Kita – Chapter 71 – Student Role Play – Part 2

I got a text from Kita that she had acquired all of the necessary items that I had listed in the note inside the envelope I passed her a couple weeks ago at dinner.

A friend of my rents some office space in midtown, and agreed me to bring a client there for a meeting in one of the rooms. This way I could set the stage for the professor’s office for my little role play with Kita.

The girl at the desk that I’ve known for years tells me I have a visitor in the lobby of BNY Mellon. I’m on the 25th floor. I know who my client is.

I tell Gretchen that Kita is okay to come up. Send her up.

I sit quietly in the office, praying Kita has gotten into character and we can pull this exciting effort off.

At my age, I’m amazed I can still pull this kind of excitement.

But the creative mind wants what it wants so it’s beyond my rational control. i just create it and hope the painting happens.

The elevator dings and the doors open.

Kita steps forth from her enclosure. She is basically wearing a classic Asian schoolgirl uniform.

Kita’s done well again.

Let’s hope she’s followed though with all of the other aspects of our little game today.

“Hello, Sir.”

“Nice to see you Kita.” I smile. Have you brought the necessary items?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Have you been wearing the toys I asked of you?”

“I have. I have started with the smaller ones with the lube and then started on the bigger ones and would wear them for hours every day to train myself  to accept you there, sir.”

“Very, very good.  You have been a very good student. Do you feel that you’re prepared to accept what I will do to you?”

“I want it very much, sir.”

Kita has brought the magazines that were in the letter in the envelope.

“Then let’s begin. What would you like to learn today?”

Kita has brought the English language magazines and points to things she wished to know the correct pronunciation for. She has a lingerie catalogue and repeated after me the names of various sexy items that she hinted she was interested in shopping for.

“Bra,” she repeated innocently. “Panties. Garter belt.”

By the end of that little session I had a hard-on I could barely conceal and pre-cum juice was dampening my shorts. I thought I knew where this was going and it made me a little nervous. But at the same time I couldn’t help myself. Kita was irresistible as usual.

As per my instruction, she also had a hardcore porno magazine.

“Tits,” I pronounced slowly as she pointed to a lovely topless girl. She repeated the word softly three or four times.

“Pussy. Cunt,” I said, my cock growing hard. And she repeated the words with perfect pronunciation. (Her act was flawless)

She turned the pages quietly, concentrating hard on the images. And of course as we progressed the images grew more and more erotic.

“Shaving. The man is shaving the girl’s pussy,” I instructed. She pronounced the sentence perfectly.

“Cock. Penis. Prick,” I said as the stud in the magazine stripped down.

“Cock. Penis. Prick,” she announced innocently.

I’d been standing by her side, looking at the magazine over her shoulder. Now as she pronounced these last words she reached out her hand and stroked down the front of my pants, gently outlining the hardening contour of my cock.

“Okay, I think it’s about time you came back to my apartment,” I croaked. “We can continue our instruction there.”

And she smiled up at me in agreement, turning over one last page for me to look at.

“Sucking. She’s sucking his cock,” I told her. And I took her by the elbow and steered her from the room. I knew if I didn’t pause these proceedings I would probably shoot off in my pants.


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Tracy – Do You Like Bad Girls? – Chapter 10

One Saturday, I was sitting at home, while Tracy was at work, when there was a knock at my door. It was a loud hard knocking and I wondered who that could be. I opened the door to find a rather grim faced man, an inch or two taller than me and about forty pounds heavier. He looked at me as though he wanted to kill me, which I didn’t understand.

“You are the creature that ruined my Donna.”

I remembered that Tracy’s given name was Donna, though she didn’t like me to use that name. She said that Donna was a name and person she wanted to leave far behind her. The man appeared to be about my age, so I took a guess that he was likely Tracy’s father – a correct guess, as it turned out. Somehow he’d found out where I lived and that Tracy was living with me.

“Ruined? She doesn’t see it that way.”

“You are a demon inspired slime that despoiled my daughter.”

“Demon inspired slime? You’ve got to be kidding.”

“You are a pervert who molested a child and ruined her.”

“She’s not a child. She’s nineteen. She has the right to decide when, if, and with whom to have sex.”

I had backed away from the door, and the man had stepped into my place. I wasn’t sure what to make of him, or whether he posed any real danger, but I preferred that my neighbors not hear what he had to say. I closed the door behind him, came over and sat on my sofa. He walked to where I sat and hovered over me threateningly.

“You led her on the path to sin and debauchery.”

“She has one lover – me – and no others, that I know of anyhow. And she’s my only lover.”

“And you clearly have no intention of marrying her.”

“She’s not ready for marriage. She’s made that pretty clear.”

“So you use her for your depraved purposes in the meantime.”

“If sex is depraved, why did God create it?”

“For the purpose of procreation and only between husband and wife. You’re engaging in fornication and debauchery.”

“We’re two people, both of age and consenting. Besides, you threw her out – you and her aunt.”

“In the hopes that she’d realize how she was sinking into depravity, and perhaps would straighten out.”

“You threw her out. She had no place to go. I took her in, no conditions, and we were not intimate until she’d been here a while.”

“You’re a liar as well as a pervert.”

“Whatever. She is here by her choice, and can leave if she chooses.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you? You get to molest her, then get rid of her and find someone else to ruin.”

“She’s here because that’s what she’s chosen. If she leaves that’ll be her choice, not me throwing her out.”

“She was promised to a good Christian boy.”

“And if she wanted him, I suspect she’d be with him.”

“I’ve checked. Legally, there isn’t much I can do. Morally, we’ll see.”

“I’d say it’s been a pleasure talking to you, but that wouldn’t be true.”

“Don’t think I’ve enjoyed this.”

“You’ve been filled with self righteous indignation, and have enjoyed your self-righteousness immensely.”

“Maybe you should try some righteousness.”

“And maybe you should, as well. In the interim, leave Tracy, or Donna to you, and I both alone.”

“You haven’t heard the end of this.”

“I better have.”

With that, the man turned and walked out, slamming the door behind him. I got on the phone immediately to Tracy to tell her what happened and to warn her to be on the lookout for him. We decided that I should pick her up after work, to be safe. He showed up where Tracy worked and caused a scene, which made the manager have him thrown out.

He was waiting outside when I picked Tracy up from work. He glowered at her and I was pleased that she didn’t seem too intimidated by it. As we walked to the car, he came up and confronted us.

“Girl, we tried to raise you right, but with what you’re doing you’re going straight to hell.”

“We’ll look you up when we get there.”

He got right in my face and raised a hand as though he was going to strike me. I’d called the police when I saw him, and about that time, a police officer came up to where we were.

“Is there some problem here?”

“I was walking my girlfriend to my car when this man seemed to threaten us.”

“This girl is my daughter, and this pervert has molested her.”

The officer took the man aside and another officer came over to talk to Tracy and I. He talked to us each separately, but checked her identification to verify her age. Tracy said she made it very clear she was staying with me voluntarily, and that she wanted to continue that. The officers told us that if Tracy’s father persisted, he could be arrested for harassment. We went home and talked.

“What can we do, Charles?”

“Well, Tracy, we could get married. If you’re my legal wife, he can’t do much of anything. Besides it gives you health insurance through my job, and gives you other protections.”

“Is that what you want?”

“I want to be with you, and that way nothing can interfere with that unless you or I want it to.”

“What if we realize we aren’t right for each other?”

“Then we divorce and move on with our lives.”

“Some people already think you’re my father.”

“What do you want, Tracy?”

“I want to be with you.”

“Marriage just makes that legal, and makes it harder for your father to cause problems.”

“And that’s what you really want, Charles?”

“It is.”

We kissed, then tenderly made love. A year from now we may or may not think this was such a great idea. But for now, we’re going to be husband and wife. Later on, I wondered if her father’s visit was set up to trigger this. But for now my bad girl will be my good girl.


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Kita – Chapter 70 – Student Role Play – Part 1

I had decided to have a little role play with Kita. We discussed it over dinner. Kita looked lovely. Tight black top and a short white skirt that showcased her fit tan legs.

I enjoyed that we could go on little dates and speak freely like friends outside of our Dom/Sub relationship. In that type of relationship the sub always has all of the power. You would think the dom  would be in control but they’re not. They can stop it at anytime. They can leave whenever they want. It creates a safety net for them.

But Kita wants to be controlled. She says it’s brought order to her life and empowered her as a woman. I know that sounds backwards but it’s not. She enjoys our relationship and says it has raised her awareness of her mind and body.

I’ve even allowed her to date boys and have real relationships if she wants. I told her she can leave any time she wants. She doesn’t talk about her social life outside of ours. It’s none of my business. I just love that she’s hooked on what we have together.

I came up with a fun role play fantasy and wrote out an outline for it.

After dinner we chatted about it. Kita’s lovely dark almond eyes glistened. “Have you brought it with you?”

“Of course.”

“May I see it? I’m so excited!”

I took a sip from my cocktail and then reached into the pocket of my blazer. Kita’s eyes followed my every move, smiling ear to ear.

I produce a folded up sheet of paper and placed it into her dainty hand.

She feverishly unfolded it started reading, still smiling. I sat back in my seat and sipped my Manhattan.

When she finished reading it she looked up at me and folds the paper handing it back to me. “Thoughts, dear?”

“Okay. Just so I understand. You’re a professor at my school. The class is English as a Second Language. I’m quiet and shy like many Asian students, but very intelligent and eager to learn.”

“Go on.”

“I have a crush on you, and I wear cute little revealing outfits to get your attention. I stay after class as often as I can, for a little extra help with my English.”

“I bring in English language magazines and point to things I wish to know the correct pronunciation for. I also bring a lingerie catalog and repeat after you the names of various sexy items that I hint I am interested in shopping for.”

“Then I also bring a porno magazine and do the same thing. Then things progress from there back at your place.”

“You got it, babydoll.”

“Wow! I love when you call me babydoll. When can we play? Will you be my master?”

“Actually, because it’s a role play we’ll be playing characters, so I won’t. You’ll just be a sweet innocent, horny schoolgirl from Asia who struggles with the English language. So bear that in mind.”

“This sounds fun! It’s going to be awesome.”

“We’ll coordinate our schedules and make sure we have sufficient enough time to do it. Do you have any questions?”

Kita looked up an pursed her lips. After a few moments she spoke. “What about clothes and props and anything else I need to know. I don’t want to fail you.”

I smile and reach back into my pocket. I produce an envelope with her name and a little heart drawn on it. Again her eyes light up as hand it to her across the table.

“May I open it?”

“Open it when you get home in private. It’s contents will give you more details to the game as well as a means for you to acquire the necessary items and a bit for your time.”

“Thank you, Charles! You’re amazing. I can’t wait to experience this with you!”

“I’m glad you’re happy about it. The sooner you take care of what’s in that envelope, then we’ll schedule our day.”


The check comes and of course I’m happy to pay it. I always pay for Kita. She’s never paid for anything with me. I love doing things for her and giving her gifts. It’s the least I can do for all of the things she gives of herself, and will give me in the future.

If this goes well I actually have an even more intense scene. I’m talking next level shit. But let’s see how this goes first.

I put her coat on her and we exit the restaurant and I summon her a Lyft to take her back to her dorm. We’re sitting at one of the vacant outdoor tables.

“May I have a kiss goodnight?”

“Oh course, my dear.”

I take her in my arms and kiss her on her ripe lips. In the same moment I run my hand up her supple inner thigh. As the kiss ends I slowly withdraw my hand.

“Thank you. I love when you touch me. Especially on my legs. I wish it were more.”

“In due time, my dear. In due time.”

Kita sighs and smiles, then pouts. “Okay.”

I’d love to fuck her right now from behind across this table, but I must maintain control.

“Oh, here’s your Lyft.”

We stand and approach the car. I open the door for her and steal one last glance at her lovely legs as she gets in.

“I’ll let you know when I take care of everything in this envelope! Bye!”

Kita blows me a kiss and the car pulls away.

I smile as I watch the tail lights disappear in traffic and turn to return home.


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Tracy – Do You Like Bad Girls? – Chapter 9

We finished dinner, rinsed the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, which took three times as long since we seemed more interested in each other’s body than in the dishes. When we were done with that, Tracy took my hand and led me back into the bedroom, pulling me down on the bed on top of her. We spent a long time kissing and touching, before she spoke.

“Charles, I want you on top of me this time.”

“Are you sure you aren’t too sore for another go-around?”

“It’s still a little tender, but I want this – I need this – I need you – and I need you in me.”

“We can, but there’s more to being lovers and making love than just locking loins.”

“We were kissing and touching all through lunch. I need more now, Charles.”

I rolled enough to one side to be able to touch her better and took my finger down her pussy lips. She was wet, so I eased a finger in her while I tweaked her clit with my thumb. She moaned and thrust against my hand. I moved my finger deeply in her and back out again. I picked up speed and finger fucked her while playing with her clit.

I kissed her and slowly moved from her lips, down her face and neck to her boobs. I nibbled and teased her boobs, kissing, licking, and sucking on them, adding in some very light bites. I tried to make sure I’d leave no bruises from my bites, not that she seemed to mind anyhow. It didn’t take long for me to bring her to another orgasm.

“Charles – please, inside me – now.”

I reached over and grabbed another condom, quickly putting it on my cock. I ranged over her and she grabbed my dick and guided it into her pussy. As I got balls deep in her, Tracy made the most satisfied moan and wrapped her legs around my waist. I began to slowly fuck her as she kissed me and held on tight to me.

“Please – faster, harder.”

Who am I to argue with the lady, particularly when she wants this – especially not when it’s what I want too. No more slow and sweet, I pounded that little pussy for all it was worth. Tracy responded by fucking me back hard. My world became focused on nothing more than my dick, her pussy, and her cute body under me.

I lost myself in it until I collapsed on her, cumming harder than I ever had in my life. I could feel her pussy grabbing my cock and not wanting to let go as I emptied myself into her sweet cunt, or at least into the condom I wore. I came so hard, I swear I saw stars in front of my eyes. It was a little scary, but the kind of scared I wanted to feel a lot more of.

“I love you, Charles.”

“And I love you, Tracy.”

We rolled on our sides and kissed and touched while we cooled down. Finally, I laid back, with Tracy’s head on my chest, and my hand stroking her back from her shoulders down to her ass. Occasionally, as I caressed her ass, she’d moan and squirm her hips against me. I had vague memories of when my ex-wife and I had good sex, but even in my memories, it never felt this good.

As good as it was, I found myself wondering just how long it could last. I was more than twice her age, which for most people was a real problem. I wanted her to stay with me, but how long before I needed more than just a cute young thing to fuck? She seemed to really enjoy this, but what did she really want out of this? Could I still see us together in a year, five years, ten years?

All this ran through my mind as I held Tracy and dozed off. I woke up later as she got up to go to the bathroom. I drifted off again, then woke back up to her getting back into bed and snuggling up with me. For all the problems I saw, for all the potential difficulties, I didn’t want this to end – certainly now yet. I fell into a very satisfied sleep.

We fell into a routine. I had my job, she had school and her job and studying. Then when neither of us were otherwise tied up, we fucked like rabbits. No more thought or conversation came up about her finding another place to live. She was living with me, as my lover, until further notice. I occasionally wondered when the other shoe would drop.


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Kita – Chapter 69 – The Letter

I was at the store the other day and one of my employees told me some girl came in and dropped off an envelope. My assistant hands me a sealed white envelope with my name written on it.

“Really? What did she look like?”

“Little Asian chick. Tan with blonde hair.”

“Probably another one of Charles’ little girlfriends.” Piped the owner.

“Yea, or maybe it’sa paternity suit!” quiped May my assistant.

I thanked them for their candor and put the envelope in my coat downstairs.


When I got home that night I poured myself a drink and opened the envelope. The letter read as follows:


The thought of you soft in my mouth — I bet I could get balls and all in there at first. I’d be able to run my tongue around them to wake you up.

You’ve complimented me in the past that I have a sexy mouth and that gives me an overwhelming urge to show you just how sexy it can be, if you let me.

I want to suck on you for hours, just massaging your cock with my tongue, hands and mouth.

I just want to pleasure you however you want. Your own personal and willing cock sucking slave.

I want you to tie me up and make me beg.

Then you give me what I want and take it away so I want more, and you just tease me, always slightly out of my reach.

Would you tie me up and command me to only do as you say? Or would you tether me to something so that you can watch me struggle?

I want pre-cum as a reward when I’m good.

I want you to paint it down my tits where I can’t reach it.

I want you to use my “need” to suck your cock against me. To make me agonize over the fact you get to touch it and I don’t.

I want you to be merciful and let me touch just the very tip of my tongue to the head of your cock before you take it back away from me.

I want to have you tease me so much that when you let me have it I greedily suck it hard, trying to milk your hot cum out of you — and not gently.

Occasionally I want you to let me get what I want — you give me either your head or whole cock to play with and then you tell me precisely what you want me to do.

I want to suck you so hard that you half can’t stop me because of the vacuum, half because you physically can’t stop yourself.

I want this to go for hours.

I want to be completely at your mercy — sometimes you might let me suck your amazing cock, other times you might let me suck your fingers, and other times you might let me kiss you.

I want your instructions to vary — from gentle licks, to soft or hard sucking or even to throat fucking. I want you to control everything I do.

And then when you’re ready, I want you to decide where to cum.

Will you cum in my mouth? Will you push my head down further on you and cum down my throat?

Will you cum on my tits and have it drip all the way down my stomach and run over my pussy?

Would you then play with it on me and draw with it with your finger, then make me lick it off you?

I’d be happy for any of those, but I like the last option best — it keeps in the mood of teasing me.

I can only begin to imagine where you’d want to go from there.


Kita xoxo


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Tracy – Do You Like Bad Girls? – Chapter 8

Often I worked nine or ten hours. It wasn’t like I normally had loads of things waiting for me after work. Today was different. I left there immediately and had to control myself to keep from speeding on the way home. I’d given Tracy my spare key so she could let herself in and out as necessary. I came in the apartment, looked around and saw no sign of Tracy.

I went in the bedroom to change and found Tracy naked on the bed with her legs spread wide and that shaved pussy inviting me in. I almost tore a button off my shirt taking it off, quickly getting naked and climbing into bed alongside her. She pulled my head to her and we began to kiss. She grabbed my dick and seemed to be trying to get that inside her.

“We have plenty of time. There’s no hurry, and we need to use a condom when we do that.”

We resumed kissing and I brought my hand up and began to fondle one of her boobs. I’d been aching to do that and I reveled in it now. They were warm and soft, though her nipples could almost have cut glass. I stroked it from the outside, working my way slowly to the nipple. As I ran my thumb across the nipple, Tracy gasped and pulled my head closer.

As I worked her breast over, Tracy pulled her head back and moaned. I took advantage of that to slide down her body and begin to kiss the breast I’d been playing with as I began to stroke the other one. I kissed the nipple, sucking it into my mouth and pulling away on it until it popped from my lips. She gasped and moaned, so I did that a few more times before licking, sucking and kissing my way around that one.

Tracy ran her hands through my hair as I enjoyed the sweetness of her titties, then I shifted to kiss the other one as I moved my hand down to her little pussy. I ran my index finger down the middle of her slit. She was wet and her labia were starting to spread slightly. I then took three fingers, one down each side and one up the middle. Tracy moaned and began to pump her hips.

I took my middle finger and parted her lips getting just inside her sweetness. I had it maybe a quarter inch in, just stroking up and down until I felt her clit start to peek out from its hiding place. I gently stroked her clit while putting my finger further in her. I fingered her as best I could while sucking on her breast.

As I stroked them, her labia seemed to get slightly puffy and spread a bit. I could hear Tracy moan and buck as I enjoyed stimulating her boob and pussy. She began to gasp and moan and I felt muscles rippling around the pussy and up into the abdomen. She grabbed my head and she was fucking my finger every bit as much as my finger fucked her.

She began to relax, and I kissed her before sliding down to kiss her pussy. I kissed and licked, paying special attention to her clit. She soon had wrapped her legs around my neck and was moving her hips, fucking my tongue as I licked her. She pulled me tight as she came for a second time. My mouth was covered in her juices as I kissed my way back up her body.

“I never imagined it could be like this.”

“I wanted your first time to be special.”

“I knew it could feel good, but not like that.”

As we kissed, she had to taste her own juices on my lips. That didn’t seem to bother her. After we kissed for a bit, she reached down and grabbed my cock.

“Would you like me to do the same for you?”

“I don’t need that. I’ve been happy with what we’re doing.”

“Do you think it’s time to…?”

“Is that what you really want, Tracy?”

“You’ve taken me in, you’ve bought me things, you’ve made me feel good. I want to do nice things for you too.”

“It should be about more than being grateful to me.”

“It is more than that. I just – ”

“If that’s what you want, I will, but we need to use a condom.”

“I understand. No babies. Not yet.”

I stopped and reached over into the side table by the bed, opened a drawer, and found the condoms I’d bought. My cock was rock hard as I opened the package. I lay on my side with my dick sticking out as Tracy watched. I put the thing on, then rolled onto my back and pulled Tracy on top of me. She squealed as I did, then smiled and kissed me.

“I want you to drive the train this time. If this is what you want, then guide it in. If you’ve changed your mind, just kiss me and roll off.”

“That won’t happen.”

She reached down and grabbed my cock and put it at the entrance of her ecstasy. She eased it in just a little, with just the head in her. She looked at me with an expression of wonder, leaned forward and kissed me then thrust her hips, burying my dick deep inside her. She whimpered just a little and closed her eyes, then opened them, smiled and kissed me again.

“It hurt, but not as bad as I thought it would.”

“Take it slowly, as it feels comfortable. We don’t need to hurry.”

I reached up and began to caress her sweet little breasts, paying close attention to the nipples. After an initial quick squeal, she kissed me and seemed to revel in it. As I played with breasts with one hand, I brought my other hand around and began to massage her ass. Tracy began to slowly move her hips back and forth. She moaned and squirmed as she did.

“Does it hurt?”

“Only a little, but it’s a good hurt.”

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Don’t you dare think about stopping this.”

As she got comfortable, Tracy began to pick up speed. The condom reduced my sensitivity just a little, but it still felt absolutely wonderful having my dick in her tight little pussy. I still wasn’t sure we should be doing this, but we were long past second thoughts. I surrendered myself to the feeling of my prick in her tight pussy, as my hands explored her ass and breasts.

I was glad in a way for the condom. Not only did I not want to get her pregnant, but I was so horny that I might have cum almost immediately. Instead I felt the kind of ecstasy that I hadn’t known for years. Bad girl or good girl didn’t matter. Tracy was in my bed, riding my cock and we both seemed to be lost in our pleasure.

Tracy covered my lips with kisses until she got too much into the fucking to pay that much attention. I moved from her lips to her ear lobe, kissing and nibbling on it. Tracy moaned and picked up the pace, driving my cock faster and deeper into her pussy. I kissed my way down her neck with her moaning and writhing until I got too caught up in the fucking myself.

I felt a heat rising through Tracy’s body, then her pussy tightened up around my dick even more, and she was pretty tight to begin with. I felt her stomach muscles contract as Tracy lost herself to her pussy and my cock, frantically driving me deeply into her. I could feel my own orgasm building as she seemed to lose herself to the feelings.

I felt myself start to cum and pulled her ass tightly to me as I came with my dick buried deep in her sweet tunnel. I came so hard, I almost blacked out from it, and Tracy seemed similarly lost in her pleasure. Gradually, the room came back into focus and I looked up into Tracy’s eyes. She smiled and we began kissing with my slowly shrinking cock still buried in her.

We kissed and touched each other as my prick slowly eased its way out of her. I had to be careful to make sure the condom came out of her along with my cock. I didn’t want to lose the condom in her and undo the effect of using it. We rolled on our sides and continued to kiss and caress until we both paused to catch our breath.

My stomach rumbled and I realized that I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, and it seemed Tracy hadn’t either. Reluctantly, we disentangled and made our way to the kitchen, still quite naked and stopping to kiss and touch each other often along the way. I don’t know how we managed to make dinner without burning ourselves or the food, but we did.

We sat at the table, with Tracy on my lap as we ate. My cock had recovered and pressed against her cute bottom. I held her on me with one hand and ate with the other, though our eating was regularly interrupted my stopping to kiss and fondle each other. I was on the verge of cumming all through dinner as my dick sawed across her ass.

“Charles, you said you wanted to make it special, and it was.”

“I wanted it to be good for you – at least as good as I could make it.”

“I don’t know how anyone could make it better.”

“I know there are other men with more experience and better techniques than me.”

“It isn’t just what you did – it’s that I could tell you cared about me, not just using my body.”

“But I did use your body.”

“And I used yours and want to use it again, maybe lots of agains.”

“I’m an old man. I can’t get it up like a twenty year old.”

“We’ll work with what we have, and you might even surprise yourself.”


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An Interesting Asian Girl With A Twist 5

Exhausted, I collapsed on the mattress, semi-comatose, and was awakened in the morning by the sound of the shower head running in the bathroom, the peek of sunlight coming through the drapes and the sensation of Sunny straddling my mouth in a sixty-nine position.

When Leslie exited from her shower, I fucked her in front of the bathroom mirror as she still had her towel on, lowering it to massage her globes and raising it to ease my cock into her newly cleaned cunt, and when Sunny emerged she and Leslie sucked me in a show of multi-cultural oral détente, extracting my third load, and one of the drops dripped majestically from Sunny’s distended nipples as Leslie sucked it and made it disappear into her stomach.

I showered alone, mercifully, my cock now resembling a flag in memoriam, at half-mast, yet when I returned back into the suite, both Leslie and Sunny had dressed in tight, fashionable miniskirts for their flight back to San Francisco, and insisted that I accompany them for their taxicab drive to the airport.

Our trio made quite a sight as we strutted through the lobby and the concierge enviously hailed a cab for us, and we piled into the back seat, again with me as the filler piece of the colorful sandwich.

I directed the Middle-Eastern driver to eschew the more expedient route of Interstate 95, using the excuse that the Girard Point Bridge was perpetually under construction, and suggested that he head south on Broad Street through the narrow and congested sections of South Philadelphia.

Since he seemed to have an inclination as to what might evolve within the crowded quarters of his back seat, he adjusted his rear view mirror and happily complied without inquiry.

I reached and pulled up the hems of both of my lovers’ skirts to find that Sunny had gone without panties and Leslie had on a lacy, red silk thong. I three-fingered Sunny’s still-steaming twat immediately and pulled Leslie’s thong deep and tight into her snatch, fucking her with the soft fabric and issued a succinct directive to my back-seat companions. “Suck my cock.”

Sunny was the first to cum from my dual digital fucking, exploding Asian ambrosia-flavored cunt nectars onto my palm while simultaneously spitting more saliva onto my rigid dick while Leslie lovingly licked the tip.

As we reached the corner of Pattison Avenue, in front of the Sports Complex, I lifted Sunny up, her tiny head unwittingly scraping the roof of the cab, and I plopped her tiny, taut body directly onto my dick and her hair swung wildly as I forcefully filled her with every thick inch, banging into her already battered cervix with each thrust until she came in a wail of Korean obscenities.

Having provided Sunny with a more-than-memorable goodbye present, I pushed her aside onto the corner of the seat and leaned over and with one rough pull, I ripped Leslie’s thong with one powerful yank, tossed the shredded remains to the driver, pushed Leslie back onto the seat, raised her high-heeled legs, wrapped them in an ‘X’ over my shoulders, and stuffed my cock, still dripping with Sunny’s latest blast of cum, deep into her ebony tunnel until we both exploded in orgasmic ecstasy just as we entered the “Departure” lane of the United Airlines terminal at Philadelphia International Airport.

The girls staggered out of the back seat of the cab onto the terminal’s sidewalk, cum still running from under their skirts and down their thighs, naturally attracting the attention of bagmen, porters, cops, travelers, pigeons, air traffic controllers, hell, anyone within a time zone of this Sexual Ground Zero that we had just created.

I gave them a wave and blew them a kiss as I instructed the delighted cabbie to return me to Center City, this time via the conventional route of the Interstate, pulling my sated yet weary cock back into the safe confines of my zipper, taking notice that he was doing the same.

My cell phone vibrated and I looked at the display screen that indicated Pat was on the line. Exasperated, he didn’t even bother with questions, launching into a frustrated rant.

“I was all ready to fuck that hot black chick last night when she blew me off, telling me she had to go and rescue her friend from you, that she got some kind of signal from her that she needed her help. I thought we both were home free. What the fuck do you think happened?”

Well, I think the black chick helped out just fine, Patty, me boy.

I write and submit this story because I just got a surprise e-mail from Sunny, announcing that she has sufficient ‘motive and opportunity’ to make a return visit to Philadelphia sometime soon when her philandering husband is off on one of his own frequent trips for ‘seminars’.

She wanted to know if perhaps I could procure a couple for some fun and games during her visit.

Hmmmmm. Perhaps readers in the Mid-Atlantic region will know of someone, eh?

Interesting Asian Girl With A Twist 4

Before long, she realized that she was finally getting every inch of my cock inside of her. “Oh fuck,” she announced, “I’m taking it all.”

“Oh God, don’t I know it,” I said, looking up at her perfect tits as they bounced tightly on her chest with each change of direction. I cupped her tiny ass with both hands and started to move her up and down on my shaft faster.

“Tell me again,” I said.

“I’m taking all of your beautiful dick, Charles. Every inch of your thick cock. It’s all inside of me. Oh God it’s all inside of me. I love it, Charles. I love your huge cock. It’s going to make me cum, Charles! You’re going to make me cum,” she squealed to me, just seconds before a powerful orgasm racked her body.

All she could do was scream at that point, as my arms took control of her body and shifted her up and down the full length of my throbbing dick.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she kept repeating.

“I feel your hard cock reaming my little Asian cunt,” Sunny panted to me.

“Oh God!”

She lifted her torso off of my pelvis and a thick stream of milky cunt cum cascaded down onto my belly and she rolled over on her side and grabbed my shaft forcefully, pointed it at her cock-hungry mouth and yelled, “Cum on my face, coat me, do it, cum on me,” and I unleashed stream after stream of sticky sperm all over her cover-model-worthy, angelic face and watched her gobble it up like a tiny bird savoring a meal.

Just as Leslie’s sultry voice surprised me from the doorway. I’d never heard her enter, but her hand was pushed down her skirt, fingering herself. “That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen, can I have some, too, please, Sunny?”

“Can we share?”

I was to find out later that the ‘secret signal’ of the finger across the bridge of the nose was, in actuality, a private invitation tendered by Sunny to Leslie to join us at her earliest convenience.

They had orchestrated a double-team, much to my surprise, but certainly not to my consternation, once Sunny had verified in the pub that my measurements would be sufficient to satisfy their mutual needs before departing Philly for their flight back to the West Coast in the morning. I would provide the cock for their respective ‘designated driving’ carnal activities tonight and into the early hours of the morning. I was to be their steering wheel.

But in the mean time, Sunny gestured with a wave for Leslie to approach her as my cum still dripped from between Sunny’s lips, and Leslie dipped her head under Sunny’s face, hovering just inches above my still twitching cock. Sunny deposited a load of my semen into Leslie’s dark, waiting mouth, as the two shared a deep kiss, licking and smacking their lips, swirling my seed around their tongues and down their throats.

Leslie stood up and began to peel the velour blouse over her head, revealing a set of sepia-hued tits encased in a beige push-up bra. “You’re right, Sunny, his cock is sensational.”

She unsnapped her jeans and stepped out of them to show a matching thong over her flat stomach and puffy mound. The contrast of the Sunny’s petite Asian body and Leslie’s lithe, bronze skin and full breasts was more than enough tactile motivation to keep my dick titanium-hard, despite just having cum like a tsunami.

Leslie’s next words were filthier than any I could have dreamed up. “And you taste incredible, as usual, Sunny. God, I love to taste your cunt juices.”

The Korean vixen and the brown beauty literally dragged me by my cock to the shower for round two of the evening’s events, and as the warm water flowed onto our three bodies in the comfortable stall, they took turns caressing and stroking my dick in a soapy massage, commenting lewdly regarding my below-the-waist charms as if I wasn’t even there.

I was their living, breathing sex toy for the night and into the following morning, a role that I could have never imagined even in my wildest fantasies, a piece of white meat sandwiched between a piece of melba toast and a fortune cookie.

During our prolonged shower, I alternated between pinching Sunny’s plump, extended nipples with one hand while fingering Leslie’s tawny, burnished pussy with the other while sucking on Leslie’s huge areolas and Sunny’s talented tongue. All the while, my ethnically diverse lovers pulled my ever-growing cock up towards my navel as they gasped in awe-struck admiration, and they knelt and cupped and shared my heavy balls into their warm mouths.

For the next several hours, three bodies of different colors with different holes and orifices to fill with assorted shafts and tongues and digits writhed on the mattress engaging in pleasures heretofore unthinkable and certainly unexplored, at least in my life. (Since my days in a band in L.A.)

My cock, in approximate order, was in: Leslie’s mouth, Sunny’s cunt, Leslie’s mouth again, Sunny’s hands, Leslie’s honey-brown cunt, Sunny’s impossibly tight anus (lubricated copiously by Leslie’s tender and patient analingus performed on Sunny’s ass hole), Leslie’s mouth for a third time, then Sunny’s mouth, Leslie’s pussy once more, and Sunny licked my cock urgently until she succeeded in releasing a massive burst of my seed onto Leslie’s caramel-flavored tits.

We all collapsed on the bed together.

An Interesting Asian Girl With A Twist 3

I smiled as she leaned back and placed her ass against the front door before I skillfully used my teeth to pull at each side of her thong and slowly brought her panties down over her hips. I drank in her intoxicating feminine scent, breathing it in deeply as I removed her underwear orally. I then positioned my head between her taut thighs and started to lap my tongue out over her wet clit, loving the way she tasted, and raised her one leg over my shoulder, and she curled it around my neck and groaned.

Greedily, I ate her out, licking all over her clit and sucking on it before using my stiff tongue to fuck in and out of her searing tight hole. She moaned loudly before releasing an orgasm rippling all throughout her tiny body. I noisily slurped up all her cum fluids, still pistoning my tongue in and out of her pussy as she continued to convulse while grinding frantically on my face.

She led me to the bed and pushed me down, unsnapping her bra clasps finally, providing me with my first unfettered full frontal view of those spectacular nipples, perched on impeccably firm tits.

She moved her small hand to my shaft, pulling my cock out of my pants from the fly, and the look of combined lust and arousal was one that I’d seen from women many times upon first glimpse of my pole, but on Sunny’s gorgeous face, it was even more priceless. “Oh my God,” she muttered. “You’re fucking perfect.”

Just to see, she reached and held the thing with both hands, one right on top of the other. To her shock, both fit and she still had room to stroke me. “Fuck,” she said, “I’ve only seen dicks this big in porn.” (I’m sure she’s lying, but I’m really flattered)

Looking up at me with long lashes, she smiled and those dimples reappeared, and as she began slowly sucking my cock into her mouth the dimples increased and I groaned at the lovely Asian married woman on her knees. Her eyes never left mine and she sucked harder and deeper. I eventually had to close my eyes to refrain from coming in her sucking, tight, hot mouth, and then I heard her lilting voice, muffled by my shaft beginning to bury in her throat.

“Holy shit, your cock is thick,” Sunny mumbled happily, pulling her head up to look at me. “I’ve never had anything this large in my mouth. It feels good. It feels real good.”


She continued her oral homage and slid back and forth on my cock, lowering her mouth herself down and down on it until she could feel the ridge of my glans. After consuming almost the whole entire length of my tool, she came up for air, and gasping, she repeated her comment on my size, as if still trying to tell herself it was really happening, “Shit! Your cock is huge. It feels like it’s a foot long.” (Stop it. It’s half that!)

I smiled and proudly said, “Just over six inches when I’m really hard, but the way you’ve got me going it might be a foot.”

She wriggled my pants off of my ankles and stared in amazement at my now fully unencumbered cock. “I have to have this thing in me, I hope it can fit.” She straddled my hips and grabbed my cock, placing it under her cunt as she slid onto me tentatively, realizing that she would have to be careful not to be ripped apart now that she was getting what she wished for.

Sunny thrust her sensational body up and down, letting just about three or four inches in, stopping when she needed to adjust her stretched cunt muscles, and then back down a bit until she again felt full. She felt a need to deliver a play-by-play analysis of the penetration.

“My husband’s tiny penis never makes me feel this hot, unghhh. It’s never filled me like this. Fuck. Hell, there are times when I wondered if he was even in me.”

This particular cock, however, which belonged to me, left no room for doubt. I was inside of her deeper than any man had ever been and she knew it. She could feel every single inch of my thick long cock sliding in and out of her dripping snatch, and she loved it.

“You’re so fucking tight,” I said.

“Your so Goddamned big,” she responded.

“I want to be deeper inside of you, Sunny.” I thrust my hips upward raising off the bed and her body had no choice but to rise with me as she was fully impaled by dick.

“I’ll try, but I’m not sure how much more I can handle,” she whimpered, but valiantly pushing harder onto my rock hard prick. More slid in as she moaned loudly with me.

“It’s fucking huge,” she again announced to me, as if I wasn’t aware of it already.

“I want it all inside of you, Sunny, fuck me.”

She swallowed hard and pushed down harder, sliding more of me inside of her with a determined grunt. I wasn’t quite all the way in yet, but she couldn’t take any more. I could feel my cock head bumping up against her cervix. “You’re too big, I….oh, fuck, I can’t take any more,” she stammered, her voice wracked by a mixture of anxiety, sweet discomfort, and pleasure beyond any she’d experienced.

I was not to be deterred. I knew she could take it as much as she knew she wanted to. “Do you like me deep inside of you, Sunny?” I asked.

“I love it.”

“Do I fill you up?”


“Do I fill you more than any other guy has, Sunny?”


“More than your husband ever will?”

“Oh, fuck, yes. Not even close. That needle-dick.” She giggled that delightful giggle once more, causing my cock to further stiffen. That laugh was as much as an aphrodisiac as that tight Asian twat. It was time for the grand finale, and my voice rose in decibels as I began to bark orders at her.

“Fuck my big cock, Sunny, with that fantastic cunt. Fuck me hard.”

“Yes,” she moaned lustily, lifting herself up to the crown and then back down as far she could go. My demand to be fucked made her fireplace hot. She couldn’t believe how horny she was.

Neither could I.

Sunny rode and gyrated on me wildly, riding up and down and up and down. In synchronized carnal teamwork, we groaned with pleasure with each thrust.

“Faster, you horny Asian slut!” I demanded and she responded, moving up and down my long, thick cock with passion. She could feel every inch of me now pushing inside of her and it felt indescribably good for me, and her groans indicated likewise. She loved my cock. It felt like nothing she’d ever experienced.

She was a slave to it now.

Interesting Asian Girl With A Twist 2

She continued her diatribe in an almost clinical tone as we approached the entrance to the hotel.

“You’re going to be my fantasy tonight, so you should know what I like. I expect a man to take charge in the bedroom, make me his woman. I want to be hit hard from the rear, rough hands spreading my cunt and shoving fingers inside. I like my tits mauled. I like my face fucked. I enjoy taking every inch of a man’s dick down my throat.”

Okay, I thought, so much for the demure Asian woman stereotype. We were in the lobby now, waiting for the elevator, and she elaborated as we climbed into the cab. She was rubbing my cock vigorously as she pressed the button for the nineteenth floor. “I love to be boned up the ass, hard. I need a man who is not afraid that I’ll break and will force my knees tightly against my tits and force his big, stiff cock into my tender dirty hole. You can cum on my face. I like it really rough. I need it, I crave it and I deserve it.”

When we entered her room, she pushed me back against the door, licked her full, cranberry lips and slowly began to undress as she spoke in a low sultry voice. “Oh, and in case you hadn’t guessed, Charles, when I have sex I love to talk dirty and be talked dirty to, I’ll assume that is okay with you?”

Admittedly a bit intimidated now, hoping that my performance would be up to par enough to satisfy this insatiably demanding Korean vixen, I nodded my consent. I mean, really, what kind of gentleman would I be not to acquiesce to a ladies’ polite request?

She grabbed the bottom of the turtleneck shirt and slowly raised it up. When it reached her tits it hung up and she pulled harder and her pert tits jumped out of the blouse, encased in an ivory half-cup lacy bra. She pulled it off over her head, undoing the clasp on her hair clip as she did so, and her gorgeous mane of black silky hair was disheveled as the turtleneck pulled away. She ran her small slim fingers through her hair and shook her head at my crotch.

“Touch yourself,” was her simple command.

Licking her wet lips she slowly unzipped her skin tight black pants and a patch of dark hair appeared just above her pussy. Wiggling her ass she turned her back to me and bent over and slowly lowered the pants. Her ass was magnificent, better than I even imagined. Still bent over, her hands bracing on the hotel door, she turned her head to look at me as I stroked my cock through my own pants.

“Mmmmmmmmm, that’s it Charles, stroke that big cock of yours, just imagine sticking that monster of yours between these tight cheeks and fucking my wet holes. I can’t wait to see it. Ahhhhhhh, yes Charles, I want it in both holes but I want you to cum in my pussy, I need to feel a new man’s cum shoot once again in me. Ohhhhh, Charles, fuck, it’s been so long since I felt hot cum dripping out of my tight holes.”

She stroked her pussy from the front and when she pulled out, her fingers were already covered with a thick white sticky froth. She was dripping wet and ready to be fucked. I wanted to do it bad, but first I wanted to taste that creamy delicious nectar from her hole. There is just something so uniquely delectable about an Asian woman’s pussy, the brown folds seem to emit an exotic, tangy juice that must be indigenous to the Far East. And then I heard her sweet, soft little-girl voice again, with that remaining hint of an Eastern accent.

“I want a man who knows what he wants. A man with experience to burn. A man who loves pussy. My pussy. Who knows what to do with it.”

Sunny giggled as my eyes went wider, listening to her incredibly arousing words. She stood there in that sheer bra, but to top it off she was also wearing a black lacy garter belt and sheer black stockings. Her tiny feet were in a pair of black patent leather hi-heeled shoes. She turned slowly for my approval and I extended my hand out for hers and taking it I drew her slowly toward me. Her large nipples, the size of which reminded me of the string-winders on my guitar for some reason, showed invitingly under that see-through material and her thick dark bush peeked out from under the matching, nearly transparent thong she had on.

Bending over further she slipped the pants from her legs and put the high heels back on. She slowly stood up and turned towards me, her pussy lips, although tight lipped, shined with her juices that were slowly seeping out. Tossing her beautiful mane of hair, which stretched down her back nearly to the curve of her backbone to just above that luscious ass, she looked me in the eye and slowly caressed her hip and moved back to her ass as the other hand slid down to the patch of hair above her pussy and tugged at the black wiry hair above her mound. Moaning, she slid her finger into her hole and slowly withdrew it. It was covered in her juices.

“Mmmmmm, want a taste?”

Sunny smiled, continuing to rub her clit through her thong. I went to grab at her thong, but Sunny shook her head.

“I want you to take them off using just your teeth,” she said seductively.