thinking it’s the head, until they feel the steel jaws snap shut on their throats in final ecstasy.

I think all the while being kind to Kita, and giving her fatherly guidance, I was grooming her to be mine.

That’s a double-edged sword that I’ve been yielding to my own advantage and it met my end goal.

What if she’s simply too ashamed to ever come here again? What if she says something to somebody? What if she tells her mom or even worse, her dad. The entire company will come for me.

Nah… that’s not going to happen, right?

Do I feel guilty?

Not really, because the encounters have been sooooo good.

I have to be honest about all of this. She’s an adult and she came here and did act provocative to me on both occasions.

I don’t want to stand here and justify the situation. It is what it is. I learned a long time ago that you shouldn’t feel guilty about the past because you can’t change it. It’s already done and gone. Even if only the memory remains.

She won’t say anything to my partner Achilles. (See: Achilles – The Bronze God)  No, that wouldn’t be possible. It’s just me being paranoid.

I hope she isn’t feeling too ashamed about it all.

She appeared to really enjoy it. When she left she was giggling and talking about her spray tan. (Even if her cute legs were a little wobbly when she left)

I can’t think about this.

But I am.

I steady myself and think about how incredible it was to fuck Kita like an animal after all of this courting and nonsense. The dopamine courses through my mind and washes away the fear of any retribution. The pure exhilaration of running down my prey and having her.

I want her again.

But it may never happen, because after tonight I may have destroyed that.

I’ll just carry on like it never happened. Like every other thing in my life I’ve wronged.

I don’t even know if she got back to her apartment okay.

That alarms me for a moment, but I quickly let it go.

Well… we’ll see what the coming days bring. Kita could vanish from my life and this salon for all the right reasons and I’d be fine with that.

Because what begins… ends. Everything in this world has an expiration date on it.


I hit the lights and lock up the salon.

I walk south on 16th street and enjoy the cool night air.

I lean into the memories of what happened with sweet little Kita tonight and smile.


Did I forget to punch out?




Murder Mystery Weekend – Epilogue


Teresa and I moved in together four months later. I have not had another five-orgasm night since then – but not for lack of trying.

Eric and Lena dated until her exchange was over, and she had to fly back to Slovenia. As I write this, Eric is flying over there, for his second visit.

Barbara and Ben were together for six months or so after the Murder Mystery Weekend. He got jealous, and possessive. She dumped him for some Apple IT guy.

Craig and Claire were married a year and a half after the Murder Mystery. Eliza graciously allowed them to hold their ceremony on the dock at her cottage. (Teresa and I were invited. I snuck her out to the boathouse late at night, and fucked her twice. She was curious.)

Sheila started dating another teacher. I think they may get married.

Leo still has a crush on Eliza. He still hasn’t told her.


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Kita – Chapter 51 – Sex with Asian Women

God, there’s a lot going on this week in the blog! Happy Holidays, everyone!

There are lots of ways that Asian women stand out from women of other races but for me the number one area is in the bedroom. It’s no accident that among prostitutes Asian women can and do charge higher prices than any other races. So what makes them so special?

First of all, it’s their attitude.

Many Asian women can appear pretty demure in terms of how they behave and act. You don’t see many women from Asian countries wearing miniskirts or high heels. But that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy sex. They simply aren’t going to advertise it in the same way as other women do.

Next – mannerisms in the bedroom. Asian women are very subtle in the bedroom and in my experience this is one of the best things about them. I simply can’t stand the over the top way women of other countries shout at the top of their lungs during the act. I also don’t understand the appeal of talking dirty during sex which is just as well because I would probably be terrible at it.

Their consideration. I was recently with an Asian woman who took the time to tell me clearly what it was that she wanted in the moment. It told me as much about her as anything else she went on to do.

Thirdly, they are more likely to want to please you in bed. This includes before and after, and it’s common for girls to want to massage you afterwards as well, which is pretty awesome when you think about it.

There are a lot of Asian porn stars who have become are very famous and you can get an idea as to what makes Asian women great from watching these videos. For a start, it’s clear that they are usually much more petite than western women.

Their sexual appetite is strong (I’m not sure if its higher than other races) and they are energetic too. On a physical level they have minimal body hair and their skin feels amazing.

It might seem hard to believe that it could be this great but there really is nothing to not like about the whole Asian experience. I mean really great. Prepare to have your mind and your body blown away.

Even if you feel inexperienced sexually by the standards of western women, you’re going to be with women from cultures where it’s unusual to start dating or having sex until their twenties. Don’t worry, about which country they come from. It’s going to be good whether you choose a women from Thailand, the Phillipines, Japan, or China (you get the idea).

If you’re a white guy and you’re constantly made to feel not good enough or lacking in some way, there is a simple solution: look east, young man. 

But I suppose the big question weighing on my mind is this: Will I ever see Kita again?



Kita – Chapter 50 – Double Dip – Part 3

“STOP! This post is NSFW! Continue at your own risk.”

You’ve been warned.

I’ve been reluctant to release what transpired between Kita and myself. We’ve come so far on this odd journey and I never expected this outcome in a million years at my age.

But the blog isn’t going to write itself and I pride myself in telling the raw truth about the experiences in my life. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and follow this long series. I’m eager to see where this will all go from here.

We’ve been closed for twenty minutes and now I have to go through the whole spray tanning tutorial with this little doll. I don’t mind because I like her.

We walk back to the room and she’s looking adorable in the little robe. I can tell she’s more drunk now but giggly and having fun with her night here at the salon.

We go back to room eight and I have to explain to Kita how to do the spray tanner.

Room 8. The Versaspa.

IMG_8557 (1).JPG

She’s standing in front of me in the tiny robe and I have to show her the poses that she has to do in the booth to make it work.

“Okay, what do I have to do?”

She’s standing in front of me in a closed salon. There is no one else but us on Earth in Philly right now.

I have to serve my client.

I start to show her the poses she has to do in the booth as the recorded lady’s voice commands her.

I tell her that the key to a great spray tan is “Follow directions.”

She giggles, and as she follows me in the poses (Vogueing dance)

In that moment the robe gave away and opened. (Or, Kita let it open…)

She spreads her arms apart and the robe opened and her breasts popped out. Her dark brown nipples are angry to see me, and the little trim swatch of hair above the plump cleft between her legs looks happy to see me.

At least that was my take on this sudden awkward nudity between me and a client/friend.

My mind races back to the events of the previous week, where I ravished her in the gym. I’m sure she’s thinking about the same event. My heart is pounding and I can feel my cheeks flush with excitement.

“Oops! Sorry! (Clutches the robe shut) You like my legs?” (posing)


“You’re always mentioning how great my legs are.”

For some weird reason I’m remembering rule number 3 here at the salon. (You’re available… but not available)

“You really think I’m pretty?”

“Yes, Kita.”

“I think I’m fat and ugly, and Steve doesn’t want me because of that.”

“I… I think you’re beautiful, Kita.”

“Fuck you. I see the way you look at me.” (She’s never cursed in front of me before)

“I have to admit I love women’s legs. I’m a leg man. You’re legs are exquisite, Kita ”


“They’re perfect. Everything on you is perfectly proportioned. Thighs firm and lean, lovely knees and amazing dramatic calves and lean ankles. That’s all it takes.

“You’re a leg man? I’ve never heard of that. So instead of tits and ass you like girls because of their legs?”

(Drunk repetitiveness)

“That’s it.”

Kita bent her leg forward and marked a pose. “Do you want to kiss my leg? If you love my legs so much you’ll do it.”

I can’t believe my good fortune. My heart is pounding. I say nothing and obey. I knelt before my little queen. My left hand gently reached behind and held her thigh and my right hand grasped her calf. I am honored to be here today. This shouldn’t be happening. My left hand slides down the back of her thigh and I can feel the two connecting hamstring tendons behind her knee. It’s warmer there than the rest of Kita’s leg.

I place the kiss on her patella knowing my hands have already stolen so much more from this young woman I adore. I kiss along her thighs and I am in heaven. Her caramel skin is so soft and smells straight from the bath fresh.

She steps away from me and I think she wants me to stop.

There’s a small vanity across from the spray booth room.


She backs into it and hops up on top of the counter. The robe opens again and she spreads her legs.

“Do you want to kiss me down there again? I can’t stop thinking about what we did… I know you want to.”

Without a word I simply got down on my knees and went down her like a starving wolf. That sweet incision with that small brush of hair upon her mons venus.

Kita’s moans echoed through the empty salon. Sounds never heard before in this place of business until a week ago. Kita wriggled around my swirling tongue. Her moans became high-pitched squeals and she shuddered and pushed my face from her sopping vulva.

I looked up her smiling face.

“Fuck me.” She commanded. Her dark, almond eyes twinkling with drunken lust.

I quickly lost my shoes and pants. Ready to go like a Saturn 5 rocket, I slowly ease into her sex. She gasps as I begin to move inside her. Kita wraps her lovely legs around me. She extends her slender arms out and holds me behind my neck.

“Fuck me hard. Hurt me.”

Within minutes we are bucking on each other like rutting dogs. Kita is moaning and her eyes are rolling back as she shudders again and again beneath my insistent thrusting into her tight, juicy pussy. “Oh… I’m coming again!” She’s so tiny my cock can’t go all the way inside her without slamming into her cervix.

“Give it to me, daddy.”

I ram it into her as if I’m trying to fuck her back to China.

Kita is squealing and I can feel my climax beginning to roar towards my groin like a freight train coming off the tracks.

I pull out and my member springs up like a diving board. Three powerful bursts strike Kita’s face, breasts and belly. A beautiful, messy mosaic of life.

The salon swirls around me in a blur of orgasmic release.

She flops against the wall. Glistening with sweat and semen that create a lovely sheen on her tan body. Fluid runs and drips from her, splashing the counter top.

I grab one of the little yellow towels on the sink and begin to clean her up. Kita is panting and smiling. Her eyes blinking as if still trying to process what she just encountered.

It’s funny that during this entire tryst I never thought to kiss her. It wasn’t a romantic encounter. It was a transaction. A debt that needed to be paid. But I was pleased beyond words to be her creditor. (Or her mine!)

“Oh my God. You’re amazing. I really needed that, Charles.”

“The pleasure was truly all mine. You’re like a fantasy come to life my dear.”

“Thank you! she giggled, pulling the little robe around her lithe body.


“Ready for that spray tan?”



This has been one of the most amazing, unexpected, game changing moments in my lucky life.


This song says it all…


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Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 51

– “Time for a shower.” she said. “You first?”

– “Let’s save water.” I suggested.

It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but neither of us had any complaint. I lathered her up quite thoroughly. I washed every part of her body, and enjoyed every moment. So did Teresa, except when I tried to stick a soapy finger in her ass.

– “Nu-uh. No. Not happening.” she said.

Teresa then washed me just as carefully, spending an inordinate amount of time making sure my balls were spic and span. She made me jump with an unscheduled prostate exam.

– “Oh – so you’re not that keen on it, either.” she laughed.

But I was certainly keen on her. All of the soaping and washing had produced another erection: I was clean, and hard. I bent her over, in the shower, and slid into her from behind. I started slowly, kneading her still soapy breasts as I thrust into her.

– “What’s – got into – you – tonight?” she asked.

– “I – missed – you.”

I had never had sex in the shower before. It was exciting. So was the sight of her trim ass cheeks as I slammed into them with increasing force. I grabbed hold of her hips, and began to drive into her relentlessly. Teresa was bent over, bracing herself with her hands on the shower wall. Then she reached back, between our legs, and took hold of my testicles. She gently rolled my balls between her fingers. I grunted and came again.

That led to a new round of washing, before we left the shower, and then dried off. We changed the sheets, and crept back into bed. This time, curiously, neither of us was sleepy, so we cuddled, and talked.

– “That was a great mystery.” I told her, for the eleventh time. “You did a phenomenal job.”

– “Of course you enjoyed it.” she said. “You got to have sex with three hot women, all on the same weekend.”

– “You almost made it four.” I reminded her. I put a finger under her chin, and tilted her head towards me. “Did you really want me to go with Lena?”

Teresa fixed me with that inscrutable half-smile. “I did – and I didn’t.” she admitted. “But things are looking up for her, now?”

– “She met somebody?” I asked, surprised.

– “Oh, Colin.” said Teresa. “Why are you so often the last to know? Eric asked her out two weeks ago. Tonight is their third date.”

– “You’re kidding me.” I said. “Eric?”

– “If all goes as Lena has planned, she should have him in bed by now.”

– “What?”

– “Eric is a gentleman.” said Teresa. “And totally in awe of her. I think that may be even better for Lena than having someone like you taking care of her. Eric worships her – so I explained to her that she would have to take the initiative.”

– “You’re still match-making? I’m impressed.” I said.

Teresa just smiled.

– “You didn’t have an orgasm, in the shower – did you?” I said. “Time to do something about that.” She protested, half-heartedly, but I spread her legs and went down on her. I teased her mercilessly, bringing her to the verge of an orgasm, and then stopping to ask her an inane question.

– “Where did Eric take Lena for their first date?” or “You keep using golf analogies. Does that mean that you want to play around?”

The third time I did that, Teresa lost patience, and grabbed me by the hair, pulling my face into her crotch, and grinding her pussy against my nose. We both started laughing. When she recovered, Teresa spun around into a 69 position, and wrapped her lips around my cock. She didn’t have time to tease me, as I had resumed working on her clit in earnest. It was no contest; I had too much of a head start. Teresa came hard, squeezing my head with her powerful thighs.

She would have continued to suck me off, but I wanted to be inside her again. I pulled her atop me. She took hold of my erection, and tucked the head between her now distended pussy lips. Then she sank down on me with a groan.

I love that position. I could watch the sensations play across Teresa’s beautiful face, or watch her magnificent breasts jiggle and sway as she rode me. My hands were free, so I could play with her tits, and pinch her nipples. Or I could grab hold of her ass, or her hips. I could even play with her clit and bring her to orgasm, as I did that night, to her surprise, and mine.

She sank down on top of me, her breasts crushed against my chest, panting in my ear.

– “Oh, my God.” she said. When she had enough energy, Teresa started kissing my ears, my eyelids, my nose … then she realized something. “You’re still hard!” She slid down my body, and took my cock into her mouth again. This time she could use all of her wiles – and she did.

She was deep-throating me, my pubic hair tickling her nostrils, when I erupted for the fourth time that night. I pulled her up next to me, and kissed her.

– “I love you.” said Teresa.


I awoke in the middle of the night. For some reason – which I can’t explain – I was hard as a rock. Teresa’s ass was nestled against the top of my thighs. She was twitching a bit – dreaming, I guessed. Her legs were parted. I touched her pussy with my finger, to find that she was unexpectedly wet. An erotic dream?

I slid my finger inside her. Teresa groaned, and pressed back against me. I lubed up my cock with saliva, and entered her from behind.

– “Again?” she moaned. “I’m going to be so sore in the morning …”

– “I love you.” I whispered in her ear.

Teresa shivered. “I know.” she whispered back.

Another Life – Chapter 49

We’d been living together for a while, so there was no need for a long engagement. On the other hand, there was no pressure on us to get married early. We decided to take out time, and to start saving aggressively.

One of the things – one of the many things – I loved about Rose, was that she wasn’t materialistic. As long as she had books and good food, she was pretty happy.

– “You forgot sex.” she said.

– “I don’t remember you mentioning that, before.”

– “You weren’t listening. And I’m adding it now.”

– “I thought you only needed food for your mind and you body.” I teased.

– “Well, now I’ve discovered that I need to feed my emotions … and my soul.”

– “I love you, Rose.”

– “Show me.”

Yeah, I have to admit it: we were pretty sickening. Those years of living together, and then our engagement, and the first years of our marriage were absolutely incredible.

It was a great decision, and one that I never regretted for an instant. We rarely fought; somehow, we just managed to work on our problems as a team, instead of trying to score points off one another.

I’ve heard of plenty of couples who had power struggles, and I’ve met several who would say hurtful things to each other – in front of other people! That wasn’t us.

We didn’t have much money, at first, but it didn’t matter. We were on the same team, working towards the same goals. To be completely honest, I don’t think we really needed all that much money.

Rose passed me a strange book – definitely not my usual. It was the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. I didn’t understand all of it, but the passages on friendship and marriage really spoke to me. There was one piece, especially, that hit me right in the heart.

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou

What more do you need?

Sure, it was nice to go to Florida, or to splurge on a trip to the Dominican Republic, but life isn’t something that you save up to enjoy for two weeks in March. It’s every day, when you come home from a long day of work, and find that you partner is even more exhausted than you are.

So you pour her a glass a wine, and rub her feet, and sometimes you get lucky, and she wants to take it into the bedroom – or you get even luckier, and she can’t wait that long, so you get busy on the couch, or the floor.

My passion for Rose never diminished.

After three years of marriage, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Shelley was a handful from day one, but she made our happy lives even happier.

It was an incredible feeling, to hold that little helpless bundle, knowing that she was utterly dependent on us – and that we would be completely responsible for her, for many years to come.

I’ll admit that the next few years weren’t always as easy, and that our sex life declined quite a bit, in terms of frequency and intensity. But our partnership grew stronger, and there was Shelley. We bought a house. More headaches, as far as I was concerned, but I wanted to make my girls happy.

Ray changed his mind about retirement. Karen supported his decision completely. He just wanted to keep working on cars, without the headaches of running a garage. So we became full partners, and I took over even more of the business side of things.

Rose and I are talking about a second child. I think we have our hands full as it is, with Shelley, but Rose suspects that I really want a son.

It’s something that we’ll have to work out – together.


The End

Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 50

When her breathing returned to normal, Teresa turned her head to kiss me on the cheek.

– “Wow.” she whispered.

– “Me too.” I said.

After a few minutes, I began to worry that my weight was getting to be too much for her. But she refused to let go of me for the longest time. After a while, though, I could feel my ass getting cool. Her bare legs would soon be getting cold.

I got her off the bed, and pulled back the covers. Then I pulled her dress over head, and unbuttoned her shirt before removing that, too. I stopped then, and simply admired her naked body, which I had not seen for so long. I ran my fingers through her long, reddish-brown hair, and planted a light kiss on the tip of her nose. Teresa has lovely skin, which looks like she has just begun to tan, even in the depths of winter. But she also has a few delightful freckles on her face, including three on her nose which I am particularly fond off.

Her eyes are dark brown, so dark that sometimes it appears that she has no pupils. Her shoulders, her collarbones – I love everything about her. Teresa has large, fleshy breasts that hang low on her chest, spreading apart gracefully. Her nipples sit fairly high on her breasts, surrounded by very large light brown areolae, the size of small coasters.

She had slender arms, and a slim waist, and an amazingly flat belly. Her ass is not very big – she only weighs 110 lbs, after all. She shaves her pussy, leaving the prominent inner lips fully exposed. She waited patiently until I had finished my examination.

We crawled back under the covers, and snuggled together, spoon fashion. I held her in my arms, and savoured the moment. There was so much to say – and no need to say it. Teresa may have slept for a little while. Her breathing was certainly regular enough. I just enjoyed the sensation of holding her naked body close to mine.

I started absent-mindedly caressing her leg, and then her hip. She turned her head to look at me, and smiled. I began caressing her belly, and her wonderful breasts. Teresa was not one of those women who usually goes off like a firecracker – from zero to orgasm in 60 seconds. It takes time, and patience, to build up the fire. I knew all of her buttons, and how and when to push them. So I studiously avoided every one of them.

I teased her, caressing her ears, and her shoulders. I rubbed the back of her leg, and her knee. I didn’t ignore her most wonderful attractions, but I didn’t focus on them, either. My intention was partly to tease her, but Teresa certainly seemed to be enjoying the prolonged, unhurried attention. Her nipples began to rise. I ran my fingers along her pussy lips, and then slipped one inside.

She was wet, and still full of my come. I lifted her leg, and angled my new erection towards her open pussy. It slid in easily.

My hands returned to their former occupations, stroking, kneading, and caressing, while my lips played about on her ear, her neck, or her mouth, when she turned her head for a lingering kiss. Meanwhile I see-sawed in and out of her wetness. There wasn’t as much friction, but I this was no stampede to orgasm. I was content to slide in and out of her, while I teased her nipples, or cradled her full breast in my hand. It was a joy just to be so close, as close as we could possibly get.

– “Why did you name my character ‘Mulligan’?” I asked her. “Was it because you were planning all along to give me a second chance?”

She turned her head to kiss me once again. “Feels to me like you’re taking it.” she replied. “How many strokes is that?”

– “I’ve lost count.” I answered.

Sex and accurate time-keeping do not go together well. But it certainly felt like we fucked in that position for twenty or thirty minutes. Then I started to feel the first faint tingling in my balls. I increased the pace.

– “I’m going to – come.” I told her.

Teresa reached back, over our legs, to get a firm grasps of my ass. She pulled me closer, as if trying to get me even deeper. That was enough for me: I flooded her insides a second time.

We slept again. At least, I did. When I awoke, Teresa had not moved, much. But our combined fluids had poured out of her pussy, down our thighs, pooling under my scrotum. Her bed sheets were soaked.

– “Time to change the linen?” I asked.


Kita – Chapter 49 – Double Dip – Part 2

Normally, Kita pops in and chats with me and we talk about tanning and how she never feels like she’s dark enough like she was when she was in Florida. I guess she started college down there and now has transferred up here to Drexel to major in hospitality management. She’s always trying different beds and trying different ways to get darker. It’s as if she doesn’t think she’s pretty without a dark tan. She’s usually wearing athletic gear because she works out every day. It shows because she is one of the most fit girls that comes in here. Her legs are amazing and I can’t help but talk to her about how dark they are just so we can talk about her legs and I can look at them.

It’s all on the up and up and I’m always professional at the salon but these conversations are real because of what we do.

So the other night I’m locking up and she’s running up the steps. Of course I’m going to let this little honey step over the line and let her tan. I like her and she’s cute. That’s the criteria in this case. But then I notice something else.

She’s visibly drunk or on drugs. I do smell a little alcohol but it isn’t overpowering. She also seems upset.

“Sorry, are you closed, Charles? she slurs.

“Um, no you’re fine Kita. I still have a bunch of towels to fold.”

“Oh good!” She hugs me.

“You okay?”

“I guess so. (slurring)

She’s wearing a black sleeveless shirt and a grey skirt and flats. I’ve never seen her dressed like this before so she must have been out somewhere. She may be a little banged up, but she looks adorable.

“What are we doing today, Kita?”

As I say this I lock the doors to the salon. We’re officially closed.

“I want that thing where I do a spray tan and then I do UV! How’s that work?”

“Okay, normally the client goes into the spray booth, does a session and then hops into a stand up UV unit to bake it on for however long they want.”

I don’t like stand up because it doesn’t have the face tanners and I need that.”

“Well you can’t do a lay down bed after a spray because you have to stay dry for 6 hours after a spray to let it develop and set. If you sweat in the lay down unit it’ll run and streak, and you’ll look horrible.

She’s blinking and looking drunk. “You said a lot of words.”

“You okay, sweetie?”

“This guy I’ve been dating has been cheating on me with one of my friends. Other people knew and nobody told me. They’re all laughing behind my back.”

She starts to cry and falls into my arms. I feel so bad for her. That’s so humiliating. I feel her small breasts heaving against my diaphragm because she’s so petite. I literally have to lean over to hug the poor thing. Her hair smells like lilac.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with you, Kita. Sometimes people are just shitty. I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

She looks up me and half smiles drunkenly. She has already told me she has the Asian glow and can’t drink. “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“You’re one of the prettiest girls that comes in here.” Wiping the tear from her cheek with my thumb. (For once I actually mean that. Not a bold-faced lie!)

“What if I do the lay down in room one first, and then go do a spray?” (slurring)

“You can do that as long as your skin is dry when you go to spray.”

“I wanna do that.” She reaches in her bag and pulls out a half pint of Jägermeister. She looks at me and cocks her eye. “Do you mind? I’m sad.”

“By all means.”

She takes a swig and then holds the bottle out to me. I haven’t drank Jager in over ten years. I tell people if they ever see me drinking Jager, put me in a taxi and send me home immediately. Because if I’ve gotten to the point in the night where I think it’s a good idea to drink Jägermeister, then the rest of the night is not going to get any better.

But I’m sober and I don’t really want to drink Jager, but I’m going to, just to place my lips to the bottle that just touched Kita’s hot little mouth.

I hit it.

I thank her and hand it back to her. She smiles.

“You have to show me how to do a spray tan cause I never did one.”

“Okay. Here’s what we’ll do. You’ll tan for the full ten minutes in bed number two, and then you can go back to room eight for a spray tan. Let’s do level two clear coat because it’s your first time.”

Takes another pull on the bottle. “Sounds good.” (more slurring)

“Do you want me to get you a robe? This way when you’re finished tanning you don’t have to get dressed, you just put the robe on and head back to room eight for the spray.”

“Will you show me what to do when I spray?”

“Yea. I’ll show you where the lotion goes and all the poses to do when you get in the spray booth.”

“Okay. Great! Can I go in room two now?”

I run and grab her the tiny robe from the spray booth room.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks! See ya soon!”

She closes the doors and I can hear her disrobing. I go back to folding the towels. I don’t think she’ll fall asleep in there due to the fact that the sunbed she’s in has an aqua misting feature that happens every three minutes. So that should keep her awake.

The ten minute session rolls along. It feels like a lifetime when the salon is technically closed but you still have one line stepper in the bed tanning.

The session ends and the doors open. Kita steps out wearing the little blue robe with white polka dots. So cute.

“Looks like it was made for you!”

“It’s a little short.” she says, instinctively tugging on the hem.

“You’ve got great legs.”

“You’re always talking about my legs.” (Takes another swig of the Jager)

“They’re perfect, honey. They’re perfectly balanced in every way. Thighs, knees and calves and overall shape are in perfect balance. I’m a leg man Kita. You truly are a lovely girl. I’m sorry this happened to you.”

“You really think so?”

“Yes. You’re a really fit girl.”

“How come and I can’t keep a boyfriend?”

“People just suck sometimes and I’m sorry this happened to you, dear. You’ll be okay. Just surround yourself with good people and you’ll get through it. We’ve all been there. I’ve been shredded by worse. Please believe me… it gets better.”

“You’re such a good man. I know from our conversations you’re a good dad. We traveled a lot and I was never close to my dad but I wish we had been. He was a great provider but not around a lot.”

Kita takes another swig and I can see she’s going through a lot of feelings. She shouldn’t be drinking this much Jager.

“Okay, what do we do now for my spray tan? I wanna be dark.”

“Let’s do a level two clear coat. You have to stay dry for six hours after, but you’ll start to see it develop in two. But go the full six and it’ll look great. You’ve tanned and the spray will make you look amazing by tomorrow. I guarantee it.

“Okay show me how to do it.”


Tune in tomorrow for the bone jarring conclusion!


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Another Life – Chapter 48

I already knew that Rose was an ideal roommate. We split the chores and duties pretty evenly – It was my turn to cook once a week. Yeah, I had it pretty rough.

We had sex all over the apartment, at all times of the day. She was my roommate, my lover, and – with apologies to Eli – my best friend.

Laurie and Rina got two new roommates, and kept the apartment for another year. They were frequent guests at our place, which was sometimes a bittersweet experience – we missed each other, as Laurie had predicted.

The day after I graduated from college, with my three year diploma, Ray took me out for several pitchers of beer.

– “This is great.” I said. “But you can expect a major celebration, Ray. Rose and I are going to take you and your lovely wife out on the town, as a thank you for my tuition, three years running.”

– “We can celebrate all you want, Joe. But it’s probably time for you to know: I didn’t pay your tuition fees.”

– “Beg pardon?”

– “Your father did.”

That definitely threw me for a loop.

He’d been helping me for years – on the quiet, and getting no thanks for it. On the other hand, he’d let his wife kick me out of the house. It took me quite a while to come to terms with all of that…

I’d been polite to my father, for the last few years, and I’d even begun to include him in my life – and with Rose, in our life.

It was hard for Ray, of course: he loved his brother, and had to co-exist with his sister-in-law. He understood my feelings, though. He just knew that you can’t criticize other people (especially your siblings) for the mistakes they make while raising their kids.

Rose really helped me to deal with the whole thing. She was understanding, and supportive. And she helped me to finally figure out that she (and Sam) weren’t the only wounded birds that I knew.

For most of my life, I’d been angry and resentful about the hand I got dealt. I was still mad at my father for the choices he’d made.

– “Yes, he made a serious mistake.” said Rose. “He should never have chosen his wife over his son. But I’ll bet you he knows that, now. How long are you going to make him pay for it?”

In the end, we had Ray, Karen, and my Dad over for dinner – which I cooked (with an assist from Rose). I thanked my Dad for paying my tuition, and there were a few tears and hugs.

My future career had been lined up for years. Rose was lucky, though, and latched on with the municipal government, in a position that she would enjoy. It sounded fun, and challenging. The pay would be shitty, for a few years, but there was room for growth and promotion.

I went to work with Ray full-time. It was a damned good partnership, even if I do say myself. I ran the office, and dealt with most of the customers. I had the knack of explaining car troubles to old ladies, and the clueless types, while Ray could handle his old regulars. Many of those migrated to me, over the next few years.

Rose started to gain weight, a bit. Then it became an issue. Part of the problem was me: I was opening the garage, early in the morning, long before Rose was even out of bed. She felt guilty, for gaining a few pounds, but she was lonely, too, because I wasn’t around for breakfast.

We worked on it as a team. I started making bag lunches for both of us. Some days we had breakfast together, and when we couldn’t, Rose would come into the kitchen to find the lunch I’d left for her. That way, she knew that I’d been thinking of her. It worked as a reminder as well, not to eat fast food or crappy stuff from the cafeteria at work.

Two years after we moved in together, I took Rose on a long walk around the lake. When I stopped, opposite the old boathouse, under the old-fashioned street lamp, Rose recognized the spot. She turned to me, with a big smile.

– “This is where we had our first kiss. Do you remember?”

By that point, I was already down on one knee.

– “Rose? Will you marry me?”

Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 49

Halfway there, we had to wait for a traffic light. I pulled her to me and kissed her. Her lips were soft, and pliant. Her hand went to the back of my head, and stroked my hair. She pressed her whole body against mine. When we finally pulled apart, the light was red again. We jaywalked.

We were barely inside the door of her apartment when I started pulling her clothes off. It wasn’t easy, because I was also kissing her, invading her mouth with my tongue. I unzipped her coat, and tossed it to the floor. My own coat followed a second later. We both managed to maintain the kiss while we kicked our shoes off. I was also groping her, mauling one of her big breasts through the dress while my other hand played over her ass.

Somehow we danced across her apartment, headed for her bedroom. I got a hand under the dress, and found the waistband of her leotard. I pulled it down, to discover that she wasn’t wearing panties underneath. Teresa groaned into my mouth. This wasn’t going to be anything fancy; I just had an overpowering urge to be inside her, as quickly as possible, as deep as possible.

She was fumbling with my belt. I helped her, and we managed to get my pants undone and pushed down my legs. As I stepped out of them, the small part of my brain still capable of rational thought sent me a warning.

– “Wait!” I said. “My pocket – condom.”

– “No.” she said. “I’m on the pill.” She pulled me towards the bed, nearly tripping me as I got my foot out of my pant leg.

I dropped to one knee, lifted the dress, and pulled the leotard down, over her ass, and down her legs. I was a bit rough, but I couldn’t wait. I sat her on the bed, and plunged my face between her thighs.

– “No.” she panted. Teresa was trying to push me off, while simultaneously trying to crawl backwards onto the bed. “In me!” she said. “Now.”

That was exactly what I wanted. I followed her onto the bed, and pushed her legs apart. Kneeling between them, I found her pussy lips with my fingers, and spread them. With my other hand, I steered my cock between them. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit a few times, discovering that she was already wet. One firm push and I was in. She reached for my arms, and pulled me down atop her. Our mouths met, and we kissed frantically, tongue-wrestling and licking and sucking.

I began to move atop her, stabbing my cock into her, trying to burrow my way even deeper between her legs, up into her belly. She was thrusting her hips up at me. I pulled my face back, and planted my hands on either side of her. With that leverage, I began to fuck her properly.

In long, slow thrusts, I fed my engorged cock into her depths. Teresa wrapped her legs around my hips. Her fingers flew to my shirt, trying to undo the buttons, but after the first two, she gave up, and put her arms around my shoulders. She started hunching her body, trying to get even closer, and pulling with her arms, like I was some kind of rowing machine. She clearly just wanted to fuck.

I threw any last vestiges of finesse out the window, and just started slamming my cock into her as fast and as hard as I could. It was wild, and primal. I felt like a savage. When we were dating, I had always been gentle – Teresa had reminded me more than once that she wasn’t fragile, that she wouldn’t break. Well, I put that claim to the test.

Our bodies crashed together, hips lunging forward. I slid a hand under her, gripping one of her ass cheeks. On the next stroke, I didn’t withdraw, and didn’t let her pull back, either. Instead, I clutched her to me, grinding my crotch into her pelvis. She started panting.

I released her ass, and pulled back until only the head of my cock was still inside her. Then I slammed back in, all the way in. And I started pistoning in and out, in root to tip lunges that shook her whole body. Teresa wrapped herself around me, and a great shiver rippled through her body. I hoped that she was coming, because I wasn’t able to hold on any longer. Three more strokes – and my nuts exploded, firing salvo after salvo into her. Normally, I would have continued stroking into her, but the orgasm was so powerful, so intense, that I froze, my body stiff as a plank.

Teresa clung to me even tighter, jerking her hips and sliding her vagina up and down the length of my cock. She milked a few more spurts from me, until I groaned and collapsed on top of her. Her arms went around me, and she held me tight.