Kita – Chapter 50 – Double Dip – Part 3

“STOP! This post is NSFW! Continue at your own risk.”

You’ve been warned.

I’ve been reluctant to release what transpired between Kita and myself. We’ve come so far on this odd journey and I never expected this outcome in a million years at my age.

But the blog isn’t going to write itself and I pride myself in telling the raw truth about the experiences in my life. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and follow this long series. I’m eager to see where this will all go from here.

We’ve been closed for twenty minutes and now I have to go through the whole spray tanning tutorial with this little doll. I don’t mind because I like her.

We walk back to the room and she’s looking adorable in the little robe. I can tell she’s more drunk now but giggly and having fun with her night here at the salon.

We go back to room eight and I have to explain to Kita how to do the spray tanner.

Room 8. The Versaspa.

IMG_8557 (1).JPG

She’s standing in front of me in the tiny robe and I have to show her the poses that she has to do in the booth to make it work.

“Okay, what do I have to do?”

She’s standing in front of me in a closed salon. There is no one else but us on Earth in Philly right now.

I have to serve my client.

I start to show her the poses she has to do in the booth as the recorded lady’s voice commands her.

I tell her that the key to a great spray tan is “Follow directions.”

She giggles, and as she follows me in the poses (Vogueing dance)

In that moment the robe gave away and opened. (Or, Kita let it open…)

She spreads her arms apart and the robe opened and her breasts popped out. Her dark brown nipples are angry to see me, and the little trim swatch of hair above the plump cleft between her legs looks happy to see me.

At least that was my take on this sudden awkward nudity between me and a client/friend.

My mind races back to the events of the previous week, where I ravished her in the gym. I’m sure she’s thinking about the same event. My heart is pounding and I can feel my cheeks flush with excitement.

“Oops! Sorry! (Clutches the robe shut) You like my legs?” (posing)


“You’re always mentioning how great my legs are.”

For some weird reason I’m remembering rule number 3 here at the salon. (You’re available… but not available)

“You really think I’m pretty?”

“Yes, Kita.”

“I think I’m fat and ugly, and Steve doesn’t want me because of that.”

“I… I think you’re beautiful, Kita.”

“Fuck you. I see the way you look at me.” (She’s never cursed in front of me before)

“I have to admit I love women’s legs. I’m a leg man. You’re legs are exquisite, Kita ”


“They’re perfect. Everything on you is perfectly proportioned. Thighs firm and lean, lovely knees and amazing dramatic calves and lean ankles. That’s all it takes.

“You’re a leg man? I’ve never heard of that. So instead of tits and ass you like girls because of their legs?”

(Drunk repetitiveness)

“That’s it.”

Kita bent her leg forward and marked a pose. “Do you want to kiss my leg? If you love my legs so much you’ll do it.”

I can’t believe my good fortune. My heart is pounding. I say nothing and obey. I knelt before my little queen. My left hand gently reached behind and held her thigh and my right hand grasped her calf. I am honored to be here today. This shouldn’t be happening. My left hand slides down the back of her thigh and I can feel the two connecting hamstring tendons behind her knee. It’s warmer there than the rest of Kita’s leg.

I place the kiss on her patella knowing my hands have already stolen so much more from this young woman I adore. I kiss along her thighs and I am in heaven. Her caramel skin is so soft and smells straight from the bath fresh.

She steps away from me and I think she wants me to stop.

There’s a small vanity across from the spray booth room.


She backs into it and hops up on top of the counter. The robe opens again and she spreads her legs.

“Do you want to kiss me down there again? I can’t stop thinking about what we did… I know you want to.”

Without a word I simply got down on my knees and went down her like a starving wolf. That sweet incision with that small brush of hair upon her mons venus.

Kita’s moans echoed through the empty salon. Sounds never heard before in this place of business until a week ago. Kita wriggled around my swirling tongue. Her moans became high-pitched squeals and she shuddered and pushed my face from her sopping vulva.

I looked up her smiling face.

“Fuck me.” She commanded. Her dark, almond eyes twinkling with drunken lust.

I quickly lost my shoes and pants. Ready to go like a Saturn 5 rocket, I slowly ease into her sex. She gasps as I begin to move inside her. Kita wraps her lovely legs around me. She extends her slender arms out and holds me behind my neck.

“Fuck me hard. Hurt me.”

Within minutes we are bucking on each other like rutting dogs. Kita is moaning and her eyes are rolling back as she shudders again and again beneath my insistent thrusting into her tight, juicy pussy. “Oh… I’m coming again!” She’s so tiny my cock can’t go all the way inside her without slamming into her cervix.

“Give it to me, daddy.”

I ram it into her as if I’m trying to fuck her back to China.

Kita is squealing and I can feel my climax beginning to roar towards my groin like a freight train coming off the tracks.

I pull out and my member springs up like a diving board. Three powerful bursts strike Kita’s face, breasts and belly. A beautiful, messy mosaic of life.

The salon swirls around me in a blur of orgasmic release.

She flops against the wall. Glistening with sweat and semen that create a lovely sheen on her tan body. Fluid runs and drips from her, splashing the counter top.

I grab one of the little yellow towels on the sink and begin to clean her up. Kita is panting and smiling. Her eyes blinking as if still trying to process what she just encountered.

It’s funny that during this entire tryst I never thought to kiss her. It wasn’t a romantic encounter. It was a transaction. A debt that needed to be paid. But I was pleased beyond words to be her creditor. (Or her mine!)

“Oh my God. You’re amazing. I really needed that, Charles.”

“The pleasure was truly all mine. You’re like a fantasy come to life my dear.”

“Thank you! she giggled, pulling the little robe around her lithe body.


“Ready for that spray tan?”



This has been one of the most amazing, unexpected, game changing moments in my lucky life.


This song says it all…


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 9

He took the collar and wrapped it round his neck. He had to fiddle with the clasp for a minute to get it to close but it snapped shut. Almost instantly he felt his mind change. He had an overwhelming desire to be submissive and serve Abby any way she wanted. All his previous reservations went and he knew he would happily do anything she asked.

“So? Is it working?” Abby asked.

“Yes mistress I can feel it,” Jack replied and Abby’s eyes went wide as she heard him say mistress.

“Very funny, how do I know it’s working?” Abby asked.

“I think that’s simple mistress, just command me to do something I wouldn’t normally do,” Jack answered.

“Ok first stop calling me mistress and second, let’s see… Strip naked and run down the street and back,” Abby grinned. She still didn’t believe the collar really worked and wanted to see how far Jack would go to trick her but she knew that he would never ever do that.

To her surprise Jack simply agreed and began undressing. She watched as he removed his tshirt. She still thought he was bluffing and would stop before he got completely naked. He kicked off his shoes and undid his pants. This was it, Abby thought, he’ll take off his pants and leave his boxers on but won’t go any further. To her shock Jack pulled his pants and boxers down and kicked them off, standing before Abby completely naked and unashamed he made his way to the front door.

“STOP!” Abby shouted and Jack froze. She couldn’t believe it, he was actually going to do it, the collar really did work! And now he was stood in front of her completely uncaring she was seeing him naked. She stared at him with her mouth hanging open.

“Abby?” Jack asked. She shook her head before bursting out laughing.

“Oh this is amazing. It actually works. How does it work? Who made it? This is incredible,” Abby burbled. Jack simply stood there, he was happy to wait as long as she wanted until she gave him something else to do.

“How does it feel?” Abby asked.

“It feels good, I just want to serve you however you like,” Jack replied.

“Ok this is weird. At least act like normal Jack please,” Abby commanded. Instantly Jack felt his mind return mostly back to normal. There was still a desire to serve Abby however she wanted but he was also more aware of his own normal feelings and desires. He also was aware of the fact he was naked and dashed for his clothes, pulling his boxers and pants on quickly.

“Christ you’re worse than me, put the collar on me and have me naked in less than a minute,” Jack complained.

“Sorry, I just didn’t think it would work. So how does it actually feel?” Abby asked again.

“It’s strange, since you said act like me I feel mostly normal just with this nagging in the back of my mind to do whatever you tell me,” Jack admitted.

“So if I told you to stand on one leg you would?” Abby asked.

“Yes,” Jack replied.

“Then why aren’t you?” Abby asked.

“You only asked if I would, you didn’t tell me to,” Jack answered.

“Ok, stand on one leg,” Abby ordered and Jack raised his left leg, balancing on his right. “Can you put it down?” She continued.

“No, not unless you tell me to,” Jack replied. He could feel the command in his brain. He knew that normally he wouldn’t want to stand on one leg and would want to put his right leg down but right now, as long as Abby wanted him to stay on one leg he wanted that as well.

“Ok you can put it down,” she told him and he did.

“This is odd,” Jack commented.

“Cook me breakfast, bacon and eggs,” Abby commanded.

“Sure,” Jack replied as he moved to the fridge. He cooked them both breakfast. He found since she had ordered him to be himself and hadn’t commanded him to not cook any for himself he was able to as he wanted some as well.

They sat and ate breakfast with Abby gushing over how amazing this collar was. She seemed as excited about it as Jack was. After they finished eating she ordered him to clean up, something she knew he would normally leave as long as possible and Jack found himself enjoying cleaning for once.

“So tell me, who have you used the collar so far?” Abby asked. “I mean you knew it worked so you must have tried it.”

“Miss Jameson,” Jack admitted. He had sworn not to tell anyone but he felt compelled to tell Abby and had no reservations about doing so.

“WHAT? How?” Abby asked.

“I asked her to try on the collar and she did,” Jack said simply.

“And what did you do?” Abby asked although she was fairly certain she could guess. Jack confirmed her suspicions of fucking her brains out. She knew Jack that it didn’t surprise her and she was actually a little jealous.

“Show me whatever photos or videos you took,” Abby commanded. She didn’t even have to ask if he had taken any, she knew full well he would have done. Jack left the room and returned with his camera a few moments later. He showed Abby the pictures of Miss Jameson naked and in various positions.

“Holy shit,” Abby muttered as she looked. She felt herself getting turned on looking the photos. Being bisexual she had been as excited as the guys had been when they first saw Miss Jameson but her horrible attitude and boring class had made Abby drop economics after the first year. She was extremely jealous of Jack right now.

“So tell me who else you plan on using this collar on and what you plan on doing,” she ordered.


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Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 10

Barbara arrived last. That girl was constantly late. One day, she would be late for her own funeral. But, as she liked to say, she was ‘worth the wait’. I was in the garage when she pulled in, gathering the tools we would need tomorrow, for taking the dock out of the water and closing the boathouse. That meant I was the first to greet her.

She had changed her clothes before getting into the car, that much was for sure. There was no way that she could have gone out in public with what she was wearing – not without getting arrested for indecent exposure. She had on a short denim skirt that covered very, very little. On top, she was wearing a white shirt, knotted just under her magnificent breasts. Her lacy black bra showed through quite plainly.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if you told me that Barbara purchased her bras from a parachute manufacturer. She had extra-large hooters, and went to great pains to make sure that everyone knew it. The rest of her body was nothing special.

But Barbara’s face was like the Portrait of Dorian Gray: it revealed every vice and every sin that she had ever committed, considered, or even contemplated. She wore just that little extra bit of eye make-up, and her lipstick was always freshly applied. She was far from shy. I have to give her this much credit: Barbara was no home-wrecker. Guys in relationships were perfectly safe from her attentions. But single men – and, if the rumours had any truth to them, single women – were certainly fair game.

Teresa let Barb greet everyone and get settled in. Perhaps half an hour later, she called us all together. By then, most of us were on our second or third drink. Anticipation was growing, and tongues were beginning to wag more freely.

“Welcome, everyone!” said Teresa. “I want to thank our hostess, Eliza, for sharing her wonderful cottage and providing us with a place to play.”

– “You can pay me back tomorrow.” responded Eliza.

Teresa carried on. “The main floor of the house will be our main deck. The kitchen will be our communal galley.” She turned to point in the opposite direction. “The master bedroom – thanks again, Ee – will henceforth be the Captain’s cabin. As such, it is off limits to you scurvy dogs. Except for Lena, who will be sharing it with me.”

That led to a chorus of “Ooohs”, led by Ben and Barb.

– “Not like that.” said Teresa. There is a bathroom off the master bedroom, if the need is urgent. Otherwise, there is a very large bathroom upstairs, and another downstairs. Upstairs will now be known as the upper deck, and that is where most of you will be bunking. There are four bedrooms: Eliza and Claire get the first, Barb and Sheila share the second. Gentlemen, you are at the end of the hall. Ben and Craig will share, and Leo bunks with Eric.”

Leo looked at me, mildly concerned. He was a fussy sleeper, and did not know Eric well.

– “Teresa – sorry.” I interrupted. “I thought you had me rooming with Eric.”

– “I drew lots among the guys, Colin – and you lost. You’ll be camping in the den, right over there. I brought along an air mattress and a sleeping bag.” The den was on the other side of the stairs from the master bedroom.

Teresa then led us downstairs. “This area will be known as the hold.” she said. There was a bathroom, and a very large games room, featuring a pool table and a ping pong table (or table tennis, if you prefer). Further off, there was a storage room, and a laundry room.

That is where Teresa led us. “This room is off limits.” she said, indicating the laundry room. “It is the brig. This is where the dread pirate Redbeard is imprisoned. As Captain Fairwind, I will have the only key. Redbeard will not be leaving this room until we arrive in Barbados – for his hanging.”

“As for outside – for our purposes, everything between the house and the dock is considered part of the ship. That includes the deck, leading outside from the kitchen, the garage, the patio, and the boathouse. Your cars are not considered part of the ship. If you need to go back to your car, you are out of character there.”

“I have a copy here of your character sketch and the introduction, in case you’ve misplaced yours. These envelopes also contain some new instructions, as well as any items or money that you may be carrying.”

“We’re ready to begin. I want everyone to go and put on their costume. Then get yourself a drink, and we will gather on the main deck. Claire – here’s your envelope. Eliza …”

I was last – Teresa was sticking to the order she had posted in the kitchen. She handed me my envelope, with that lovely half-smile on her face, and whispered: “Good luck.”

A Unique Gift – Chapter 8

It had been a week since Jack had received the magical collar from his grandfather and so far he had only used it on his teacher Miss Jameson. He had been waiting to see if there were any consequences to his actions but it seemed he was in the clear. He had seen her most days at college and noticed that while she was still a bitch she seemed kinder towards him than she had before.

He noticed she would look at him in class when she thought he was looking and would quickly look away when he looked towards her. He had been checking out her ass as she was bent over one day, enjoying remembering it naked, when he swore he had seen the outline of the base of the butt plug she had taken sitting between her cheeks and pressing out the material of her pants. She had stood back up too quickly for him to be sure but he wondered if she had now taken to wearing it to work. As he sat in her class trying to suppress the erection he was now sporting thanks to his imagination he thought about tomorrow.

It was Friday, which would make tomorrow Saturday, and he had invited Abby to his house in the morning. She was his only female friend and his best friend. She was pretty and had a good body but thanks to her small breasts and weird personality she was as much an outcast as Jack was which was why they were such good friends. Despite her qwirkyness as she liked to call it, she had some how ended up in a relationship with a rather normal guy.

Jack had decided to tell her about the collar. Not only because it was killing him not being able to talk to anyone about it but because he wanted her help on ideas of how to use it. So he got home, went to sleep early and waited for Abby to arrive the next morning which she did exactly on time. It was one of her quirks, always arriving on time and if she was ever early she would wait outside until the exact minute she had agreed to be somewhere, even though Jack would have been happy to let her in earlier.

“Morning,” she chirped cheerfully as she entered his house.

“Morning, want some coffee?” Jack asked redundantly. Abby rarely went without some form of caffeinated drink in her hand.

“Of course,” she replied. He poured her a cup and handed it to her. She took a sip before staring at Jack. “So why the urgent meeting so early in the morning?”

Jack looked at her before answering. She had brown hair with matching brown eyes and intense stare that most people found unnerving but Jack found endearing. Her make up was done flawlessly as always, her eyeliner in perfect wing tips. Jack knew she always did her make up to cover up the few acne scars she had which she hated although, unless she pointed them out, most people wouldn’t be able to see them.

She had on her black denim jacket which was like a second skin, she always had it on. Usually with matching black jeans which today was no exception. Her style seemed a mix of goth meets librarian meets hipster. Jack always thought she could be one of the popular girls if she dressed the part but she wasn’t interested. It was part of why he was best friends with her, she was genuine to a fault. He took a deep breath before telling her why had invited her over.

“I got a gift from my grandfather, a collar,” he started.

“A collar? That’s a weird gift from a family member,” Abby interrupted with a chuckle.

“It’s not just any collar, it’s magical. It makes anyone who wears it my slave for twelve hours,” Jack continued. Abby looked at him before bursting out laughing.

“Good one, what’s next a pair of slippers that let me fly?” She asked sarcastically.

“I’m serious. Here look at it,” he said handing her the collar. She took it and turned it over in her hands.

“Looks like a normal old collar to me, I have loads of similar ones at home,” Abby replied dismissively.

“I swear to you I’m telling the truth,” Jack pressed on.

“How does it work?” Abby asked humouring him.

“I pressed my thumb to the pendant and it bound it to me, then anyone who wears it after that automatically becomes my slave,” he explained.

“What like this?” Abby asked as she pressed her thumb to the pendant. Just as before when Jack had done it the pendant glowed blue and the light wrapped around Abby’s thumb.

“Wait-” Jack began but it was too late.

“Oh wow, neat trick,” Abby exclaimed looking for a light or something hidden in the collar.

“It’s not a trick, it’s now bound to you,” Jack explained.

“What so anyone that wears this now becomes my slave?” Abby asked.

“Yes but only if they put it in willingly and only for twelve hours,” Jack reminded her.

“Put it on then,” Abby grinned holding out the collar.

“Why would I do that?” Jack asked.

“To prove it works. I still don’t believe you so put it in and prove it,” Abby grinned.

“Why do I have to wear it? Why can’t you, that’d prove it too,” Jack argued.

“Because I know you and if I put it on you’d probably just make me some sex slave for twelve hours,” Abby teased. Jack rolled his eyes in dismissal although considering how he had treated Miss Jameson she wasn’t far wrong. Not that he would do that to Abby though, even if he had always had a crush on her she was in a relationship and he respected that.

“Not happening,” Jack replied shaking his head.

“Make you a deal, if you wear it and it works, you’ll be my slave for today but in exchange I’ll wear it tomorrow for you,” Abby offered. Jack paused at that proposal, it would be fun to have Abby under his control for the day and he wasn’t too worried about what Abby would make him do.

“Alright deal, I’ll put it on now and you come back tomorrow and then it’s your turn,” he smiled taking the collar from her. He had been wondering all week how Miss Jameson has felt under the control of the collar and was curious about experiencing it himself, not from any desire to be controlled but just to see what it was like and he couldn’t think of anyone else he would trust to be in control other than Abby.


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Another Life – Chapter 8

I sat down on the couch, and had her sit across my lap. I could kiss her lips, or nibble at her breasts, all the while caressing her legs with my right hand, stroking her thighs and gradually working my way further up.

Sam sat there happily as I stroked her labia with my fingertips. She didn’t flinch when I slipped a fingertip in her pussy. She was wet enough that I could slide my finger in and out, until I had inserted it all the way.

I teased and fingered her, inserted a second digit, and finger-fucked her. When I gently circled her clit, Sam gasped and clutched at me. She groaned and shuddered.

– “Mmmm …” she moaned.

– “You liked that?”

– “Mmm-hmm …”

– “Well, let’s see what else we can get up to.”

I picked her up – she wasn’t very heavy – and carried her to my bedroom. But I stopped at the doorway.

“Remember: you can say ‘no’.”

She didn’t. I laid her gently on my bed, and removed my shirt.

I kissed her ankle, and then kissed and licked my way up her leg, caressing her with my fingers as I went. One good thing about my relationship with Anne: she had agreed to oral sex long before she would consent to ‘go all the way’. That meant that I’d gotten a lot of practice going down on her.

Sam was now the beneficiary of that expertise. I’m not claiming to be some kind of master pussy eater, but I knew enough to take my time, to use my fingers as well, and to avoid being too aggressive or too direct with her clit – unless she seemed to want that.

She just lay back, and let me do my thing. Sam spread her legs a little wider, and whimpered a bit when I teased her, delaying going anywhere her clit. When I finally did, she came hard, gasping and squeezing my head with her thighs.

I crawled up the bed beside her, still wearing my pants. I took her in my arms, and kissed her. Sam didn’t shy away from tasting herself on my lips.

– “Can I …? Do you want me to …?” She moved her hand past my waist.

– “I’d love it.”

Sam helped me undo my pants, and pulled them off my legs. She did the same for my underwear. Then, without any hesitation, she went down on me.

She took hold of my erection, licked the head a few times, and then took me in her mouth. She could only fit in a few inches, but she bobbed her head up and down on my dick. I didn’t need much more than that.

– “I’m gonna -” I warned her.

Sam increased her speed, and I erupted in her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed it all. When she had finished, she sat back on her heels, and looked at me, smiling slightly.

– “Was that good?” she asked.

– “Surprisingly good.” I said. That was true. Sam’s willingness to please me – her eagerness – was turning me on.

I pulled her up, to lie next to me. I kissed her, and held her. It was only a few minutes before my cock started to swell again. Sam could feel it pressing against her leg. She glanced down, and then looked up, into my eyes.

– “Are we going to …?”

– “We most certainly are.” I said. “As long as you want to. Remember -”

– “I can say no whenever I want.” she said, with a laugh. For a moment there, I thought she was going to giggle.

I rolled on a condom, and gave Sam’s pussy a couple of licks, for luck – and to make sure that she was wet enough. She wasn’t a very big girl, and I didn’t want to hurt her.

She lay back, and spread her legs, holding them apart with her hands. I was surprised – Sam was nowhere near as shy as I had expected her to be.

I entered her in the missionary position. The moment the head of my cock pushed inside her, I happened to glance up, at Sam’s face. She was smiling, and her eyes were extra bright. I don’t know why, but it felt like we were connecting, somehow – and not just physically.

She was tight – very tight – but my first orgasm, thankfully, had taken the edge off, so I could afford to be patient, and go slow. It took seven or eight partial strokes before I felt my dick slide all the way inside her. Sam sighed.

I was gentle with her. She looked really good, lying back, her pert little breasts sitting up proudly on her chest, eyes closed … She somehow sensed that I was looking at her: her eyes snapped open, and she smiled.

– “Hi.” she said.

– “Feel okay?” I asked.

– “I feel great.”

– “I’m not hurting you?”

– “No. Not at all.” She pumped her hips at me, taking me just a little bit deeper. With that encouragement, I began to slide into her a little more forcefully. Sam showed no sign of discomfort, so I started to thrust a bit harder.

Fucking Sam was so much better than it had been with Anne. I don’t know why. But I could feel the sap rising, and gave her a few more deep lunges before I groaned and filled the condom with my seed.

We lay tangled together for a while, until I could tell that my weight was too much for her. I shifted over, and lay beside her.

I didn’t dare fall asleep, though. I had Sam take a shower, and get dressed, before I walked her home. I wanted to get her back early enough that her parents wouldn’t be too worried about where she’d been – or what she’d been up to.

Sam kissed me before we got to her house. On the front porch, she squeezed my hand, and then skipped inside.

As I walked home alone, a curious thought struck me. She hadn’t said a single word on the way home. Not one.


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 6

“That was amazing,” she purred as she rolled onto her back. Her large breasts jiggled on her chest. Jack grinned and stood up quickly dashing from the room. Alice didn’t move when he returned carrying a camera. He took a few pictures of his teacher as she grinned stupidly at the camera. Jack wanted to remember this for a long time but he would have to make sure no-one ever saw these pictures. He looked at the clock, it was late in the evening and he had used half his time with the collar.

“Can you stand?” He asked.

“Yes master,” Alice replied. She tried to stand but her legs wobbled and Jack offered her his hand. She took it and he hauled her to her feet.

“I think you need a rest,” Jack told her, guiding her to the sofa. Despite disliking her when she was Miss Jameson the bitch Jack found himself caring about Alice the slave. He sat her down and got her a glass of water which she gratefully accepted. They sat naked and Jack decided to use the opportunity to find out more about his teacher. She admitted that she knew she was a bitch but loved the power she had over her students. They talked for a while longer before Jack asked if she had any fantasies of her own.

“I’ve never told anyone this master but I would love to have sex with multiple partners and have all my holes fucked at once,” Alice admitted. Jack was surprised with how easily she told him that but after what they had done he wondered why it had surprised him.

“Well I can’t help with that but I have an idea,” Jack replied. As much as he would love to see his teacher being gang banged by three cocks at once there was no way he was getting other people involved in this. Instead he made his way up to his sisters room hoping he would find what he wanted. He searched her dresser before moving onto the drawers and wardrobe. He was growing frustrated at being unable to find what he wanted until he noticed something strange about the wardrobe. The bottom of the inside was far higher than the actual bottom of the wardrobe.

He looked down expecting to see a drawer he had missed but found it was a solid wood panel. He looked around until he noticed a small hole that had been covered by one his sisters jumpers. He put his finger in the hole and hooked it under the wooden panel of the bottom of the wardrobe and pulled. The panel came free easily revealing a hidden compartment underneath. He was shocked to see it was filled with a large array of sex toys and folded up clothing. Since when had his sister been into all this sort of stuff? He looked through the gags, vibrators, dildos, chains, straps before remembering why he was here.

He grabbed a large butt plug from the pile and went downstairs. Alice was still sat on the sofa casually stroking between her legs. Jack stood at the doorway for a moment watching her until she saw him and quickly stopped.

“Sorry master, I don’t know why but being here with you I’m constantly horny,” Alice apologized.

“It’s fine, in fact it’s just what I want which may explain it,” Jack replied.

“What would you like to do now?” Alice asked spying the plug in his hand. She was excited to wear one but slightly intimidated by its size. Until today she had never had anything in her ass, it was just a secret fantasy she had never dared act on or tell anyone.

“Well I can’t invite two other people to come and fuck you so I want to you wear this while you fuck yourself with the vibrator and suck my cock,” Jack explained. He felt a confidence he had never felt before. In the past he had always been timid when it came to sex, usually letting the woman take the lead and never voicing his own desires. With Alice under his complete control though he felt powerful and confident.

“That sounds fun, thank you master,” Alice beamed. She was tired and sore from their earlier activities but she didn’t care, she wanted to please her master and the idea of sucking his cock while both her holes were filled turned her on. Jack gave her the plug and lube as she climbed off the sofa, placing the large toy on the floor and covering it generously with lube. She knelt down with her back towards Jack and lowered her ass to the toy. She felt it begin to push into her and groaned as it began to stretch her ass.

She had to go slowly, letting her ass stretch and expand to the large invader. Jacks cock grew hard as he watched it spread her cheeks as slowly it started to slide in. Alice gritted her teeth as she reached the widest part. Her ass felt like it was being split in two. She was bordering on pain and pleasure when suddenly the toy slid in and her asshole contracted around the thin base. She groaned as it settled inside her.

“I feel so full,” she moaned to Jack. He took a seat on the sofa and looked at Alice.

“Crawl and get the vibrator,” he said. It was still laying on the other side of the room and Alice crawled towards it, giving Jack a great view of the plug sitting between her cheeks. Each little movement caused it to move inside her as it’s large girth pressed against the insides. She crawled back to Jack who was sat stroking his cock as he watched her. He watched as she leaned back and pushed the vibrator into her wet cunt and switched it one.

“Allow me,” she smiled, grabbing Jacks cock with her free hand while the other plunged the toy in and out of her. She stroked it gently before taking the tip into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Jack felt like he had won the lottery. Her tongue knew exactly where to lick and tease. He couldn’t believe how this day had turned out. He groaned as she took him deeper into her mouth before backing off. Her hair ticked his thigh as she began to bob up and down and her hand massaged his balls.

She began to moan around his cock as she continued to fuck herself with the vibrator. Her actions became uncoordinated as she orgasmed. She slipped his cock free from her mouth and stroked it gently as she took a moment to calm down. She wrapped her lips back around his cock and used both her hand and mouth to pleasure him. She let go and leaned forward, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth until it slipped in to her throat. She moaned as her nose pressed against his stomach, sending the vibrations through his shaft.

She slid back and took a breath before taking him deep into her throat once again. She began to bob her head up and down, using her throat to massage his cock and Jack groaned. He suddenly grabbed the back of her head and pushed down, pulling him hard onto his cock and he came straight down her throat. She didn’t resist as he pumped load after load into her which she dutifully swallowed down. Her eyes watered as she started to run out of air and Jack let down. She slid back, his cock sliding from her mouth and spreading a trail of drool and cum across her chin.

She leaned back and began to fuck herself hard and fast with the vibrator. She moaned loudly and grabbed mindlessly across the wooden floor trying to find something to grip as she reached orgasm. Her breasts bounced and wobbled as she bucked her hips, slamming her ass onto the floor and causing the plug to push deeper inside her. Jack watched as she came hard, her legs flailed and her toes curled as her abs tensed, showing off her impressive muscles. Suddenly she pulled the toy from her cunt as a torrent of juices flowed free. She collapsed back panting hard her body covered in a layer of sweat as she grinned at Jack.


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Paulette – Check Before You Dive

STOP. This post is NSFW!

This story took place many, many years ago.

Friend took me as her date to her company Christmas party. We were both students at the time and knew each other from there as well as mutual friends. The party was a blast, we were drinking and dancing all night. End of the party comes and we are gonna grab a cab. She says “I’m not ready to go home yet, let’s go hang out at your place for a bit so I can sober up.”

I thought sure. When I was a student I lived in my parents’ basement. It was like having a pad of my own except the folks were upstairs. I had tons of privacy. It was pretty awesome. We get back to my place and quietly stumble through the door. We both use the restroom. She goes first. I take a leak, clean myself up a bit because we were working up a good sweat from all the dancing. I come out of the restroom and she’s sitting in my room. I hang up my jacket and take off my tie as she’s thanking me for coming with her, she had a great time, but she’s not tired yet.

Then she hits me like a ton of bricks, full on tongue, her hands are all over me. I was a little shocked at the level of aggression. We had been friends for a long time, she was cute, had a beautiful face and an amazing set of breasts, but I never thought she was interested. We make out for a while. The clothes start coming off. She’s unbuttoning my shirt and awkwardly forcing it off my body. I think she’d never tried to undress a guy before. She takes off my belt and pants like their on fire. I laughed at the difference. Pants and belt difficulty level 0. Shit difficulty, level 50. I found it all rather fun and sexy. She kissed me and touched me all over as she took off every piece of my clothing. She started stroking my cock,  and tried to put a finger up my ass. Which I’m not a fan of so that had to be redirected. (That neighborhood is off limits)

Taking off her dress was far less difficult than her undressing me. I tried to be really sexy about it. Kissing, touching and biting as I went. She shivered and said, “Oh, fuck yeah” a couple times. Her breasts were as good as I thought they would be. Perky to being almost angry yet quite large. I kissed her passionately, licked and bit her nipples as I rubbed her freshly shaved pussy.

My usual MO, even to this day, is to have her come at least once before sex. Not only are the ladies happier, they get more aggressive, they feel better inside afterwards, etc. It was a good tactic. Make them happy and you’ll both be happier. I keep kissing her as I touch her. She’s starts to buck and shake a bit. I tell her we need to be quiet. My folks are upstairs and though I have full academic freedom, mom frowns upon this sort of activity. She grabs a pillow and puts it over her face. I suck and bite her nipples as I rub her pussy to orgasm. She didn’t exactly squirt but I felt a rush of more warm fluid cover my hand. I think “fuck yeah.”

Then she say, “please, please, go down on me. I want it so bad!” I’m happy to oblige. If I have her all riled up this much already, we are going to fuck each other’s brains out until noon. I start working my way down her body. Kissing, licking, sucking, caressing and biting as I go. I’m gonna make her come so hard her eyes are gonna roll back in her head. I take a minute to do the same with her legs. She’s quivering with anticipation. I can feel it in her body. I’m getting more excited. I go in for the kill. I head in, face first ready to tongue and finger her to ecstasy. It’s kind of hard to describe what happened next but it hit me.

It was as if I was licking fermented old meat soaked in battery acid. I hadn’t noticed it before but there was a distinctly unpleasant odor as well. The smell was bad but the feeling on my tongue made me actually gag. It was shocked at first and then thought, this can’t be, so I tried again. Same thing but stronger. I almost puke in my mouth. I pull away. I’m freaked out. It’s so nasty and I can still taste it.

She looked up, confused but kinda pissed, “what? You don’t like going down on girls?” My mind is scrambling. “Lola said you are amazing at this, you fuck like a beast and have a great cock. Am I not good enough?” She’s getting more mad. How can I settle this quickly, because I am NOT going back down there but I don’t want some chick who’s pissed I didn’t give it to her making a scene for my puritanical mother to wake up to.

And when the fuck did Lola run her mouth about our hook up? She wanted me to be her last summer first sexual encounter in secret, at her fucking request, while she and her best friend were on a break and apparently now she’s told everyone. How the fuck do I get out of this??? “Shhhhh. Listen. Someone is awake upstairs. We may have woken someone up. Shhhhhhhhh” I stalled for time. Then it happened. My younger sister came home. We hear doors opening, footsteps. I say, “shit” and crawl in bed next to her and cover ourselves in the blankets. I can tell she’s confused, angry, upset, frustrated. I was thinking THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! She says, “this fucking sucks” and I said “I know.” I was the only one who caught the verbal irony of my response. She grabs a hold of my cock and says, “don’t think we are done yet” and strokes me. My response is only “shhhhhhh.” I end up stalling for enough time that I tell her I’m too tired. This doesn’t go over well.

“If you aren’t gonna fuck me then maybe I should go home.” “Did you want me to call you a cab?” My response may have been too fast.

“If you want why don’t we sleep here for a few more hours and then I can drive you to your car?” It was parked back at the hotel where the party was.

“Fuck. Whatever.”

I zip out of bed and mouthwash, brush my teeth, mouthwash again and quickly clean up. My mouth feels reborn. For the next 4 hours we laid there, I tried to sleep. She kept rolling over trying to see if she could get me going again, but I was “sleeping.” I would like to thank the Academy for honoring my performance. The only thing that would cooperate was my dick. He didn’t care how stinky and foul-tasting her pussy was, he would become a mighty oak when she would touch him. I had to roll over and adjust positions repeatedly. Stupid penis.

In the morning I drove her to her car. Longest 10 minute drive ever. She stopped being friends with me after that. Friends would ask what happened. She told everyone I was an asshole. I told everyone that it just didn’t work out. Took a lot of heat for a while. 5 months later, mutual friend Clint comes to me, and says that he fooled around with her but he had a question for me. “Did you fool around with her too.”

“A little.”

“Did you notice she had a really nasty pussy?”

“Yes, that’s why I didn’t fuck her.

Then I told him the story.

We both agreed it was like a horrible oral land mine that may have kept us off cunnilingus permanently. What if other girls were this bad? How the fuck would you know? Should I even bother trying? It was pretty scarring for our early 20’s selves. We decided that the finger test would be protocol from then on. To this day I still feel kind of bad. I’ve had others that weren’t good but never one as bad as hers where after 1 lick I almost puked in my mouth. I think someone should have told her but how do you tell someone that?

Also, on a side note, hygiene is very important if you want someone to blow you or eat you out. I’m not sure if that was her problem or an overbearing Icelandic fermented shark natural musk but hygiene is important. If it smells bad there’s something wrong with you. See your doctor.


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Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 7

The days crawled by. I saw just about everybody on the list in September, individually or in small groups. But it proved impossible to find an occasion when all 11 of us were free.

Finally, Thanksgiving weekend loomed. Leo and I both skipped off that Friday. We packed our overnight bags and the costumes in the backseat, along with some food supplies Teresa had asked us to pick up.

Then we went shopping for the booze. Everybody had given us their requests. We got six cases of beer (two-fours, in Canadian slang), and three cases of wine. I wasn’t sure that we had enough wine. Then we added a case of liquor. Most of it was rum, or flavoured rum, but there was also vodka, tequila, scotch, and even a bottle of peppermint schnapps (Leo was on a schnapps kick).

– “Schnapps?” I asked him. “For pirates?”

– “It won’t go to waste.” he said. “Just imagine that we’re sailing past some German island.”

As you can probably guess, geography and history weren’t Leo’s strong suits.

– “You psyched?” he asked me.

– “Just a little.” I admitted.

While he was rearranging things in the backseat, I saw that Leo had packed a box of 12 condoms in his overnight bag.

– “Somebody’s optimistic.” I commented.

– “Hey – Be Prepared. That’s my motto.”

– “You have about 100 mottos, Leo.” I said.

– “You can never have enough mottos.” he replied.

– “That’s 101.”

I didn’t kid him too much about the condoms. After all, I had packed a dozen of my own. I was hoping for an epic weekend, too.


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 5

His stomach growled and he realized he was starving.

“Make me some dinner,” he ordered. Alice nodded and stood up, her legs shaking slightly as she made her way to the kitchen. Jack grabbed his clothes and went upstairs to take a shower. He took a leisurely shower, relaxing in the water before he washed and dried. He grabbed some fresh clothes and made his way downstairs downstairs. He found Alice stood by the table, a plate of food was on the table waiting for him.

“I hope this is to your liking master, I used what I could find in the fridge and cupboards,” Alice said with her head bowed.

“None for yourself?” Jack asked as he looked at the food. It was chicken in some kind of sauce, green beans and potatoes.

“You did give me permission to prepare some for myself so I shall wait until I am home,” Alice replied. Jack enjoyed how subservient she was but didn’t want her collapsing from not eating. Especially when he had a busy night planned.

“Share this with me,” Jack offered. Alice’s face lit up. Jack had never seen her smile like that before.

“Really master?” She asked. Jack nodded and she smiled wider. “You are too kind master.”

They sat down to eat. It was a large meal and enough to share. While Jack could have probably eaten it all himself he didn’t want to be to full to enjoy the evening. Once they were done Alice dutifully washed the dishes as Jack went and settled into the living room. Once she was done she followed him and asked if there was anything else he wanted.

“Go upstairs, second door on the left is my sisters room. In her bedside drawer there is a vibrator, get it and bring it here,” Jack ordered. He knew it was there from when he accidentally discovered it looking for his tablet computer he had let his sister borrow and she had never returned. He waited patiently until Alice returned.

I want you to sit there and use that on yourself until I tell you to stop but under no circumstances are you allowed to have an orgasm,” he commanded. Alice nodded dutifully and sat down on the floor in front of him. She slowly teased her entrance with the toy, covering it in her juices before switching it on. It buzzed in her hand and she pressed it gently against her clit, gasping as it made contact. Jack watched with glee, his cock hardening as she sat and played with herself.

He watched her as she thrust the toy deep in and out of her cunt. She had been going for almost thirty minutes and was breathing hard as moans came in ragged breaths. She was now laid on the floor, one hand plunging the toy in and out while the other massaged and groped her breasts in turn. She looked at Jack pleadingly, she had been on the edge of orgasm for almost ten minutes and it was driving her mad but she wouldn’t disobey his commands.

Her body began to shudder as she started to lose control and she slowed down despite her desperate urge to keep going and push herself over the edge. Jack could see the desperation in her eyes as he stood up and walked out of the room. He returned a minute later with bottle of lube he had. He undressed and gently stroked his hard cock as he stood over Alice.

“Keep the toy inside you and get on your knees,” he ordered. Alice obeyed, holding the toy deep inside her as it buzzed away and she got on her knees. Jack bent her over so she was all fours, well three as one was holding the toy in place. He grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some across his cock before putting some on his fingers. Alice gasped as she felt him press the cold liquid against her asshole. She had never done anal before but if this was what master wanted so did she.

She shuddered as the toy worked inside her, keeping her on the edge. Jack grabbed his cock and stroked the lubricant along its length. Satisfied he pressed the tip against Alices waiting asshole. The lube was slick and allowed the tip to easily slide in despite her tightness. She groaned as he felt her begin to enter her backside. He kept pushing, slowly and carefully as he sunk inch after inch into her. She shuddered as his hips pressed against her ass cheeks, feeling all eight inches of him inside her.

“Fuck yourself with the toy while I fuck you but remember, don’t orgasm unless I say so,” Jack told her as he began to slowly thrust in and out. Her ass felt amazing and gripped his cock tightly as he began to pound in and out. Alice worked the toy in and out of her cunt as streams of her fluid ran down her legs. She desperately wanted to orgasm but Jacks commands made it impossible for her to go over the edge. She was in agonizing bliss as she stayed on the edge.

Jack reached down and grabbed her large breasts. He had been wanting to touch them since the moment he saw them. They were soft but firm and he squeezed them as he played with her hard nipples with his fingertips. Alice’s entire body was buzzing with pleasure, each nerve ending felt like it was being teased. Jack picked up his pace and pushed down on Mias back, forcing her to rest her head and shoulder on the floor as he pounded her ass.

“Please can I cum yet Master?” Alice asked.

“Tell me what you want,” Jack replied panting hard from exertion.

“I want to cum, I want to cum while you fuck my ass, please master,” Alice moaned.

Jack felt his orgasm approaching as Alice looked back at him, pleading with her eyes. He nodded his head and almost instantly her body began to shake.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck… Thank… You master… Ooooooooo fuck…” Alice screamed as her whole body trembled. Her legs spasmed uncontrollable and Jack had her hold her hips to keep her from collapsing. He lowered her down so he was laying on top of her as he continued to slam into her while she trembled beneath him. The vibrator buzzed noisily on the floor, it had slipped from her cunt but she didn’t care. The feeling of him filling her ass over and over pushed her from one orgasm to the next. Her eyes rolled back and her mind went blank as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Jack couldn’t hold back anymore and groaned as he emptied his load inside her. He continued to thrust until every drop was emptied before pulling out and rolling onto the floor besides her. He lay there panting hard and looked over at Alice. She was murmuring happily as her body shivered in aftershocks of pleasure. Jack wondered if he had pushed it too much but she looked at him and grinned as she finally started to relax.


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Another Life – Chapter 5

“Joe! Good to see you! You remember Laurie?” Ron’s girlfriend Laurie was artsy, quirky, funny, and too good for him. She had corn-colored hair, freckles on her nose – and she was stacked.

My cousin Ron was a good-looking guy, with way too much charm, and brains to match. It never seemed fair to me that one guy got so many blessings.

Laurie gave me a quick hug, and said hello to Marty – he was flattered that she actually remembered him. I introduced the sisters. Ron scoped them out, horndog that he was. I don’t know why Laurie let him get away with it.

– “Welcome!” he said, holding on to Tanya’s hand a bit too long. “Please make yourselves at home. My weed is your weed. And Joe’s beer – obviously, the same.”

I took my cousin aside a moment later. “She’s only 16.” I whispered.

– “No shit?” he murmured, looking at her one more time. “Too bad .. you should cultivate that action, Chaz. Future prospects, you know?”

I chatted with Laurie for a while. She had been with Ron for over a year, so I had met her a few times. I liked her. When somebody put on the Talking Heads’ ‘Life During Wartime’, Laurie squealed and dragged me into the living room to dance.

We worked up a good sweat. Then I grabbed a fresh beer, and went to look for the sisters. Well, two of them, anyway. Sam was in the kitchen, pinned up against the stove, with two of Ronnie’s more disreputable friends telling her jokes. At least, that’s what I thought they were doing. As I drew near, Sam saw me.

– “Hey, Joe!” she called. “This guy says he’s a P.I.. Is that true?”

I didn’t know Gerry very well – but if P.I. stood for Permanent Ignoramus … then yes, he was. Gerry grinned, and flashed a me a piece of cardboard the size of a business card. It read: P.I. – and then, in smaller print, ‘Panty Inspector’. Standard Joke Shop stuff.

– “That’s not a real job, is it?” said Sam.

The two jerks laughed their asses off. Honestly – it struck me that if I left Sam alone for half an hour, she’d be upstairs, in one of the bedrooms, on her back, with guys lined up to climb aboard.

– “She’s with me.” I told Ronnie’s friends. They had the good sense to back off. I was not channeling much Christmas spirit, and precious little goodwill toward men.

Why did I care? Couldn’t answer that, for the moment.

– “Did I do something wrong?” asked Sam.

– “No. We need to find your sister, though.”

We found her, talking to Laurie. I relaxed immediately. Laurie was smoking a joint, and offered me a toke, which I declined. Tanya didn’t.

– “Is that a marijuana cigarette?” asked Sam.




Christmas gave my stepmother a great idea.

– “Since you’re working full time, I think you can afford a little more, when it comes to rent.” she said. From the tone of her voice, I could tell that she had already whipped my Dad into line. It was a done deal, as far as she was concerned.

– “I’m saving up for college.” I said. “You’ll notice I haven’t even considered buying a car.”

– “You can still save, and pay a little more around here.” she insisted.


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