Jazmin – Guess Girl – Chapter 7

Any man that hasn’t mastered the art of pleasing a women in this way should be ashamed and get some schooling. Because giving quality oral sex to a woman is paramount to being in a relationship with her.

“I kind of like being blindfolded, Charles. It adds to the excitement. I feel bad but I trust you. This is a new feeling for me.”

“You’re safe Jazmin. We’re almost home.”

I love this crazy sex project. What once started as a sexual blackmail/extortion plot has transformed into a sweet virgin extraction program. I have nothing to worry about. I’m good at gently relieving girls of their virginities, but this is simply an oral pleasuring session and I’m the king of that. My girlfriend Cherie adores my oral offerings and I’ve practiced my entire life to become a pro at pleasuring the ladies down under.

Any man that hasn’t mastered the art of pleasing a women in this way should be ashamed and get some schooling. Because giving quality oral sex to a woman is paramount to being in a relationship with her.

You have to be able to do it and do it well.

Come on guys. Learn that shit and do it. I’ll blog lessons if you don’t get it.

My girlfriend is 28 and I know how to light her candle. I’ve been able to do this since I was 16. Figure it out. Do research. Understand all of the parts of your girl’s sex. It’s not that hard. It’s all about enthusiasm, education and desire.

Just kiss her deeply there and be passionate about her special private place and you’ll be fine. Listen to her. If she’s moaning. You’re doing it right. Don’t speed up or slow down. What you’re doing is working, and just stay with her. You’re almost there and just be consistent with her sexually. Women like that in sex and life with their men.

I’m here in this odd situation with this beautiful confused lady. As odd as this situation is, I’ve been in so many that have been insane compared to this one.


All this girl wants is to feel something, and she is scared to death.


She saw an opportunity to take something and then when it came to collect she was almost too terrified to redeem her bounty. I’m feeding off this energy now and see that I have a lovely woman blindfolded in a sun bed and begging for satisfaction.

Jazmin feels safe but is still frightened of the stage she’s set for herself. I was terrified at the onset of this transaction but now I am empowered by the idea of what Jazmin has proposed and ready to go.

“Are you there?”

“Yes. Are you ready Jasmine?”

I’m going to remove the towel.”


“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure, Charles.”

I hate how Jazmin keeps using my name because it implicates me in this magnificent deed.

I drop to my knees before her. I slowly remove the yellow towel from Jazmin’s crotch.

I hear her breath hiss from fear at her reveal.

I drop the towel to the floor. I look upon her for the first time.

Jazmin is my favorite naked girl from the 70’s. Her vulva is covered in black, crisp curls that are absolutely exquisite. It’s not even that curly, it’s a lovely tangle of magical raven strands that scream sex to me. I catch a whiff of a slight musky scent. It’s lovely, unique and exotic. Her plump rose colored vulva beneath it calls to be kissed.

I come from an age when women had hair on their bodies below their eyebrows.

Her pubis is perfect to me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t look like girls of today.”

“Jaz… You’re perfect.”

I kissed her sleek caramel thighs and loved being with her. I lingered on each leg for myself but to prolong her agony. I teased her pussy as much as I could before I actually began to stimulate her. The moment my lips made contact with her vulva, Jazmin sucked in her breath. I licked her inner labia and ran my tongue along the sides of them and over the hood of her already distended clitoris. Her labia minora were grey in color and then became a bright pink further inside her vagina, much like my girlfriend Cherie’s. I sucked on her inner labia and licked them simultaneously. I licked up and down her now sopping slit and dipped my writhing tongue inside her sweet vagina. I loved the feeling of burrowing through her lovely bushy nest of pubic hair.

Jazmin is moaning and her sighs are music to my ears. I run my fingers gently through her luxurious black bush, and start sucking on her rather large clitoris. I flick it with my tongue to bring forth her very first orgasm. Just a nice steady rhythm.

“Oh…….Oh….Oh my……Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!”

Jazmin’s body shudders with ecstasy as the waves of pleasure wash over her beautiful body. She clasps my head between her supple thighs and I just keep my tongue busy on her pink parts. Jazmin squealed with delight. When she came I was sprayed in the face and mouth with her slippery juice.

She slumped backward onto the sunbed in exhaustion. Beads of sweat glistened on her forehead. Her ripe mouth pouting in short breaths.


I then returned the hand towel to cover her.


“Oh my….. That felt wonderful! I’ve never felt that magical feeling, ever!”


“Congratulations on your first orgasm, Jazmin.”


She pulled the blindfold from her lovely visage.

She clutched the towel blinking her eyes with a grin on her face and a new twinkle in her eye. “Is that what that was? It was an incredible feeling! Wait… Did I pee on you?”

“No! You’re what’s called a squirter. Apparently when you experience an orgasm a small amount of liquid is ejected from your urethrea.”

“I felt something happen. Is that normal?”

“Perfectly normal. I’m going to let you get dressed. You did great, Jaz.”

“Oh my god…. that felt Soooo Gooood!

“Unless you need a cuddle, I’ll let you gather yourself.”


I smiled and left the room, closing the door behind me.


For a moment, I almost imperceptibly saw a slight look of abandonment on her face.



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Kita – Chapter 47 – Reckoning – Part 2

Reckoning: A bill or account, or its settlement.




So it looks like you guys have the gym going.”

“Yea. We’re getting some people in for personal training now. Do you want to check it out?”

We walk to the front of the salon and into the gym. It’s quiet even the though the city is buzzing. There is a women’s march today and it’s restaurant week.

We walk into the gym together and look out the windows that face Walnut Street. I’m actually happy to be standing next to little Kita.

“Great view, Charles.”

“It’s nice here.”

She takes my hand as we gaze over the hustle and bustle of the best shopping district in Philly.

“I’ve missed you, Charles. You’ve been such a great force in my life.”

“Thank you. I like to help people, Kita. I like you.”

“I’m sorry I never texted you and sent pictures from Florida. I suck as friend!”

“Hey. It’s okay. You were busy with friends and family. Don’t worry about me. Look… I got an extra banana today at Wawa, I must have felt something.”

For once, I really meant that in that moment. I did. Delaney be damned. I was just happy to see her again. We have a little history.

Kita continued to gaze out the window over Walnut Street. She seemed to be searching for something to say.

I sat down on one of the square box things that people are supposed to be able to jump up on if they’re in shape. To me in this moment, it’s a chair.

“When I was away in Florida…”


I can’t…”

“What is it, Kita? You can always talk to me. I’m your tanning counselor.”

She giggled. “Thank you for that… It’s just that you’ve been so good to me.”

“Well. that’s what friends do for each other, Kita. What’s up?”

“You gave so much to me and were so sweet to me.” She continues to gaze out over Walnut Street.

“I like you, Kita. You’re a nice girl.”

“But I was down in the keys in Florida an I thought about all these shitty boys in my life and how I struggle with them.”

“Well that’s called experience and growing up, Kita. You have to kiss the frogs to eventually meet your prince.”

“I know. But I don’t know what I’m doing and I make so many mistakes.”

“That’s part of growing up Kita. We’ve all had to go through it. I know it sucks.”

“But… it seems like when I’m with you it feels like how I want it to be with boys my age and it never is.”

“Awww… it’s because guys your age don’t know what they’re doing. They’re finding their way too.”

“I know but I want them to be like you to me.”

“I’m just happy to spend what little time I have with you. I just tried to show you how it should be, Kita.

“I never realized it until now, but now I know.”

“What do you know, Kita?”

“All of the sweet things you did for me are what dating me should be like. I never realized it while it was happening, but I woke up in Florida and realized it for the first time.”

“Okay.” (Finally playing into my dark wings)

I’m sitting on the cube and Kita approaches me.

She climbs onto my lap and kisses me deeply. Her tongue is hungry and busy. It’s as if she is searching for a lost toy in my mouth.

“I’ve missed you terribly, Kita”

“I’ve missed you too, Charles. I’m sorry.”

I kiss her neck and chest. My hands find her firm breasts and squeeze. Kita is a wonderful young girl. I love how she has so much virtue but yields to me.

I’m not preying on this little innocent angel.

She comes to me.

I’ve missed kissing my love. Her mouth is sweet and minty. I grab her hair and yank it back and she moans. I kiss her neck.

“Oooh be rough with me, Charles.”

(What the fuck is going on?)

I glance over to the counter and the salon is empty. I pull her top up over her head and suck her nipples. Her breasts are full and white. For a moment I realize that Kita tans with her underwear on. That’s weird. Most girls go au natural. I like the prude in Kita and that makes her tits even more desirable. Because I feel like I’m getting something I shouldn’t even be seeing.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

I have a brown nipple in my mouth. “I think you’re lovely Kita.”

“I think I’m ugly.”

“We’re celebrating your beauty right now, honey.”

Kita grabs my hand and shoves it down her pants. I feel a slight brush of pubic hair. (I love that.) Kita has left some of her womanhood behind. I love a hairy pussy because that’s there for a reason. The porn industry is a lie. Girls need to retain their pubic hair. Kita at least has some on the top.

My hand deftly caresses her soft vulva. My middle finger curls into her vagina. Kita throws her head back and moans. I keep looking through the little window of the salon to see if anyone has come in. It’s been dead, so I’m praying no one comes in.

“Oh… Your fingers feel so good in me, Charles.”

It’s weird to hear my former favorite client emit these words.

Right now she’s my favorite Number One client.

Fuck Delaney.

Kita is BACK.

“Kiss me.”

I dig into Kita’s little mouth with my lips and tongue. It is the most passionate moment of the year. I can’t believe I’m ripping into this 21-year-old girl.

I rip off her tights. I look at the window and no one is in the salon.

I need to devour her.

She flops back onto the square like a rag doll. I pull her tights off and she spreads her delicious legs. She’s beautifully tan and her caramel thighs are firm and supple. Her pussy has a brush of hair on the top. But her plump labia are shaved. I push her thighs open wider and her vagina opens to me. Kita has a short hood over her clitoris and a pair of little labia minora that open to me as well. I gently roll her prepuce back with my thumb and lick her erect clitoris with my tongue.

I flick her stiff clit and suck and lick her delicious, salty slit.

I can’t believe this is happening!!!!

Kita gasps and squeals as I deliver her orgasm after orgasm, swabbing out her hot cunt with my mouth. Kita actually is a squirter and I accept her juice and lap it up.

I’m rock hard and want to fuck her right now but I have to be careful.

I can’t believe this is happening!!!!!!

I hear the door downstairs open and I pull my mouth way from Kita’s sweet, sopping little pussy with a wet smack.

I limp to the counter, grab a towel and wipe off my face.

I send the client to a sun bed. They have no idea what’s going on in the gym.

I return to Kita.

“Oh my god. That was amazing. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“It’s okay, baby.”

I kiss Kita deeply and run my hand along her firm tanned thigh. I find the moist junction between her legs and caress her juicy slit again.

“I like when you touch me like that, Charles.”

I kiss her again. Her lips are sticky.

“Look… I’m confused, Charles.”

“Don’t be. You’re just living your life.”

“No. I really like Steve and I’m not over my ex but I can’t stop doing stuff with you.”

“You’re fine.”

“I should go.”

Sadly, in this moment I realized I may have groomed this confused girl into sex with me and left her to figure out real world relationships.


Things could always be worse.


Am I worse?



The Orchid – Chapter 1

I am a happily married man with two wonderful kids. I have a good job and my wife is self-employed in her own marketing firm that her and her associate started a few years back. We live in a high-rise condo in Southern California and seem to be living out the American dream. The area of struggle has been finding good and reliable help around the house and with the kids. One day my wife came home from a day at the office with a new idea. One of her workmates had told her about a Cultural Exchange program. I had never heard of such a thing but she explained it was like a Foreign Exchange Student program but these young people are out of school and are looking for employment. Her friend thought it might work for housekeeping and babysitting in exchange for room, board and a small stipend.

I thought it would be uncomfortable to have someone live with us rather than coming daily to be here when the kids got home from school. She quickly pointed out the latter wasn’t working all that well. For fun, we tossed around some of the particulars that would have to be considered like speaking English, and being that we had a young son and daughter that it would be best to be a female. We agreed that I would consider it and that she would find some more information about the non-profit agency that put these things together.

It was a week or two later, after both of us had had to take various days off early to manage the kids due to an unreliable care taker, that my wife Birdie came home with exciting news. She said she spoke to the Cultural Exchange agency and had made arrangement to meet some young ladies from China that met our specifications. I was surprised since I didn’t realize that we had signed up with the agency but Birdie said it had happened a bit fast for her too, but then said “What the heck, let’s at least meet one or two.”

Within a week we got the call that a recent graduate from a Chinese high school that had signed up for the Exchange program was available. She spoke English; she was responsible, and she wanted to see America. The agency made arrangements for her to be brought by for an interview so we could meet her to make a decision, and vice versa. We wanted everybody to be involved in the decision so our nine year old son and our eleven year old daughter were there to meet her as well. When she arrived, she was accompanied by an agency representative to make introductions and to explained the program. Her name was Lan. She was beautiful . . . and tiny, similar in size to our kids, and “speaking English” was a definite stretch. But everybody fell in love with her immediately. She said she was very excited to be in America and would work very hard. We explained our expectations, with the help of the agency gal, and determined she understood fully and was able to handle them. She told us that Lan meant “orchid” in Chinese. How appropriate for this small, delicate, china white beauty.

We had a home office that my wife had started her business in, but now with her office downtown we no longer use it. Birdie and our daughter had repurposed it as a bedroom with a girlish flair and Lan loved it. Birdie took the lead over the first several weeks getting Lan up to speed. She had gained quite a bit of confidence in her abilities and was very happy we had gone this route. Lan had won everybody over with her sweetness and unimposing way. I was absolutely intrigued with the dichotomy of this childlike woman. I didn’t have much direct contact with her but loved to watch her work around the house or with the kids. Sitting at dinner, I would have to be careful not to stare. Her shoulder length black hair was so shiny that you would think you could see your reflection in it. Her small facial features, her eyes, nose, and mouth were perfect. Her china doll skin was flawless. Every expression she made, whether concentrating, confused, or especially when she is trying to be funny, was absolutely adorable. Then there was her size. Birdie and Lan had a hard time even finding clothes small enough for her that weren’t out of stores’ pre-teen departments. Watching her from the back doing the dishes with the help of our two kids, she was almost as short but had an incredibly tiny but perfect ass. Knowing she was of age but looked so young was driving me crazy. I had a hard time not feeling like a perv.

Life was near perfect for us as Lan became more of a member of our family than just hired help. As we got ready to spend a weekend at the beach, the girls went out on a swimming suit buying mission. With my daughter getting close to adolescence, this became a much bigger deal than I would have guessed. Finally, all my girls had found something they could tolerate on the beach. Birdie, tall and slender, is as hot as a woman gets in her slinky one-piece suit. My daughter in her skimpy two-piece, probably looking a lot like her mother did at that age, still had some filling out to do. Then there was Lan, who ended up with a small one-piece that looked like a competitive swimmer’s suit that took my breath away. For the first time I could see the nice size of her breasts, small but perfect. The woman in her showed up with two perfectly placed nipples that looked rock hard pressing against her suit. I don’t know if the suit’s design was to ride up her hips on each side but on her it seemed to come up nearly to her thin waist. The definition of her vulva between her small thighs was the things that fantasies are made of. I was getting incredibly excited to get to the beach.

Once we had arrived and settled in, the whole family went out onto the beach to sunbath and swim. There’s nothing better than a So Cal beach. Birdie and I set up in the sand and Lan headed to the water with the kids. We were reading and enjoying the sun when the kids came back from playing in the surf, drenching wet. As I watched Lan walk towards us it didn’t take much imagination what she looked like naked. Her suit was clinging to her in all the right ways and I was smitten. For the rest of the weekend all I could do was watch her. Laying face-down on her towel sunning herself I couldn’t take my eyes off her small shoulders and prefect butt. Lying face-up, my overwhelming lust took my breath away. I was relieved when it was time to head back home because I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take.

I love my wife but I have to admit that she got some extra sexual energy out of me during our love making following our beach trip thanks to Lan. I continued to enjoy my time watching her in the mornings before going to work and again in the evenings once home. What little interaction Lan had with me was very respectful, she seldom even looked me in the eye, holding her gaze down when speaking to me. Birdie thought it was a cultural thing coming from a patriarchal society. This worked for me because it meant that she didn’t often catch me staring at her, I hoped.

Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 13

“Wonderful!” said Teresa. “Let’s get started.”

We all made space, and ceded the centre stage to her.

“We are playing fast and loose with history here. Imagine a time when women could be pirates, and just as bloodthirsty and ferocious as the men – if not more.” That got a hoot of agreement from the ladies, and when Sheila chimed in with a deep-voiced ‘Aaargh!’, everyone laughed.

“You can all use your real names as an alias.” continued Teresa. “Everyone here has a secret identity. One of your tasks is to find out everyone else’s secrets, without giving away all of your own. Everyone here is in disguise. That might explain why you will not recognize former shipmates, or even old friends. Later on, there will be a murder, and you will try to discover the identity of the killer among you. Finally, there is that rumour about a treasure …”

“Last rule. Everyone must return their character instruction sheets to me. I will keep them safe, and you can return at any time to consult your own instructions. You may also, if you wish, write down any piece of information on those sheets – but you can’t keep the originals.”

“The reason for that is very simple: you could easily prove to someone that you’re telling the truth, just by showing them your secret instructions. This way, you will have to convince them, without any paper to back you up. No one, except me, of course, will ever know if you are truly trustworthy …”

I saw heads nodding around the room. There were gamers among us, who certainly appreciated Teresa’s little ploy.

“Then … we are ready to begin.”

– “Wait.” said Ben. “Who’s been murdered?”

– “No one.” said Teresa. “Yet …”

She gave us one hour to circulate, and to talk to other players, while dinner was being prepared. Leo and I got barbecue duty. We were going to cook up shish kebabs, cubes of beef or chicken on skewers, with green and red peppers, onions, zucchini and so on. By some sort of unspoken agreement, neither of us mentioned our characters, or the mystery roles. There were too many people hovering around.

– “I’ve got this.” said Leo. “Go talk to people. Or get me another beer. Or both.”

I took the hint, and moved away. Ben was standing by myself, so I approached him. He was the person I least wanted to talk, so I decided to get it over with early.

– “Great costume.” I told him.

– “Thanks. You look alright, too.”

– “What do you think, so far?” I asked him.

– “Are you kidding? Did you see Barb? Or Claire? Shit, all of them look incredible.”

– “I hear you. Lena, too. She makes me wish I was six foot four.”

– “In your dreams.” he laughed. I was barely 5’10”.

Then he transferred his beer to his left hand, and raised his right hand to scratch his ear. Ben looked right at me, and touched three fingers to his ear lobe. It was the recognition signal for Redbeard’s crew. For a moment, I considered replying in kind. Instead, I played dumb.

Ben narrowed his eyes and looked at me suspiciously. I’m not sure if I passed his scrutiny, but he gave it up and changed the subject.

I moved off, and settled next to Eric, who was cradling a rum punch while he looked out over the lake. I guess the beard was itching him, or maybe interfering with his drinking: he had pulled it down so that it circled his neck.

– “You look like an Amish pirate.” I said.

– “An improvement, then? Never mind. I gladly accept your compliment.” he answered.

– “Is that you speaking, or your character?” I asked.

– “Why can’t it be both?”

Just for the hell of it, I used the recognition signal that Ben had tried out on me. Eric didn’t even flinch.

– “You’re not a pirate, are you?” I asked.

– “Depends.” he said. “Are you the Falcon?”

Interesting. That was one name I had to fear. “No. I have to watch out for him, too. Or her.”

– “So you’re the one called the Scar?” Eric asked me.

– “Nope. Not me either.”

– “Cool nicknames, though.” he said. “I’m glad you invited me. This could be a lot of fun. So then you’re here to rescue Redbeard?”

I shook my head. “No. Far as I’m concerned, he can stay right where he is.”

– “Really?” said Eric. “And you’re not the Falcon?”

– “Said I wasn’t.”


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 11

Jack had a satisfied grin on his face which soon went as she commanded him to get in the bed on all fours and not speak. He wasn’t sure what she was doing but was happy to comply with her request. She rummaged around in the two bags from the sex shop before she found what she was looking for.

“Now I’m going to put this plug in your ass and you’re going to love it. Even after the collar comes off you’re going to love the feeling of it filling you, you’ll be constantly turned on but you won’t be allowed to take it out or orgasm until I see you tomorrow morning and you won’t complain about it at all,” Abby commanded as she removed the butt plug from its box. It was medium sized and she covered it with plenty of lube. She knew Jack wouldn’t enjoy this normally.

It wasn’t that he would hate it, he had admitted to her before once while drunk, that he had once gone home with a girl who had insisted he wear one so rather than turn down getting laid he had worn it. Apparently it had only been small anyway. He had told Abby that while it didn’t bother him that much wearing it, it had done nothing to excite him. So she had decided, if he was still wearing it and enjoying it when she saw him tomorrow, then commands could stay in effect even after the collar came off.

“Relax,” Abby ordered as she pressed the toy against his clenched asshole. She instantly saw it relax and began to push the toy in. Jack gasped as it began to stretch his back door. He felt the tip slide on and shivered in delight. As more and more of the toy filled him his cock got harder until it was fully erect. He moaned slightly as the last of the toy slipped into him and his ass shrank around the base, holding it firmly in place. Abby chuckled, she had debated other methods of testing her theory but after knowing what he did to Miss Jameson, she felt this was a fitting taste of his own medicine.

“Get dressed and sit here,” Abby commanded. Jack got off the bed and got dressed before sitting beside her. She watched the clock, the collar would be coming off any moment now. They sat and waited until suddenly the collar vanished from around his neck.

“Wow my legs hurt,” Jack complained as soon as he was free. Abby was surprised that he hadn’t complained about the toy in his ass.

“And how does the toy feel?” Abby pressed.

“Really good,” Jack blushed. Without he collar he suddenly felt shy wearing such a thing in front of Abby but he couldn’t deny how good it felt having his ass filled by the plastic toy or how hard his cock was right now.

“Well you should get going, it’s getting late. I’ll be at yours tomorrow,” Abby smiled. Jack got up and made his way out. He walked back to his house and was breathless by the time he got home, each step had caused the toy to move inside him and built up a well of pleasure but he knew he wasn’t allowed to remove it or orgasm until he saw Abby again. He didn’t even question that or consider it going her commands and masturbating anyway, he simply got undressed and climbed into bed.


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Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 12

Ben made his grand entrance down the stairs. I don’t know where he got his costume, but it wasn’t from the Lido. Ben was dressed like … Assassin’s Creed. White hood, extra long black leather vest, with a black leather crossbelt. He had a long white shirt, with blue trim, wrist guards, and high leather boots. OK – I admit it – he looked pretty cool. But Assassin’s Creed? Really?

Eliza and Sheila came down together. I had already seen Ee’s costume, but I was certainly not tired of looking at it. Sheila, though, had gotten quite creative. She had a black kerchief on her head, and long dark hair hanging down to her waist. It was a wig! She also had a white lace shirt that left her shoulders bare, a lace-up corset, and a burgundy-coloured skirt down to her ankles. She had a petticoat, too, but it was transparent. When she lifted her skirts, you could see quite a bit of leg over the top of her high-heeled, lace-up boots. Add to that a black velvet choker … and Sheila looked pretty good.

– “Fantastic.” I told her. “You look sexy and dangerous at the same time.”

– “Good.” she said. “That’s kind of what I was hoping for.”

– “Love the wig, too.” I added.

– “You would.”

Leo finally came down, in his Jack Sparrow costume. He got a round of applause. I had to laugh – he had added the eye makeup.

Then Teresa came out, and she got applause, too. My ex was very, very smart: she didn’t try to upstage any of the players. Her costume was deliberately less sexy than any of the others. She had a tricorne hat, and a really cute dress that looked like a gentleman’s long coat, except that it ended in a skirt. It was burgundy color, with wide black lapels and large brass buttons down the front. Her white shirt was buttoned at the neck, so that she showed no cleavage whatsoever. The shirt had wide, elaborate lace cuffs. The skirt reached to her knees, but high boots and a thick, frilly petticoat meant that she was showing only a couple of inches of skin. For a final touch, she had a replica pistol tucked into a broad black belt.

Compared to Claire and the others, Teresa’s costume made her look like a pirate Mother Superior. She was attractive and authoritative, without the blatant, outrageous sexuality of the others. It suited her, somehow, as if she truly belonged in another century. Understated, yet effective.

– “Very, very impressive.” I told her.

– “Thank you.” she said, with her classic half-smile. “Are we all here?” she asked.

– “Everyone except Barbara.” said Eliza.

– “Ah. Well, then – everybody should make sure that they have a fresh drink.” said Teresa.

Barbara was last, of course. No one was surprised. She got to make her grand entrance. And she still managed to exceed our expectations.

Barbara wore a long coat – yes, burgundy-colored. What was it with that colour for pirate costumes? The wide lapels were black, and the lining of her coat featured a swirling pattern of black and gold. She had a white shirt with cuffs like Teresa’s, but the resemblance ended there; Barbara’s neckline was scandalously low, showing an insane amount of cleavage. I wanted to get a ruler or a tape measure and stick my hands in there.

She had a tight little corset lifting and supporting her large boobs, and a gold chain around her neck. There may have been a pendant attached, but I couldn’t see one, as it disappeared into the enormous crevasse between her tits. Her belt had a large, ornate brass buckle. Her legs were snugly sheathed in black tights, tucked into knee-high black high-heeled boots. On top, she had a wide-brimmed black felt hat with a fake ostrich feather.

And would you believe it: she was wearing an eye patch.

Barbara must have spent hours combing all of the costume shops to find the most outrageously sexy components they had. She also wore makeup to match – lots and lots around her eyes. She came down the stairs, slowly, and struck a pose.

I would have bet a sizeable fortune that every guy there was hard as a rock. It wasn’t just Barbara – though she could have cause a riot in a monastery – it was the combined effect of six very attractive women dressed to match a variety of male fantasies.


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 10

“Except for you tomorrow I haven’t chosen anyone else to use it on. That’s why I invited you over, I’ve got a lot of possibilities but need your help deciding who and how,” Jack answered. Abby smiled, she found the fact Jack wanted her help and trusted her enough to tell her very sweet.

“Let me guess, most of your ideas involve fucking?” Abby asked. Jack nodded and grinned in confirmation. “You’re such a guy! You have the power to make anyone do anything and you can only think about sex.”

“And you wouldn’t do the same if you were single?” Jack asked.

“I would at least use it to try to improve my life. How did Miss Jameson react to everything once the collar came off, wasn’t she super angry?” Abby asked.

“No, it seems like as long as they put it on willingly anything they do while wearing the collar they just accept as part of that choice and are ok with it,” Jack answered.

“What happens if I command you to do something once the collar is off while you’re still wearing it?” Abby asked.

“Honestly I don’t know,” Jack answered.

“I guess we will find out. For now though I have,” Abby began, looking at her watch, “ten more hours of you as my slave. So as such we are going shopping and you are going to enjoy every minute of it and carry everything for me.”

They went to the local mall and Abby dragged Jack around a few shops. She found it strange but actually more enjoyable than usual. Jack still acted like himself for the most part but instead of his usual complaining about how long they had been there he seemed excited every time she mentioned a new shop for them to go to. Not to mention the fact he happily carried all her bags.

They spent six hours walking around shops. Jacks legs ached but he didn’t mind. He had never enjoyed shopping before and he knew it was because of the collar but didn’t mind, he was having a lot of fun. Abby took him to one end of the mall to a sex shop and ordered him to wait outside. She was in there for almost half an hour before she came out carrying a couple of bags which she gave to Jack and commanded him to not look inside. They finally left and went to Abby’s.

She had her own house, bought and paid for outright in her name by her parents. They were a very wealthy family which was how Abby afforded such extravagant shopping trips so often. She ordered Jack to put away her new outfits and tidy her room. She left the two bags from the sex shop though. Jack knew he should be curious about what was inside but found he didn’t care, she didn’t want him to see and because of that he didn’t want to see. By the time he was done there was only just over half an hour left before his collar was due to come off.

“You know, since you’ve been such a good slave I think you deserve a reward,” Abby grinned. She knew Jack had always had a crush and her and she had always had one on him but had been waiting for him to make the first move. When it never seemed like he would she had finally relented to going on a date with Eric, her current boyfriend. Right now though she didn’t care. After seeing Miss Jameson naked earlier and having Jack under her completely control all day she was extremely turned on. Not to mention she hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Jacks cock since she saw it.

She knew Eric wouldn’t be home for a few days. They had just got back from holiday and his niece had been born while they were away so he had gone to visit his sister for a few days while Abby had to stay and go to classes. So Abby knew they would be undisturbed as she made her way over to Jack.

“Stand there quietly,” Abby ordered as she knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants. She pulled them down along with his boxers and his cock sprang free. It was soft and quite small compared to Eric’s but Abby didn’t mind. She gently teased and stroked it as she felt it begin to swell in her hand. She could see the look of confusion on Jacks face but he was being good and doing as he was told and keeping quiet. Abby was surprised, his cock was only half way erect and had already grown substantially. She guessed it was true after all and not some lie guys made up, some really were growers and not showers.

She took his half erect cock in her mouth and began to lick and suck the tip, quickly bringing it full hardness. It was now larger than Eric’s was when he was fully erect and Abby was surprised Jack was so well endowed. His head filled her mouth and strained her jaw slightly to keep it open wide enough. She began to bob up and down, running her lips back and forth over the tip as her tongue lapped at his slit and tasted his pre cum. She used her hand to stroke the base of his shaft and looked up at him. He was looking down, enjoyment on his face and he was breathing hard. She doubled her efforts. She had one more plan after this that she wanted to test before the collar came off.

She took him as deep as she could and gagged as his large head hit the back of her throat. She had practiced deepthroating on small toys and could just manage it but his cock was far to large. She worked her mouth over as much of his length as she could. She wondered how much time she had left and eyed the clock. Twenty minutes. Hopefully enough time.

“I want you to count to ten in your head and when you reach ten I want you to blow your load into my mouth and have the best orgasm you’ve ever had from a blowjob,” Abby ordered wondering if that would work. She counted to ten in her head along with him and as she hit ten she felt his cock twitch before his seed flooded her mouth. She swallowed fast but there was a lot and some escaped down her chin. He emptied rope after rope of his sticky seed into her mouth as his legs trembled. Finally the torrent stopped and she licked his cock clean before cleaning her face.


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Another Life – Chapter 10

I was looking forward to Victoria Day weekend. The plan was for Sam to come over after church on Sunday, and stay until Monday morning. Dad and my stepmother weren’t scheduled to return until the afternoon. Some privacy, and lots of time to enjoy it … I bought an extra box of condoms.

Sam was still blaming herself for fumbling the date with Marty and Mona.

– “Don’t worry about it.” I said. “Nothing you could have done would have made Mona like me. Let’s talk about something else. What’s going on with your sisters?”

– “Well … Caroline didn’t seem to care that Marty has a girlfriend. I told her about it, but she didn’t get mad, or anything. Oh! And we think Tanya has a boyfriend. Caroline heard her talking to him on the phone.”

I have to admit it: I felt a small pang of jealousy. I know – it’s ridiculous to expect every good-looking girl to wait around until I’m ready for them. Crazy, even. But that’s the way I’m built. Maybe it was Ronnie who had planted the idea in my head, when he talked about ‘future prospects’.

Sam was very affectionate. She sat close to me, and frequently touched my hand, or my arm. She looked very pretty. A ditz she might be, but she was smart enough not to overdo the makeup. Just enough to highlight her eyes, and to make me want kiss her lips.

I did. We got into a slow, patient necking session on the living room couch, upstairs (my stepmother would have freaked if she had known that I was planning to fuck Sam silly on her precious upholstery).

Sam actually seemed quite eager to get down to business. She was sucking on my tongue like it was a miniature cock, and her hand had strayed to my pants. She was stroking my package before I had even touched her below the waist.

Another strange thought struck me. She might be stupid and silly with her sisters, but Sam had never said a mean or unpleasant word to me. She was pretty, with a hot little body, and more than willing to try to please me with it.

Sam had many of the qualities of a perfect girlfriend.

She undid my pants, unzipped them, and reached into my underwear to fish out my erection. She stroked me, and then reached further in to cup my balls.

– “Strip for me.” I said.

She did. Sam did a lovely little dance – Lord knows what song was running through her head. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. She was turning herself on, by performing for me. It was doing wonders for me, too.

Sam actually teased me, putting her hands behind her back, as if she was going to undo her bra strap – and then acting as if she had changed her mind. When she finally did remove it, she covered her breasts with her hands. She did the same routine with her panties.

– “You’re asking for trouble.” I told her. Sam just grinned; she knew that I wasn’t serious.

She did a little dance, still holding her panties, thrusting her boobies at me. Then she went to her knees in front of the couch, with a hand on each of my legs.

– “May I?” she asked.

– “You better.” I growled.

Best blowjob of my life – to that point, anyway.

There was no way that I was going to do a striptease for her, but I could repay her with oral. I got a towel from the upstairs bathroom (I didn’t really want to stain stepmother’s couch), and placed it under Sam’s little tushie.

Then I ate her into submission, licking and fingering and teasing the poor girl until she was halfway off the couch, trying to grind her pussy against my face.

The moment she came, I skinned on a condom, lifted her legs, and plunged my cock into her. Sam groaned as I pushed into her, all the way.

I was kneeling on the carpet, my dick perfectly level with her hot little box. After a dozen frantic thrusts, I slowed down. There was no hurry – we had all day, and all of the night.

That was when I heard the impossible – the unbelievable sound of our automatic garage door opening.

– “Shit!”

Sam and I got dressed in record time. I stashed the towel down the back of my pants, and quickly scanned the living room for any other incriminating evidence. The box of condoms, crushed up, fit into my pocket.

Dad and stepmother came through the garage into the basement, and then up the stairs. I had no idea what the fuck had caused them to come home a day early – but here they were. I could have used an air freshener, right about then. I wiped my face, at the last moment – I was still covered in Sam’s juices.

– “What on earth?” screeched my stepmother. Dad never got a chance to say a word. To this day, I wonder what he would have said, if he’d had a chance.

– “Hey.” I said. “This is my friend, Sam -”

– “I DON’T CARE!” screamed my stepmother. “What are you doing, in my living room, with this little TRAMP?”

Where to start? Her living room? Little tramp? That wasn’t very polite.

I decided to ignore her. “Dad, this is my friend Sam.” I said.

– “HOW DARE YOU? THE MOMENT WE LEAVE, YOU BRING IN THIS LITTLE SLUT, AND …” My stepmother was so angry, she couldn’t finish that thought. She looked as if she was about to burst a blood vessel. Poor Sam was mortified. She cringed, and tried to hide behind me.

I could have killed the bitch, at that moment. Instead, I said: “I’m going to walk Sam home, now. When I get back, we can have a talk.”

We left, while my stepmother made choking noises in the front hall.

Once we were out of sight of my house, I stopped, and took hold of Sam’s arms.

– “That was not your fault.” I said. “Do you understand me? She’s a complete maniac. That had nothing to do with you. She’s hated me for years. That wasn’t about you.”

Sam looked like she wanted to cry. I took her in my arms, and held her close.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Sam didn’t say much. She let me walk her home. Just before we rounded the corner to her house, she asked me: “Are you going to be alright?”

I kissed her on the lips. “Yes, Sammie. I’ll be fine.”

On my way home, I wasn’t so sure. Dad’s second wife had never had a kind word to say to me. We tolerated each other – and she screwed money out of me, when possible. But this was a new low for her.

I tried to think calmly – rationally – as I got close to my front door. I don’t think that I succeeded. By the time I re-entered my house, I was not in the most diplomatic mood.

– “How dare you?” I said, before she could start.


– “You called a perfectly nice girl a tramp, and a slut. That was beyond rude.”

Dad said nothing, while his second wife huffed and puffed.

– “RUDE? You’ve crossed the line, Joseph! I WANT YOU OUT OF THIS HOUSE!”

– “Fine. ” I said. “I don’t think I want to stay here. I used to like this place – but then, I used to have a mother and a father.”

I stormed down the stairs, and went to my room. Luckily, it had a lock.


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Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 11

I grabbed my gear, and headed for the den. Once inside, with the door closed, I opened my envelope. It had a copy of the information she already given me.


As a young man, you were a pirate, and a member of Redbeard’s crew. You were brave and clever, so that Redbeard made you one of his lieutenants. But he grew too bloodthirsty for your taste, and also promoted some unsavoury characters alongside you, including the Falcon, and the Scar.

You chose to leave his crew, and jumped ship at Tortuga, taking a bag of doubloons with you. Redbeard swore revenge, and offered a bounty for your head. Both the Falcon and the Scar vowed that they would earn that bounty. The Scar, in particular, promised to drink a toast from your skull. You have been on the run ever since.

You were in Kingston, Jamaica, and horrified to learn that the Sea Demon was in port. But you were equally delighted to learn of Redbeard’s capture – serves him right. You hear the gossip in the dockside taverns: Redbeard’s crew are all over the place. What if one of them recognizes you? The ship HMS Retribution is leaving for Bermuda. Is Redbeard’s treasure still hidden aboard?

You sign on as a sailor …







But there was more.

Teresa had included a small square of parchment, with the word ‘Pistol’ written on it with a fine calligraphy pen. And there was another note in the envelope.


I read everything through one more time, but there was nothing new except for the pistol, and the last clue.

There was no need to rush; the girls would take a while to get dressed and apply makeup. I decided to blow up the air mattress first. When that was done, I took out my costume and got dressed.

Craig and Eric were already in the living room. Craig had his striped shirt deckhand look; Eric was still wearing that ridiculous beard. I went downstairs to get us all another beer.

Claire was the first of the ladies to join us. If anything, she looked even hotter than she had that day at the Lido. It was a bit awkward for a moment, with three guys leering at her. Craig found a voice first.

– “Wow, Claire. You look … awesome.” he said.

Lena emerged from the Captain’s cabin. She had a scarf, or a veil, covering her head and half of her face. Her top looked like a frilly bandeau, covering her breasts, but not much else. She wore a long black skirt with gold tassels. She had some flimsy, translucent veils hanging from her shoulders, but they did nothing to hide all of that delectable skin. Between the bandeau and the skirt, her midriff was bare – and there was a lot of uncovered torso to be seen. She was so damned tall …

She looked a bit like a gypsy fortune-teller, or the girl from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. This time, I remembered my manners first.

– “Lena! That looks amazing. Where did you get your costume?”

– “Teresa take me. It is OK?”

– “More than OK.” I reassured her. “You look wonderful.”


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 9

He took the collar and wrapped it round his neck. He had to fiddle with the clasp for a minute to get it to close but it snapped shut. Almost instantly he felt his mind change. He had an overwhelming desire to be submissive and serve Abby any way she wanted. All his previous reservations went and he knew he would happily do anything she asked.

“So? Is it working?” Abby asked.

“Yes mistress I can feel it,” Jack replied and Abby’s eyes went wide as she heard him say mistress.

“Very funny, how do I know it’s working?” Abby asked.

“I think that’s simple mistress, just command me to do something I wouldn’t normally do,” Jack answered.

“Ok first stop calling me mistress and second, let’s see… Strip naked and run down the street and back,” Abby grinned. She still didn’t believe the collar really worked and wanted to see how far Jack would go to trick her but she knew that he would never ever do that.

To her surprise Jack simply agreed and began undressing. She watched as he removed his tshirt. She still thought he was bluffing and would stop before he got completely naked. He kicked off his shoes and undid his pants. This was it, Abby thought, he’ll take off his pants and leave his boxers on but won’t go any further. To her shock Jack pulled his pants and boxers down and kicked them off, standing before Abby completely naked and unashamed he made his way to the front door.

“STOP!” Abby shouted and Jack froze. She couldn’t believe it, he was actually going to do it, the collar really did work! And now he was stood in front of her completely uncaring she was seeing him naked. She stared at him with her mouth hanging open.

“Abby?” Jack asked. She shook her head before bursting out laughing.

“Oh this is amazing. It actually works. How does it work? Who made it? This is incredible,” Abby burbled. Jack simply stood there, he was happy to wait as long as she wanted until she gave him something else to do.

“How does it feel?” Abby asked.

“It feels good, I just want to serve you however you like,” Jack replied.

“Ok this is weird. At least act like normal Jack please,” Abby commanded. Instantly Jack felt his mind return mostly back to normal. There was still a desire to serve Abby however she wanted but he was also more aware of his own normal feelings and desires. He also was aware of the fact he was naked and dashed for his clothes, pulling his boxers and pants on quickly.

“Christ you’re worse than me, put the collar on me and have me naked in less than a minute,” Jack complained.

“Sorry, I just didn’t think it would work. So how does it actually feel?” Abby asked again.

“It’s strange, since you said act like me I feel mostly normal just with this nagging in the back of my mind to do whatever you tell me,” Jack admitted.

“So if I told you to stand on one leg you would?” Abby asked.

“Yes,” Jack replied.

“Then why aren’t you?” Abby asked.

“You only asked if I would, you didn’t tell me to,” Jack answered.

“Ok, stand on one leg,” Abby ordered and Jack raised his left leg, balancing on his right. “Can you put it down?” She continued.

“No, not unless you tell me to,” Jack replied. He could feel the command in his brain. He knew that normally he wouldn’t want to stand on one leg and would want to put his right leg down but right now, as long as Abby wanted him to stay on one leg he wanted that as well.

“Ok you can put it down,” she told him and he did.

“This is odd,” Jack commented.

“Cook me breakfast, bacon and eggs,” Abby commanded.

“Sure,” Jack replied as he moved to the fridge. He cooked them both breakfast. He found since she had ordered him to be himself and hadn’t commanded him to not cook any for himself he was able to as he wanted some as well.

They sat and ate breakfast with Abby gushing over how amazing this collar was. She seemed as excited about it as Jack was. After they finished eating she ordered him to clean up, something she knew he would normally leave as long as possible and Jack found himself enjoying cleaning for once.

“So tell me, who have you used the collar so far?” Abby asked. “I mean you knew it worked so you must have tried it.”

“Miss Jameson,” Jack admitted. He had sworn not to tell anyone but he felt compelled to tell Abby and had no reservations about doing so.

“WHAT? How?” Abby asked.

“I asked her to try on the collar and she did,” Jack said simply.

“And what did you do?” Abby asked although she was fairly certain she could guess. Jack confirmed her suspicions of fucking her brains out. She knew Jack that it didn’t surprise her and she was actually a little jealous.

“Show me whatever photos or videos you took,” Abby commanded. She didn’t even have to ask if he had taken any, she knew full well he would have done. Jack left the room and returned with his camera a few moments later. He showed Abby the pictures of Miss Jameson naked and in various positions.

“Holy shit,” Abby muttered as she looked. She felt herself getting turned on looking the photos. Being bisexual she had been as excited as the guys had been when they first saw Miss Jameson but her horrible attitude and boring class had made Abby drop economics after the first year. She was extremely jealous of Jack right now.

“So tell me who else you plan on using this collar on and what you plan on doing,” she ordered.


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