Kita – Chapter 66 – Before the Game… Reality- Part 2

I carried tiny Kita in my arms through the vestibule of my Rittenhouse brownstone. She wanted this. She was light in my arms. She giggled and threw her head back as I entered the codes to get into my apartment.

I prayed Lorelei wasn’t present.

Kita is giggling, and lovely. her blonde hair is everywhere. She’s drunk. I love the idea of carrying her in my arms to my lair.

Not in a bad way. Never. But in a fun diabolic way that she is complicit in.

I can smell her perfume and her hair as she gasps against me. It’s obvious she can’t hang. But she’s the right candidate. I feel the tendons in the back of her thighs near her knees and love that. I always love the and admire the structure of a woman’s’ legs.

This is the child who has agreed to enter into the game with  me. I don’t even know if I’m ready to do this.

I click the lock. Daughter Lorelei isn’t due back until Tuesday.  That gives me two days to play.

But we haven’t come to a full agreement as to what this relationship is yet. I must honor that.

God…. I would honor it anyway with any woman. I would never take advantage of anyone… ever.

I know our night together has been established and it is all before what we are about to do, but I must remain in control.

I place Kita upon my bed and reach for a soft blanket.

Before I place it upon her I take a moment to look upon my folly.


A lovely Asian girl. 22 years old. Raven hair, fit and attractive. Has already decided that she wants me to dominate her and run her life when she’s with me.

I cover her with a soft blanket at leave the room.

I walk back towards the kitchen.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?”


Kita is so turned on she wants to play now.


But we’re trying to create the thing she wants.

Do I begin tonight or be with her one last time as a couple and then it starts tomorrow?”

“Where are you, Chaz?”

I’ve had the luck of grabbing a Maccallan 15 year scotch from my bar before I answer.

I grip the old-fashioned glass in my hand and draw deeply on the intoxicating nectar.

I look upon Kita on my bed. The dark blue curtains are drawn. The pattern on them is falling leaves. I love it because when I need to sleep it brings me peace. But because the room is so dark it’s actually hard to see my quarry.

Then I see the white underwear at the corner of the bed.


“Don’t you want me before the game begins?”


“The game begins when you say it begins, Kita.”

“Can we pre game tonight before you take ownership of my time with you?”

“Is that what you want, Kita?” (The Macallallan is already pushing my response)

“Yes, Sir.”

At this point I am starting to wonder who is really the master and who is the slave.

I can no longer resist her again.

I look upon her and Kita is literally ripping her clothes off.

I’ve been caught off guard. Or have I?

No I have.

We’ve come so far and I shouldn’t screw it up with a clumsy fuck.


“Chaz… please.”


What should I do? I have a lovely girl who wants to become my sub and I get to live out a fantasy and have the time of my life, but could this infraction ruin that?

This is all new ground for me so I don’t know what to do.

“Come on Chaz, before I become your little slave, you’re still attracted to me.”

I see what’s happening now, and what Kita is doing.

Low self-esteem. Low self-worth. I get it. It’s her adoption and upbringing.

But I see what’s happening here. She’s the sub. I’m the Dom. I know this could happen.  She obviously has all of the power. Kita’s smart. She has obviously done her homework. She’s trying to break me early because she’s young.

I like this. I could fuck her back to the stone age tonight but then she would gain control before we ever began.

Is that what she really wants even though she set this up as a Dom/Sub relationship?

Is this a plan to reverses what she initially said?

I like the idea of this and it only strengthens my ambition to control Kita.

But now I have a more challenging partner.


I look upon lovely Kita in my bed. Her black tresses are scattered over my pillow, she’s giggling knowing she’s won, as she spreads her caramel thighs revealing her glistening cleft for my approach.

She dips a finger between her legs and smiles. “You like this, Chaz?”

I’m overcome.

Kita’s eyes are warm and welcoming. Like a model that wants you to buy a product.

We’ve made and agreement and Kita is testing the boundaries of that pact. I understand her shortcomings, but feel her commitment.

“”Close your legs. I’m calling you an UBER.”

“Really? We can’t play before you help me?”

“I am helping you. You’re going to go and when I call you, you’ll come.”

Kita got to her feet. She looked like a child.


“I’m sorry, Sir”.


“You’re forgiven. But the next time I see you, you’ll be on point and we’ll look back on this as a little practice run where you failed.

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s my girl.

“I’ll do better next time. I’m sorry.”

“Cheer up. next time you’ll be on a date with me being exactly who I want you to be.

“Yes Sir. I look forward to that.”


(This is nuts, right?)

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