Jazmin – Guess Girl – Chapter 7

Any man that hasn’t mastered the art of pleasing a women in this way should be ashamed and get some schooling. Because giving quality oral sex to a woman is paramount to being in a relationship with her.

“I kind of like being blindfolded, Charles. It adds to the excitement. I feel bad but I trust you. This is a new feeling for me.”

“You’re safe Jazmin. We’re almost home.”

I love this crazy sex project. What once started as a sexual blackmail/extortion plot has transformed into a sweet virgin extraction program. I have nothing to worry about. I’m good at gently relieving girls of their virginities, but this is simply an oral pleasuring session and I’m the king of that. My girlfriend Cherie adores my oral offerings and I’ve practiced my entire life to become a pro at pleasuring the ladies down under.

Any man that hasn’t mastered the art of pleasing a women in this way should be ashamed and get some schooling. Because giving quality oral sex to a woman is paramount to being in a relationship with her.

You have to be able to do it and do it well.

Come on guys. Learn that shit and do it. I’ll blog lessons if you don’t get it.

My girlfriend is 28 and I know how to light her candle. I’ve been able to do this since I was 16. Figure it out. Do research. Understand all of the parts of your girl’s sex. It’s not that hard. It’s all about enthusiasm, education and desire.

Just kiss her deeply there and be passionate about her special private place and you’ll be fine. Listen to her. If she’s moaning. You’re doing it right. Don’t speed up or slow down. What you’re doing is working, and just stay with her. You’re almost there and just be consistent with her sexually. Women like that in sex and life with their men.

I’m here in this odd situation with this beautiful confused lady. As odd as this situation is, I’ve been in so many that have been insane compared to this one.


All this girl wants is to feel something, and she is scared to death.


She saw an opportunity to take something and then when it came to collect she was almost too terrified to redeem her bounty. I’m feeding off this energy now and see that I have a lovely woman blindfolded in a sun bed and begging for satisfaction.

Jazmin feels safe but is still frightened of the stage she’s set for herself. I was terrified at the onset of this transaction but now I am empowered by the idea of what Jazmin has proposed and ready to go.

“Are you there?”

“Yes. Are you ready Jasmine?”

I’m going to remove the towel.”


“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, Charles.”

I hate how Jazmin keeps using my name because it implicates me in this magnificent deed.

I drop to my knees before her. I slowly remove the yellow towel from Jazmin’s crotch.

I hear her breath hiss from fear at her reveal.

I drop the towel to the floor. I look upon her for the first time.

Jazmin is my favorite naked girl from the 70’s. Her vulva is covered in black, crisp curls that are absolutely exquisite. It’s not even that curly, it’s a lovely tangle of magical raven strands that scream sex to me. I catch a whiff of a slight musky scent. It’s lovely, unique and exotic. Her plump rose colored vulva beneath it calls to be kissed.

I come from an age when women had hair on their bodies below their eyebrows.

Her pubis is perfect to me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t look like girls of today.”

“Jaz… You’re perfect.”

I kissed her sleek caramel thighs and loved being with her. I lingered on each leg for myself but to prolong her agony. I teased her pussy as much as I could before I actually began to stimulate her. The moment my lips made contact with her vulva, Jazmin sucked in her breath. I licked her inner labia and ran my tongue along the sides of them and over the hood of her already distended clitoris. Her labia minora were grey in color and then became a bright pink further inside her vagina, much like my girlfriend Cherie’s. I sucked on her inner labia and licked them simultaneously. I licked up and down her now sopping slit and dipped my writhing tongue inside her sweet vagina. I loved the feeling of burrowing through her lovely bushy nest of pubic hair.

Jazmin is moaning and her sighs are music to my ears. I run my fingers gently through her luxurious black bush, and start sucking on her rather large clitoris. I flick it with my tongue to bring forth her very first orgasm. Just a nice steady rhythm.

“Oh…….Oh….Oh my……Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!”

Jazmin’s body shudders with ecstasy as the waves of pleasure wash over her beautiful body. She clasps my head between her supple thighs and I just keep my tongue busy on her pink parts. Jazmin squealed with delight. When she came I was sprayed in the face and mouth with her slippery juice.

She slumped backward onto the sunbed in exhaustion. Beads of sweat glistened on her forehead. Her ripe mouth pouting in short breaths.


I then returned the hand towel to cover her.


“Oh my….. That felt wonderful! I’ve never felt that magical feeling, ever!”


“Congratulations on your first orgasm, Jazmin.”


She pulled the blindfold from her lovely visage.

She clutched the towel blinking her eyes with a grin on her face and a new twinkle in her eye. “Is that what that was? It was an incredible feeling! Wait… Did I pee on you?”

“No! You’re what’s called a squirter. Apparently when you experience an orgasm a small amount of liquid is ejected from your urethrea.”

“I felt something happen. Is that normal?”

“Perfectly normal. I’m going to let you get dressed. You did great, Jaz.”

“Oh my god…. that felt Soooo Gooood!

“Unless you need a cuddle, I’ll let you gather yourself.”


I smiled and left the room, closing the door behind me.


For a moment, I almost imperceptibly saw a slight look of abandonment on her face.



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