A Unique Gift – Chapter 8

It had been a week since Jack had received the magical collar from his grandfather and so far he had only used it on his teacher Miss Jameson. He had been waiting to see if there were any consequences to his actions but it seemed he was in the clear. He had seen her most days at college and noticed that while she was still a bitch she seemed kinder towards him than she had before.

He noticed she would look at him in class when she thought he was looking and would quickly look away when he looked towards her. He had been checking out her ass as she was bent over one day, enjoying remembering it naked, when he swore he had seen the outline of the base of the butt plug she had taken sitting between her cheeks and pressing out the material of her pants. She had stood back up too quickly for him to be sure but he wondered if she had now taken to wearing it to work. As he sat in her class trying to suppress the erection he was now sporting thanks to his imagination he thought about tomorrow.

It was Friday, which would make tomorrow Saturday, and he had invited Abby to his house in the morning. She was his only female friend and his best friend. She was pretty and had a good body but thanks to her small breasts and weird personality she was as much an outcast as Jack was which was why they were such good friends. Despite her qwirkyness as she liked to call it, she had some how ended up in a relationship with a rather normal guy.

Jack had decided to tell her about the collar. Not only because it was killing him not being able to talk to anyone about it but because he wanted her help on ideas of how to use it. So he got home, went to sleep early and waited for Abby to arrive the next morning which she did exactly on time. It was one of her quirks, always arriving on time and if she was ever early she would wait outside until the exact minute she had agreed to be somewhere, even though Jack would have been happy to let her in earlier.

“Morning,” she chirped cheerfully as she entered his house.

“Morning, want some coffee?” Jack asked redundantly. Abby rarely went without some form of caffeinated drink in her hand.

“Of course,” she replied. He poured her a cup and handed it to her. She took a sip before staring at Jack. “So why the urgent meeting so early in the morning?”

Jack looked at her before answering. She had brown hair with matching brown eyes and intense stare that most people found unnerving but Jack found endearing. Her make up was done flawlessly as always, her eyeliner in perfect wing tips. Jack knew she always did her make up to cover up the few acne scars she had which she hated although, unless she pointed them out, most people wouldn’t be able to see them.

She had on her black denim jacket which was like a second skin, she always had it on. Usually with matching black jeans which today was no exception. Her style seemed a mix of goth meets librarian meets hipster. Jack always thought she could be one of the popular girls if she dressed the part but she wasn’t interested. It was part of why he was best friends with her, she was genuine to a fault. He took a deep breath before telling her why had invited her over.

“I got a gift from my grandfather, a collar,” he started.

“A collar? That’s a weird gift from a family member,” Abby interrupted with a chuckle.

“It’s not just any collar, it’s magical. It makes anyone who wears it my slave for twelve hours,” Jack continued. Abby looked at him before bursting out laughing.

“Good one, what’s next a pair of slippers that let me fly?” She asked sarcastically.

“I’m serious. Here look at it,” he said handing her the collar. She took it and turned it over in her hands.

“Looks like a normal old collar to me, I have loads of similar ones at home,” Abby replied dismissively.

“I swear to you I’m telling the truth,” Jack pressed on.

“How does it work?” Abby asked humouring him.

“I pressed my thumb to the pendant and it bound it to me, then anyone who wears it after that automatically becomes my slave,” he explained.

“What like this?” Abby asked as she pressed her thumb to the pendant. Just as before when Jack had done it the pendant glowed blue and the light wrapped around Abby’s thumb.

“Wait-” Jack began but it was too late.

“Oh wow, neat trick,” Abby exclaimed looking for a light or something hidden in the collar.

“It’s not a trick, it’s now bound to you,” Jack explained.

“What so anyone that wears this now becomes my slave?” Abby asked.

“Yes but only if they put it in willingly and only for twelve hours,” Jack reminded her.

“Put it on then,” Abby grinned holding out the collar.

“Why would I do that?” Jack asked.

“To prove it works. I still don’t believe you so put it in and prove it,” Abby grinned.

“Why do I have to wear it? Why can’t you, that’d prove it too,” Jack argued.

“Because I know you and if I put it on you’d probably just make me some sex slave for twelve hours,” Abby teased. Jack rolled his eyes in dismissal although considering how he had treated Miss Jameson she wasn’t far wrong. Not that he would do that to Abby though, even if he had always had a crush on her she was in a relationship and he respected that.

“Not happening,” Jack replied shaking his head.

“Make you a deal, if you wear it and it works, you’ll be my slave for today but in exchange I’ll wear it tomorrow for you,” Abby offered. Jack paused at that proposal, it would be fun to have Abby under his control for the day and he wasn’t too worried about what Abby would make him do.

“Alright deal, I’ll put it on now and you come back tomorrow and then it’s your turn,” he smiled taking the collar from her. He had been wondering all week how Miss Jameson has felt under the control of the collar and was curious about experiencing it himself, not from any desire to be controlled but just to see what it was like and he couldn’t think of anyone else he would trust to be in control other than Abby.


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 5

His stomach growled and he realized he was starving.

“Make me some dinner,” he ordered. Alice nodded and stood up, her legs shaking slightly as she made her way to the kitchen. Jack grabbed his clothes and went upstairs to take a shower. He took a leisurely shower, relaxing in the water before he washed and dried. He grabbed some fresh clothes and made his way downstairs downstairs. He found Alice stood by the table, a plate of food was on the table waiting for him.

“I hope this is to your liking master, I used what I could find in the fridge and cupboards,” Alice said with her head bowed.

“None for yourself?” Jack asked as he looked at the food. It was chicken in some kind of sauce, green beans and potatoes.

“You did give me permission to prepare some for myself so I shall wait until I am home,” Alice replied. Jack enjoyed how subservient she was but didn’t want her collapsing from not eating. Especially when he had a busy night planned.

“Share this with me,” Jack offered. Alice’s face lit up. Jack had never seen her smile like that before.

“Really master?” She asked. Jack nodded and she smiled wider. “You are too kind master.”

They sat down to eat. It was a large meal and enough to share. While Jack could have probably eaten it all himself he didn’t want to be to full to enjoy the evening. Once they were done Alice dutifully washed the dishes as Jack went and settled into the living room. Once she was done she followed him and asked if there was anything else he wanted.

“Go upstairs, second door on the left is my sisters room. In her bedside drawer there is a vibrator, get it and bring it here,” Jack ordered. He knew it was there from when he accidentally discovered it looking for his tablet computer he had let his sister borrow and she had never returned. He waited patiently until Alice returned.

I want you to sit there and use that on yourself until I tell you to stop but under no circumstances are you allowed to have an orgasm,” he commanded. Alice nodded dutifully and sat down on the floor in front of him. She slowly teased her entrance with the toy, covering it in her juices before switching it on. It buzzed in her hand and she pressed it gently against her clit, gasping as it made contact. Jack watched with glee, his cock hardening as she sat and played with herself.

He watched her as she thrust the toy deep in and out of her cunt. She had been going for almost thirty minutes and was breathing hard as moans came in ragged breaths. She was now laid on the floor, one hand plunging the toy in and out while the other massaged and groped her breasts in turn. She looked at Jack pleadingly, she had been on the edge of orgasm for almost ten minutes and it was driving her mad but she wouldn’t disobey his commands.

Her body began to shudder as she started to lose control and she slowed down despite her desperate urge to keep going and push herself over the edge. Jack could see the desperation in her eyes as he stood up and walked out of the room. He returned a minute later with bottle of lube he had. He undressed and gently stroked his hard cock as he stood over Alice.

“Keep the toy inside you and get on your knees,” he ordered. Alice obeyed, holding the toy deep inside her as it buzzed away and she got on her knees. Jack bent her over so she was all fours, well three as one was holding the toy in place. He grabbed the bottle of lube and poured some across his cock before putting some on his fingers. Alice gasped as she felt him press the cold liquid against her asshole. She had never done anal before but if this was what master wanted so did she.

She shuddered as the toy worked inside her, keeping her on the edge. Jack grabbed his cock and stroked the lubricant along its length. Satisfied he pressed the tip against Alices waiting asshole. The lube was slick and allowed the tip to easily slide in despite her tightness. She groaned as he felt her begin to enter her backside. He kept pushing, slowly and carefully as he sunk inch after inch into her. She shuddered as his hips pressed against her ass cheeks, feeling all eight inches of him inside her.

“Fuck yourself with the toy while I fuck you but remember, don’t orgasm unless I say so,” Jack told her as he began to slowly thrust in and out. Her ass felt amazing and gripped his cock tightly as he began to pound in and out. Alice worked the toy in and out of her cunt as streams of her fluid ran down her legs. She desperately wanted to orgasm but Jacks commands made it impossible for her to go over the edge. She was in agonizing bliss as she stayed on the edge.

Jack reached down and grabbed her large breasts. He had been wanting to touch them since the moment he saw them. They were soft but firm and he squeezed them as he played with her hard nipples with his fingertips. Alice’s entire body was buzzing with pleasure, each nerve ending felt like it was being teased. Jack picked up his pace and pushed down on Mias back, forcing her to rest her head and shoulder on the floor as he pounded her ass.

“Please can I cum yet Master?” Alice asked.

“Tell me what you want,” Jack replied panting hard from exertion.

“I want to cum, I want to cum while you fuck my ass, please master,” Alice moaned.

Jack felt his orgasm approaching as Alice looked back at him, pleading with her eyes. He nodded his head and almost instantly her body began to shake.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck… Thank… You master… Ooooooooo fuck…” Alice screamed as her whole body trembled. Her legs spasmed uncontrollable and Jack had her hold her hips to keep her from collapsing. He lowered her down so he was laying on top of her as he continued to slam into her while she trembled beneath him. The vibrator buzzed noisily on the floor, it had slipped from her cunt but she didn’t care. The feeling of him filling her ass over and over pushed her from one orgasm to the next. Her eyes rolled back and her mind went blank as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Jack couldn’t hold back anymore and groaned as he emptied his load inside her. He continued to thrust until every drop was emptied before pulling out and rolling onto the floor besides her. He lay there panting hard and looked over at Alice. She was murmuring happily as her body shivered in aftershocks of pleasure. Jack wondered if he had pushed it too much but she looked at him and grinned as she finally started to relax.


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 4

They arrived back at his house and Jack could barely get they key in the lock. He was nervous but excited at the same time.

“Strip for me,” he commanded once they were inside. The house was set back from the road so they didn’t have to worry about passers by seeing his teacher inside. “Everything but the collar.”

Immediately Alice began stripping off her clothes. Jacks heart jumped and he relaxed. He had half expected her to punch him in the face and was glad to see that the collar really did seem to be working. He watched as she removed her jacket, quickly followed by her blouse. Her large breasts strained against her bra and Jacks cock twitched in his pants as he took in her body. She had toned abs, showing she must work out, there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her.

She reached behind her and unclasped her bra, dropping it to the floor. She wasn’t undressing sexily, more like she was about to get a shower but Jack didn’t care. Her large breasts hung from her chest, seemingly defying gravity with their perkiness. Jack stared at them with his mouth hanging open. He had seen plenty of breasts, a few in real life and a lot on the internet but none had seemed as perfect as hers.

Alice continued to undress, she kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned her pants. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband and wiggling her hips, she pulled them down along with her panties in one smooth motion. She stepped out of them and looked at Jack expectantly. He was too busy staring at her long shapely legs up to her smooth shaved pussy to notice.

“Do you find my body pleasing?” Alice asked breaking him from his staring.

“It’s amazing,” Jack muttered back before coming to his senses. He couldn’t believe he had Miss Jameson stood naked in his house. His cock was desperate for release, tenting his pants. Alice stood there waiting to be told what to do, seemingly uncaring she was naked in a students house.

“Pose for me, as sexy as you can, the sexier they are the more turned on you’ll get,” Jack told her. Alice smiled and began to work through a series of poses, holding each one until Jack told her to show him the next one. The poses got sexier as she went on until eventually she was on her knees, facing away from Jack with her ass in the air. He could see how wet she was as it ran down the inside of her thigh. It was too much for Jack and he told her to stay there as he stripped of his pants and underwear. Kneeling behind her he wasted no time as he roughly pushed his cock into her pussy.

He groaned as he buried it to the hilt and Alice moaned appreciatively. Jack kept himself there, enjoying the snug warmth of her cunt wrapped around his cock as he massaged her ass. Alice slowly worked her hips up and down, desperate for him to fuck her.

“You love being filled with my cock don’t you, tell me how much you love it,” he ordered.

“I do, it feels so good in my needy cunt, I never want you to take it out,” she moaned. It seemed if Jack phrased something as a command instead of a question it made it true.

“You want me to fuck you, you’re desperate for me to fill you with my seed, just thinking about it is enough to make you cum,” Jack continued. He had spent over a year hating this woman and was enjoying making her his needy fuck toy.

“I do… Oh fuck… I want to feel it inside me… Please fill me with your cum,” Alice pleaded and she trembled as she had a small orgasm. Jack grinned to himself and began to thrust into her. He went slow and steady at first which was still enough to make Alice moan lewdly with each stroke. He felt his orgasm approaching quickly, he was so turned on he knew he wouldn’t last long so he picked up the pace, roughly slamming into his teacher as she rocked back and forth meeting hit thrusts and pushing him deep into her as she moaned profusely.

“Fuck my needy cunt, fill me master, please,” she begged. Jack grabbed her hips and slammed as deep into her as he could as his cock twitched and began to spray its load inside her. She cried out loudly, her whole body shuddering as she felt his hot fluids flood her insides. She trembled and whimpered, her pussy clamping down on his cock and milking every drop it could. Once his orgasm subsided Jack spanked her ass hard making her squeal before pulling out of her.


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A Unique Gift – Chapter 3

When he woke the next morning he wondered if it was all a dream. He looked over at the dresser to find the collar wasn’t there. It must have been a dream he told himself. He got up, showered and dressed before heading downstairs for breakfast. He paused in shock as he saw the wooden box on the counter with the collar sitting neatly inside. It wasn’t a dream after all but how had the collar got back in its box when he had left it upstairs? It hadn’t been twelve hours. Maybe it returns there after being unworn for a while Jack wondered.

He made himself breakfast before scooping up the box and heading into college. He walked there, it wasn’t far and he arrived with plenty of time before his first class. He sat on the grass and wondered who to try the collar on. He debated telling Abby, his best and only female friend but she was away for the week on holiday with her boyfriend. He still hadn’t decided when he got to class.

The rest of the day went slowly but Jack had decided who he wanted to try the collar on. For the first time since he started college, he looked forward to his Economics class which was his last class of the day. He made his way in and sat down, paying attention to Miss Jameson as she walked in the room. She started the class and Jack sat thinking of a way he could get her to wear the collar.

It was nearing the end of the class and Jack still couldn’t think of a viable way to get her to wear it. His grandfather had said she had to put it on willingly so that made things harder. He had a vague idea but he needed to be alone with her. Thankfully even the smallest infractions in her class would usually land someone in trouble. Jack stretched his arms up and wide as he yawned loudly. Miss Jameson glared at him.

“Am I boring you Mr. Stevens?” She asked staring at Jack.

“Sorry, just tired is all,” Jack replied casually as if he didn’t care. He could see her face seething with anger.

“Well after all the sleep you got in class yesterday I can only assume you struggled to sleep last night. Stay after class, we need to talk about your attitude,” she snapped before continuing with her lecture. She finished up and everyone left the room quietly scared of upsetting miss Jameson even when class was over. Jack watched them all leave and Miss Jameson shut the door before rounding on Jack.

“So do you think it’s acceptable to fall asleep in my class and yawn loudly, not to mention the disrespect you showed me?” She asked Jack in a tone that suggested she did not want an answer.

“I’m sorry,” Jack said as sincerely as he could muster.

“That’s a start I suppose. You were such a good student last year and yet this year you seem to not care at all. I don’t really care what the reason behind it is but in my class you pay attention and learn. Got it?” She asked.

“I understand,” Jack replied.

“Good now get out, I have work to do,” Miss Jameson snipped gesturing to the door.

“Can I ask you one favor?” Jack asked causing her face to flair with annoyance.

“What is it?” She replied.

“Could you try this on? It’s a gift for a friend but I’m not sure how it will look,” Jack lied while retrieving the collar. He held it out to her and she looked at it in disgust.

“No. Why would I want to try on some cheap tat like that? I’m your teacher, not your friend now get out,” she repeated dismissing him again.

“I’ll make you a deal, try it on for me and I’ll be the perfect student for the rest of the year,” Jack offered. Miss Jameson looked at him and then at the collar before taking it from his hand.

“Fine if it means I can get through my classes without you disturbing them then I’ll put the damn thing on,” she grumbled as she fastened the collar around her neck. As she closed the clasp Jack saw the pendant glow blue before Miss Jamesons eyes momentarily glowed blue to match.

“Miss Jameson?” Jack asked.

“Please call me Alice,” Miss Jameson replied.

“Alice?” Jack repeated.

“Yes, I am your property so it is only fitting you call me by my first name, unless you have another name you would prefer?” Alice asked, her tone was soft and subservient, very different from how Jack had ever heard her speak before.

“You’re my property?” Jack asked in shock.

“Yes, this collar marks me as your slave for twelve hours. Until that time is up I am yours to do with as you wish,” Alice replied. Jack couldn’t believe his luck. He knew that she wasn’t tricking him, Miss Jameson would never say such a thing especially to one of her students and even if she did, she couldn’t have faked her eyes glowing blue.

“You will do whatever I want?” Jack confirmed.

“Yes, if that is your wish. Whatever you want I want,” she replied.

Jacks mind reeled with the possibilities. He was a young man so obviously his first thoughts were sexual. He had the hottest teacher in the college under his command. He felt his cock harden in his pants but he knew he couldn’t act on it here. If anyone caught them he would probably be kicked out of college and Miss Jameson would definitely be fired, if not worse.

“Come to my house with me,” he told her.

“Of course master,” Alice replied. Master, Jack liked the sound of that but it would raise a lot of questions if anyone overheard.

“Until we get to my house, stick to calling me Jack,” he told her. She nodded and obediently followed him out of the door. They walked together down the corridor drawing strange looks from the students passing by. Jack whispered to Alice to follow behind him and pretend everything was normal. She stopped and waited until he was a few steps ahead before following with her usual glower.


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Another Life – Chapter 2

We were on our way to see the three sisters, when Marty cleared his throat.

– “Umm – there’s probably one more thing I should tell you. It’s the oldest one. Sam. Ah … she’s … not that bright.”

It didn’t sound like the end of the world to me. There wasn’t much time to think about it, anyway, as Marty pulled up in front of their house. It was a big split-level, definitely a cut above my place.

All three girls came out to greet us. Caroline was a short, slender brunette. I pegged her right away as a wallflower. She had that ‘future librarian’ look. She shook my hand.

Samantha was a slim blonde – almost skinny – with bright blue eyes.

– “Call me Sam!” she said, with a giggle.

The youngest, Tanya, had reddish-blonde hair, and a facial expression that I can only describe as halfway between a smirk and a sneer.

– “Hey.” was all she said.

Since it looked like it might rain, Caroline invited us into the basement. We had to meet their mother, first; I stayed on my best behavior, for Marty’s sake.

– “Let’s play some records!” giggled Sam.

The group dynamic became immediately apparent. Caroline was the serious, smart one – the responsible one, too. If you had asked me, I would’ve guessed that she was the oldest. Tanya was the precocious jailbait, quite confident that she was by far the coolest of the three, and would one day be smartest and hottest – if she wasn’t already.

As advertised, Samantha – Sam – was a complete ditz. Dumber than a bag of rocks. At first, I thought her airhead routine was just an act. There are girls out there who pretend to be dumber than they are, who hide their brains, so as not to intimidate the guys.

Sam wasn’t one of those.

Caroline suggested a Michael Jackson record. Sam wanted the soundtrack from Grease. Tanya laughed out loud when she saw the expression on my face – and Marty’s.

– “They don’t want to listen to that.” said the youngest sister. “Here, put this on.” She passed over a Foreigner record.

– “Much better.” I said, with a nod of approval.

– “Oh, I know what guys like.” said Tanya, with a little grin. “I like the same stuff. Wanna see my records?”

– “Sure.” If I could get the two blondes looking at albums, that would give Marty a chance to talk to Caroline. Personally, I couldn’t quite see what he saw in her – but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that.

I have to admit, Tanya surprised me. She had Queen records, AC/DC, The Police, and even Van Halen’s 1st album.

– “Wow. I’m impressed.” I admitted.

– “What sort of name is Van Halen?” asked Sam. “Who would call their kid Van, anyway?” She was examining the album cover. “Which one is he? The singer?”

I didn’t quite know how to react. Tanya just rolled her eyes.

– “That’s a last name, dumbass.” she told her older sister. “The guitarist and the drummer are brothers: Eddie and Alex Van Halen.”

Sam wasn’t offended. She just giggled.

– “Oh! Hee hee.” I took a wild guess: that wasn’t the first time she’d been called a dumbass.

– “She thought Fleetwood Mac was a guy’s name, too.” Tanya told me.

– “Did not!”

– “You did too.”

Caroline stepped in as peacemaker. That spoiled my attempt to give Marty some ‘alone time’. She suggested that we play a game. The sisters had a collection of board games.

Dice were rolled, pieces were moved, and Caroline and Tanya fought it out – tooth and nail. Very competitive, they were. Sam tried, too, but in a game of strategy, she’d obviously brought a knife to a gun fight.

She sat right next to me, and frequently giggled before she touched my arm, or looked at my face. Sam was cute, I suppose, but – damn! I’d never met anyone quite so … stupid. I don’t mean it as an insult. This girl was just colossally, monumentally ignorant.

But she was also foolish. Given two simple choices, Sam often had difficulty reaching the obvious conclusion. She knew it, too. She would just giggle, make the wrong decision – and then giggle again. Absolutely amazing. How had she ever graduated from high school? She worked in a department store – I couldn’t picture it.

– “Sorry, Marty.” I said, when we were on our way home. “You didn’t get much time alone with Caroline.”

– “No problem.” he said. “Slow and steady wins the race.”

That sounded ominous. I took it to mean that Marty would be calling on me to spend time with the three sisters again..



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Personal Assistant – Chapter 2 – Sadie

This day settles, as usual, into our working routine, talking as we go and me stealing long looks of her whenever I can. Our conversation lands on her family and she mentions that her and her sisters always did what their father said or they would get a “switching.” For clarity I asked, “You mean switched, with a switch?” She nodded and I added, “That was strict, how long did that go on for?”

She matter-of-factly said, “Well into our teens I suppose, really until I moved out I guess. Did you want the ethnicity too?”

My mind stumbled a bit, first over getting “switched” as a young adult then “ethnicity?”

“The data, do you want it per ethnic group too?” she asked seeing my confusions.

“Oh yes, ethnic groups . . . he switched you as teenagers?”

Then with a thoughtful expression she said, “Well, just spankings mostly and only when we deserved it. But if we were bad . . .”

I couldn’t help wanting to know more, how could anyone strike this angel? “What would your mother do?”

“She would try not to upset daddy like the rest of us, I suppose.”

She was so calm, so natural talking about this as she worked, while my mind was bouncing between thoughts going 90 miles an hour. “Did your dad spank your mother too?”

This brought a smile to her face as she recollected, staring off at nothing she said, “Never that we knew but my sisters and I would often wonder what went on behind their bedroom door.”

Trying not to be too interested, “If you don’t mind me asking, how many times have you been ‘switched’?”

“Oh goodness, more than I could count. Although, often enough, it would be daddy just saying,” as she imitated a low male voice, “‘Don’t make me go outside a cut a switch’ . . . even though we all knew right where he kept it.”

This whole story was driving me crazy and my imagination was running wild, “Where?”

“Oh, on top of the refrigerator. He ‘never’ went out to cut a new one.” It was like her and her sisters had discovered dad’s big secret.

“Spanking and switching all seems so harsh,” I proposed.

“Umm, I don’t think so sir. You do something bad and after you get your spanking it’s over. You get to move on; it’s clean, simple, then done.”

Even though I was sure there was nothing sexual going on between her father and the girls, I had to change the subject just to get the image of this sweet little thing bent over with her tiny ass waiting to receive its due. She hadn’t intended it to be but this was probably the most erotic real life story that I had ever heard. As I thought it through, since I couldn’t get it out of my head, it also brought her accommodating and respectful behaviors into some clarity. I had met many “people pleasers” in my life but this had more of a “submissive” air about it. I have to admit I don’t know much about that kind of thing but it certainly added a whole other level of excitement to my absolute infatuation of this young beautiful creature.

I could never be degrading or dehumanizing like what I read about Dom’s in erotic literature or see in porn, that just not me. But I did decide to become a bit stricter of a boss to see how that went. I started being more concise and more demanding in my instructions, and asking for big tasks in limited time. It was interesting seeing that she was quick to please and seemed even more satisfied in her job with each accomplishment of the tasks. I also found as I became bossier, Sadie started opening up to me more and became a little more touchy-feely when we were physically close. Just small things, like touching my arm when she spoke or leaning in while looking at the same paperwork or computer screen. One time she thought I looked stressed-out and got up from her desk to come around to my side and rubbed my neck. Needless to say I was in heaven being that she could make my heart race with just a look, let alone a neck rub.

I knew she didn’t currently have a boyfriend from previous conversations but I wanted to know more. These recent insights made her even more desirable, how could she not be attached? So while we were working one morning, I started with, “Sadie, may I ask you a personal question?”

“Yes sir,” she said without even looking up.

“Have you had many boyfriends?”

She stopped what she was doing and thought, nodding as she said, “I don’t know about ‘many’ but I’ve dated a number of boys.”

Trying to get a couple of layers deeper I asked, “What happened, why aren’t you dating any of them now?”

“They just didn’t click, I guess.”

Okay, I wanted more, “What didn’t click exactly, weren’t they nice?”

Now she had a look of concentration on her face, which I found adorable of course, “I don’t know really, I suppose they were too nice.”

“Too nice? How can somebody be too nice?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe ‘nice’ isn’t the right word,” she said. “None of them seemed to know what they wanted. They all worked real hard at making me like them but that isn’t what I wanted I guess.”

One more layer I thought, so I asked, “What is it you want in a man?”

“Someone who can at least tell me what it is they want. Like you, in your business. I like working for you because you know what you want. You’re clear, it makes sense.”

“I can be tough to work for,” I said trying to look all confident on the outside while feeling like an adolescent bowl of Jello on the inside because she referenced me in her description of what she liked.

Looking straight at me with a big smile on her face she said, “No sir, you’re great.”

I had uncovered as many layers as my pounding heart could stand so I returned the conversation to work, or so I tried. She had now become the most interesting along with being the most beautiful person I knew. My eyes would drift away her but my mind couldn’t.


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Murder Mystery Weekend – Chapter 3

Just before we got to her apartment, Teresa stopped, and pointed to a park bench.

“Can we sit here for a minute?” It was a lovely spot, opposite a pretty little park. The late summer day was bright and sunny, without the excessive humidity that had tortured us through the month of July. Yet I felt a sudden chill.

We sat down together. Teresa slowly swept her long hair back, and turned to face me.

“Colin, I have to tell you something.” she said. Normally, I’m a pretty optimistic guy, but those words sounded like the footsteps of doom. I swallowed, and nodded.

“I really, really appreciate your help with this.” she continued. “And I’m looking forward to seeing how it will all turn out. But I have to tell you now: this weekend won’t be about you and me. Do you understand?”

I didn’t understand at all, but I nodded as if I did. Teresa was watching me closely – did I mention that she was very bright?

“We aren’t going to be getting back together this weekend, Colin. I’m going to be very busy running the game, for one thing. And then there’s Lena to look after – she won’t know anybody else but me, at first. You could help me out there – be nice to her.”

“I want you to make this long weekend about you. Have fun. Solve the puzzles. Don’t spend your time flirting with me, or going out of your way to be helpful. You don’t have to try to impress me. I want you to just relax and enjoy yourself.”

“Flirt with the other women. Sleep with them.” Teresa saw the look of surprise in my eyes. “I mean it, Colin. We’ve always been frank with each other on that subject. I don’t want you to think about me romantically this weekend. Get drunk, if you want. Have a fling. Flings.”

– “This is one of the weirdest conversations I’ve ever had.” I said.

Teresa took me by the hand. “Colin, please. This is very important to me: tell me that you understand.”

– “I do. I get it.” I told her.

And I did understand. If I was busy chasing Teresa all weekend, trying to get back together with her, it would interfere with her running the murder mystery. It would also leave me frustrated; she was making it clear.

But I did say that I was an optimist. I understood something else very clearly: Teresa said that we weren’t ‘going to be getting back together this weekend‘. She also said that she didn’t want me to ‘think about her romantically this weekend‘.

Those were her exact words.

Why would she specifically say ‘this weekend’? Not once, but twice. She could have said that there was no chance of us getting back together, ever. Period. But she didn’t.

Which meant that there was hope for us yet.

We parted with a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. Then I went on my way. I waited until she was out of sight before I started to smile.


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Personal Assistant – Chapter 1 – Sadie

I have a pretty sweet deal. I’m a professional writer and work from my home office writing grant proposals for nonprofits, schools and businesses. Every so often I get hired on to manage grants or run a capital campaign. I get to set my own schedule and work as hard as I care to. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard for a living, it’s just that I get to do it in my underwear if I choose to.

Lately I’ve had a lot of work and started looking for an assistant, somebody to do research and fact checking. Previously, when I had extra work my wife would support me, but she’s long gone now and I have to hire outside help. I placed an ad in our local paper and got about a dozen calls. There turned out to be some really qualified people available including an out-of-work paralegal and a gal who had spent the last twenty years as a corporate administrative assistant. There were also some recent college grads that just hadn’t found work yet. I could have justified hiring any one of them but nothing really clicked, nobody I was interested in spending my whole day with. Then came Sadie.

During our interview, Sadie said that she took some college classes after she graduated from high school but nothing that had grabbed her interest. She told me she was smart, could write well and was computer literate. I really hoped I nodded at all the right spots during the interview but the truth was I couldn’t take my eyes off her physical beauty. Sadie had eyes that sparkled, light freckles across a nose that scrunched when she smiled with the most perfect small nose and mouth, all framed a little off-center by her one cute dimple. She was small, sleek and slender but not skinny.

She came to her interview in a casually professional pantsuit that accentuated her small hips and tight butt. Her slacks weren’t sexy on their own but draped over her bottom just enough to suggest two small cheeks and the front screamed flat tummy and slender thighs. She could’ve been mistaken for a young teen except for her perfectly firm “c” cup breasts under her blouse that declared her womanhood. She didn’t have near the employment experience of others but the thought of just spending my days in her presence was very alluring. I told her that there were other candidates better suited for the position and gave her the opportunity to convince me. Sadie admitted she had not worked that much but she was a very fast learner. That she would work very hard, was trustworthy, would be committed to the job, and obedient.

“Obedient? Did she say obedient? How odd,” I thought. The more we talked, the more infatuated I became. Being a thirty-something divorcee and Sadie being a young adult, barely, I knew nothing could ever come of it. She must turn the head of every young man that she encounters and probably has her pick. Even though we would always have an employee/employer relationship, it would be so much more enjoyable of a day for me hanging out with Sadie than with any of the other applicants. Maybe less work would get done but definitely more enjoyable, worth every penny I decided. I’m sure my moral compass was skewed but heck! I’m the boss; I can hire and work with anybody I want to!

When I told her, “Okay, I’ll give you a chance,” she lit up like a light bulb. I don’t think I had ever seen a prettier sight. I knew that I had made the right choice, at least for as long as I could afford it. So I took the proverbial boss role and gave her a run-through of my expectations. “I work hard here, people count on me for the funding of some very important programs, blah, blah, blah . . .”

She listened carefully as I told her that I am very particular and want things done a certain way. She responded with, “Yes sir, I will do whatever you want me to do, however you want me to do it.”

“Oh my naïve young thing, you don’t know how I wished that were true” I thought to myself but I loved her enthusiasm.
Sadie started work early the next day. It had been hot and she wore a pretty summer smock with a belt at her slim waist. It was a simple floral print but on her it took my breath away. I figured out on that first day that it wasn’t going to be how much work she could get done but rather I much I could get could done. Our desks butt up against each other’s, face to face, because that’s how the office has always been set up. There is a nice adjacent conference room to complete my home office. That first day I hoped she hadn’t notice but I could hardly keep my eyes off of her.

As time went on, she turned into quite an asset. Her proofing and fact checking were great and when we met with clients in the conference room, Sadie turned out to be an artist. She was courteous, welcoming and could make everybody feel at ease while charming their socks off, she was a natural.

Conversation seems to come easily between us. We talked comfortably as we worked, even though when I told her she didn’t need to address me so formally and to call me by my first name, she answered with, “Yes sir.”

I learned she had two sisters, one older and one younger, and she even though she grew up in a pretty strict household, she loved her family very much. When it came to work she was true to her word; she worked hard and was very committed. I don’t think I’ve ever looked so forward to starting work each day, I was enjoying her immensely.
Every day I would look forward to see what she would wear. Sadie always wore appropriate clothing but she’s just so damned good-looking. She could even make her oversized sweater look sexy, its bulky-ness only showed off her dainty-ness. Today it was a sheer top with spaghetti straps, leaving her shoulders mostly bare. Her skin is flawless and her narrow shoulders transition to a beautifully long neck. There seems to be some new element of perfection to discover about her each day.


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