Kita – Chapter 47 – Reckoning – Part 2

Reckoning: A bill or account, or its settlement.




So it looks like you guys have the gym going.”

“Yea. We’re getting some people in for personal training now. Do you want to check it out?”

We walk to the front of the salon and into the gym. It’s quiet even the though the city is buzzing. There is a women’s march today and it’s restaurant week.

We walk into the gym together and look out the windows that face Walnut Street. I’m actually happy to be standing next to little Kita.

“Great view, Charles.”

“It’s nice here.”

She takes my hand as we gaze over the hustle and bustle of the best shopping district in Philly.

“I’ve missed you, Charles. You’ve been such a great force in my life.”

“Thank you. I like to help people, Kita. I like you.”

“I’m sorry I never texted you and sent pictures from Florida. I suck as friend!”

“Hey. It’s okay. You were busy with friends and family. Don’t worry about me. Look… I got an extra banana today at Wawa, I must have felt something.”

For once, I really meant that in that moment. I did. Delaney be damned. I was just happy to see her again. We have a little history.

Kita continued to gaze out the window over Walnut Street. She seemed to be searching for something to say.

I sat down on one of the square box things that people are supposed to be able to jump up on if they’re in shape. To me in this moment, it’s a chair.

“When I was away in Florida…”


I can’t…”

“What is it, Kita? You can always talk to me. I’m your tanning counselor.”

She giggled. “Thank you for that… It’s just that you’ve been so good to me.”

“Well. that’s what friends do for each other, Kita. What’s up?”

“You gave so much to me and were so sweet to me.” She continues to gaze out over Walnut Street.

“I like you, Kita. You’re a nice girl.”

“But I was down in the keys in Florida an I thought about all these shitty boys in my life and how I struggle with them.”

“Well that’s called experience and growing up, Kita. You have to kiss the frogs to eventually meet your prince.”

“I know. But I don’t know what I’m doing and I make so many mistakes.”

“That’s part of growing up Kita. We’ve all had to go through it. I know it sucks.”

“But… it seems like when I’m with you it feels like how I want it to be with boys my age and it never is.”

“Awww… it’s because guys your age don’t know what they’re doing. They’re finding their way too.”

“I know but I want them to be like you to me.”

“I’m just happy to spend what little time I have with you. I just tried to show you how it should be, Kita.

“I never realized it until now, but now I know.”

“What do you know, Kita?”

“All of the sweet things you did for me are what dating me should be like. I never realized it while it was happening, but I woke up in Florida and realized it for the first time.”

“Okay.” (Finally playing into my dark wings)

I’m sitting on the cube and Kita approaches me.

She climbs onto my lap and kisses me deeply. Her tongue is hungry and busy. It’s as if she is searching for a lost toy in my mouth.

“I’ve missed you terribly, Kita”

“I’ve missed you too, Charles. I’m sorry.”

I kiss her neck and chest. My hands find her firm breasts and squeeze. Kita is a wonderful young girl. I love how she has so much virtue but yields to me.

I’m not preying on this little innocent angel.

She comes to me.

I’ve missed kissing my love. Her mouth is sweet and minty. I grab her hair and yank it back and she moans. I kiss her neck.

“Oooh be rough with me, Charles.”

(What the fuck is going on?)

I glance over to the counter and the salon is empty. I pull her top up over her head and suck her nipples. Her breasts are full and white. For a moment I realize that Kita tans with her underwear on. That’s weird. Most girls go au natural. I like the prude in Kita and that makes her tits even more desirable. Because I feel like I’m getting something I shouldn’t even be seeing.

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

I have a brown nipple in my mouth. “I think you’re lovely Kita.”

“I think I’m ugly.”

“We’re celebrating your beauty right now, honey.”

Kita grabs my hand and shoves it down her pants. I feel a slight brush of pubic hair. (I love that.) Kita has left some of her womanhood behind. I love a hairy pussy because that’s there for a reason. The porn industry is a lie. Girls need to retain their pubic hair. Kita at least has some on the top.

My hand deftly caresses her soft vulva. My middle finger curls into her vagina. Kita throws her head back and moans. I keep looking through the little window of the salon to see if anyone has come in. It’s been dead, so I’m praying no one comes in.

“Oh… Your fingers feel so good in me, Charles.”

It’s weird to hear my former favorite client emit these words.

Right now she’s my favorite Number One client.

Fuck Delaney.

Kita is BACK.

“Kiss me.”

I dig into Kita’s little mouth with my lips and tongue. It is the most passionate moment of the year. I can’t believe I’m ripping into this 21-year-old girl.

I rip off her tights. I look at the window and no one is in the salon.

I need to devour her.

She flops back onto the square like a rag doll. I pull her tights off and she spreads her delicious legs. She’s beautifully tan and her caramel thighs are firm and supple. Her pussy has a brush of hair on the top. But her plump labia are shaved. I push her thighs open wider and her vagina opens to me. Kita has a short hood over her clitoris and a pair of little labia minora that open to me as well. I gently roll her prepuce back with my thumb and lick her erect clitoris with my tongue.

I flick her stiff clit and suck and lick her delicious, salty slit.

I can’t believe this is happening!!!!

Kita gasps and squeals as I deliver her orgasm after orgasm, swabbing out her hot cunt with my mouth. Kita actually is a squirter and I accept her juice and lap it up.

I’m rock hard and want to fuck her right now but I have to be careful.

I can’t believe this is happening!!!!!!

I hear the door downstairs open and I pull my mouth way from Kita’s sweet, sopping little pussy with a wet smack.

I limp to the counter, grab a towel and wipe off my face.

I send the client to a sun bed. They have no idea what’s going on in the gym.

I return to Kita.

“Oh my god. That was amazing. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“It’s okay, baby.”

I kiss Kita deeply and run my hand along her firm tanned thigh. I find the moist junction between her legs and caress her juicy slit again.

“I like when you touch me like that, Charles.”

I kiss her again. Her lips are sticky.

“Look… I’m confused, Charles.”

“Don’t be. You’re just living your life.”

“No. I really like Steve and I’m not over my ex but I can’t stop doing stuff with you.”

“You’re fine.”

“I should go.”

Sadly, in this moment I realized I may have groomed this confused girl into sex with me and left her to figure out real world relationships.


Things could always be worse.


Am I worse?



Sun Stories – Chanel – American Gypsy – Part 2

“Now we have a little secret between us… yes?”

I give her the tour of the salon so she can see all of the amazing equipment we have.

“Which one should I do to get me dark?”

“Well you’re asking for a lot from just one session. Good color comes from multiple sessions. But if I had to choose I’d put you in number six. It has the most power and the most bulbs.”

“Then that’s the one I want!”

We return to the front counter and I hand her the consent form. Her handwriting is atrocious. Like a five-year old’s. Do these girls have any kind of education? I decide to make small talk.

“So where are you from?”

“I live here in Philly, but originally I’m from Romania.”

“We have a few girls that tan here that are from there.”

“Yea. American Gypsies. I know those girls.”

“Duchess, Maddie, Ann…”

“Yes. I know them. (laughs) Do they come in here and try to get things for free or discounted?”

“You know what? They do kinda do that. I like them though. They’re cute. They’re all psychics and run those fortune-telling places around the city. Is that what you do?

“I do.”

“Nice. That’s a singular gift.” (Bold faced lie. I know what these swindlers do for a living. They prey on the grieving, superstitious, and ignorant people dumb enough to fall for their parlor tricks.)

“Thank you.”

“How were you able to tan over at the other place being underage?”

“I would just give them my mom’s name and get by them that way.”

“Funny. Make sure you do the correct math on your date of birth, Chanel.”

“I will.” (smiles)

She signs the form and I start entering her info into our database. We take photos of all of her clients just so no one can do exactly what she did at the other salon.

“Be still, Chanel. Okay, got it.”

“Did you just take my picture?”

“Yea, it’s just for ID purposes.”

(Looks at the screen) “Oh no. Can you take it again?”

“Umm… sure.”

That’s when this Romanian beauty pulled the tie from her hair and let those raven ribbons tumble about her shoulders. Then she smiled sexily for the camera.

This one seems a bit beyond her years. She looks at the replacement photo and approves.

“That’s much better.”

“Yea, you look beautiful. We’ll call that one the before picture because when you come back and buy a 5 pack, you’ll get really dark!”

She pays for one tanning session and a packet of lotion.

“Okay! I’m ready to tan. Show me how the bed works.”

We walk back to the room and I tell her about the controls on the unit. That’s when the unexpected happens.

Chanel just takes off her shirt in front of me.


It’s like I’m a woman or something. This has never happened that I can remember and I think I’d remember if some hot teenager took off her shirt right in front of me at work.

She,s wearing a beautiful burgundy brassiere. Her full bosom is packed into the two cups and overflows out the top.

She’s beautiful.

I try to keep my composure and be professional. I’m trying to focus on the bed controls. I tell her I’ll put five minutes on the room for her to get ready and if she’s ready sooner she can just hop in and hit the Start button and pull the hood down. I quickly exit the room, my mind reeling.

Maybe these Eastern Europeans are more comfortable with their bodies than we Americans. Maybe when you’re at the salon you just do what you want because you figure the people who work there are like you and don’t care either.

I’m half way down the hallway when she pops halfway out of the room. “Hey, Charles! Can you give me a pair of winkease? I forgot to get them. I need to protect my eyes. I’m afraid my contacts will melt!” (That’s impossible)

I turn around and her breasts are nearly falling out of her bra.

“Yea I’ll get you a pair.” I go to the counter and rip off a pair. WINK EASE are disposable adhesive sun bed eyewear.  They’re clean, easy and disposable eye protection.

They look like this:


I rip a pair off the roll and head back to the room.

See that little slit in the top of each one? That’s where you fold the flap over and make them into a little cone.

When I get to the room her pants are off! So now she’s just standing there in her bra and panties. Her body is breathtaking right down to her shapely caramel legs. The panties are burgundy to match the bra and are sheer. I steal a glance down there and see a small black brush of hair above her clearly visible plump vulva.

“Oh, and can you put the winkease together for me? Because I can’t do that.”

“Umm… okay.” My hand are trembling now and my heart is pounding. She’s gorgeous. How am I supposed to put these damn things together when my hands are shaking like this because I’m so nervous?

(This is what they look like when set for use)

I peel the first one off the card and focus on not getting my fingerprints on it and put it together without tearing it in half in my trembling fingers. I get the first one set and go to hand it to her.

Then I hear a snap.

Bra’s off now. My head is going to explode any second.

Her breasts pop out and jiggle as she places the garment on the table. They’re the size of grapefruit, topped with pert, pouting brown nipples.


I’m a leg man as you all know, but Chanel has a world-class bosom. You ladies remember how great your tits were when you were seventeen years old, right?

Yea, there’s that 400 pound gorilla in the room. I’m in a small room in a closed tanning salon with an underage girl. A minor.

It’s like it’s all happening in slow motion and I can feel my face warm with blush. Chanel acts like she’s at the doctor’s office or something. Maybe I just need to chill out, not look, and just get the second wink ease made for her without dropping it on the floor.

But sure enough I fucking do. I fumble with the thing and it is still stuck to the card as it falls to the floor. I get down to pick it up and as I crouch down to get it something else hits the floor.

The sheer burgundy panties fall to Chanel’s ankles and she steps out of them.

(This is insane. I have to get out of here!)

I pick up the winkease and manage to get it from the card and put it together and hand it to her and go to leave.

“You’re not going to help me with my lotion?”

“I…. er…”

Chanel cocks her head and pouts. Her hands on her hips in all naked glory.

Now I’m thinking something’s up. But the blog needs content and I might as well go out in a blaze of glory before I’m arrested.

“Umm.. sure.” I say, my voice cracking.

“Great. Thank you.” She spins around and faces the wall and holds her black mane up from her neck.

Now I can look at her. My eyes drink in her every caramel curve. The lovely soft musculature of her back, slim waist, and flaring hips. Her incredible gravity defying buttocks, and shapely legs.

With trembling hands I rip open the packet of Tahitian Bronze. It’s our best high-end lotion. It has a wonderful fragrance and really works well as a tanning aid for your skin.

I squeeze a bit of the cream into my hand and start at her neck. I work it into her shoulders and down her back as if giving her a massage.

(This is insane!)

I haven’t committed any crimes yet, right? I’m a color counselor, a UV emissions agent…. a professional tanning salon expert, right?

No. I’m a fifty-five year old man massaging lotion onto the supple skin of a teenage girl. This is wrong on so many levels. But in the beginning I was shocked and scared and now I feel the rush of dopamine as I rub the lotion into her lower back.

Oh my God.

She’s moaning.

“Okay? is that enough?” I squeak.

“Can you do my rear Charles? Then that will be fine.”

(Do my rear, Charles??? What the fuck?)

I get a little more lotion from the packet and rub my hands together.

“Get on your knees.”

I comply to my mistress’s commands.

Now I’m face to butt with this luscious girl’s delicious ass.

I gently place my trembling hands on her firm buttocks and rub the lotion into her skin. I can feel what appear to be goosebumps on her firm, glorious plump globes. The fear is subsiding and I can feel the rush of energy enter my groin. I knead her beautiful buttocks until they are covered in slippery lotion.

Then Chanel slowly turns around to face me. My hands slide along her flesh and are now planted firmly on her hips.

You know what I’m facing now.

That trim black brush of pubic hair about the size of a tortilla chip above her smooth, shaved Mons Venus.

“Stand up, please”

I obey.

Chanel is smiling slyly and looking at me with her lovely dark eyes. My heart is pounding and she’s breathing in long deep breaths. Her full, ripe breasts heave before me.

“Do you like?”

“You’re lovely, Chanel.”

“It’s okay… you can touch them.”

“I… really should be getting….”

She grabs my hands and places them on her breasts. I instinctively squeeze and caress them. My fingers sink into her firm flesh.

Her breasts are glorious.

She never breaks eye contact with me and her wry smile stays on her face. It feels like she has taken possession of me in this moment.

This wicked child.

This temptress.

I should quit this job and move to Australia.

I feel her nipples harden into firm nubs against my palms.

“Oh, the twins seem to like your touch, Charles.”

She gently takes my wrists and slowly removes them from her breasts.

Still holding my wrists like the prisoner I am in this moment, she leans in and kisses me with her juicy lips. They’re sweet, and sticky with a hint of berry.

“I’ll finish the rest of the lotion. Thank you for taking such good care of me tonight, Charles. I’ll have to come back another day and buy a tanning package now that I know this salon is sooo good. Of course I’ll only come in when you’re working.” (that sly smile again and that low accent)

“Uhh… that would be great.” (knees weak)

“Now we have a little secret between us… yes?”

“Umm… Y,yes, Chanel.” I smile weakly. My mind completely blown.

“Good. I’m ready to tan.”

“Alright then.”

She flashes me one more smile and gives me one more glance of her stunning body before closing the door.

I walk up to the counter and set the bed to go on in five minutes. My head is spinning and my libido is on fire.  Do I fold towels, mop the floor, or go into the bathroom and blast off a load hard enough to chip the plaster off the wall?


When she finally emerges from the room, the cute teen in the black T-shirt and sweat pants emerges and walks toward the front.

“See you soon!” Chanel blows me a kiss and gives me a knowing smile as she exits the salon.

In a flash she’s gone.

For now.



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